Zamasu Dragon Ball Super Trunks Arc Fan Theory

What If Zamasu Succeeded In Dragon Ball Super? In Dragon Ball Super Trunks arc Zamasu was a villain with a clear purpose.

His goal was simply to rid the Multiverse of its Mortals and gods alike and remain its sole Divine figure.

He attempted to accomplish this by taking over the body of Goku thus became Goku black.

Then traveling to the Future Trunks timeline to team up with his alternate timeline counterpart.

Together They sweep through the Multiverse.  killing all the Supreme Kai’s which in effect resulted in the deaths of every God destruction.

Zamasu Dragon Ball Super
Zamasu Dragon Ball Super

With their deaths, the Angels were also taken out of play and were unable to interfere in this conflict.

Zamasu’s horrifying plan would come to fruition which is until he encountered Future Trunks. 

We all know how the story played out from there as Goku and Vegeta join the fight.

Which pushes Goku Black and Zamasu to fuse into one being, merged Zamasu.


However, his physical body was destroyed by Trunks and also his Spirit along by Trunks.

His timeline was erased by Zeno and there Zamasu and his zero Mortals plan came to an end and along with his character in the Arc.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Now imagine for a moment that Zamasu didn’t fail in his mission and rather succeeded.

Let’s say that Zamasu defeated Trunks, Goku and Vegeta and reign supreme over the multi-verse.

What would Zamasu actually do if he were in this position.? What is one of those what-ifs, and in Dragon Ball Super that would be very interesting to think about.

Zamasu Dragon Ball Super Plans

Now let’s assume in this example that the Angels never interfere and that Zeno and the grand priest are off playing board games.

 Or whatsoever they do, when they’re off-screen so they won’t interfere in anything either.

In this example, it would give Zamasu free reign to do whatever he wants for pretty much forever.

Zamasu could perhaps use this time to explore the natural world in the universe.

Walking on every planet and observing every type of plant and animal if he still decides to keep them alive.

With that being said, forever is a very long time, longer than many cares to really consider.

Goku Black
Goku Black

But eventually, he will run out of room to explore and activities to do in the Dragonball world.

New planets stars and life come into being for the hand of the Supreme Kai.

The Supreme Kai’s literally provide the Catalyst for the creation of celestial bodies and life in each world.

So there would be nothing new for Zamasu. However, Zamasu is, in fact, a Supreme Kai himself.

He has the capability for creation. In fact, expand this hypothetical world that he reigns over.

Zamasu with his fast unlimited power would create a new world with new life on them.

As a Supreme Kai, he could potentially create a new solar system and overtime even galaxies.

This would transition Zamasu who previously was concerned with destruction to the role of a god of creation.

The role that he was originally selected for by Gowasu. However, this is another question that is perhaps the biggest one of all.

Zamasu Dragon Ball Super
Zamasu Dragon Ball Super

Zero Mortal Zamasu Dragon Ball Super

Would Zamasu use this power to create Mortals of his own? We knew he was adamant in his hate for Mortals and obviously enough so to lead a multiversal crusade to destroy them all.

 However, they will be alive forever, and forever is a long time to hold that kind of hatred.

That kind of Ideal is all very reminiscent of Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen of being who is basically omnipotent and had lost any real hope or care for Humanity.

However, he eventually came to a realization that there was value in life and said that he would create some of its own.

So perhaps the Zamasu would eventually change his mind on the subject or another possibility is that because of his ego and arrogance.

Zamasu would believe that he could create perfect Mortals who only sought to serve him and live the way that he saw fit.

However, I think that this would be the ultimate act of irony. As we see every fictional world as well as the real world.

That no one is perfect, and these mortals would no doubt sin against Zamasu in the end.

What Zamasu does after that point will truly determine what kind of Supreme Being he is.

Now, certainly, this is just one possibility of what could unfold. With being said Zamasu could just let the universe Decay into nonexistence.

With him being All That Remains, but I’d like to think that Zamasu would try to explore every aspect of his newfound position.

And do something with the eternity that Super Shenron granted him or at least until Zeno starts paying attention.

So what do you think would happen if Zamasu got his way.?  Let me know in the comments down below

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