Zamasu Vs Goku, Hit, and Jiren Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16

Zamasu Vs Goku, Hit, and Jiren Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 shows us that Hearts is the main villain of the series.

Hearts have become the centerpiece of this arc more so than the Zamasu.

In my personal view, it’s a bit of a disappointment that Zamasu came and die like that.

One thing for sure that we know about heroes is that nobody ever really dies.

Zamasu vs. Goku
Zamasu vs. Goku

Anyways, with this episode, we saw Goku getting beat up pretty badly by Zamasu.

Then out of the blue, there was  Jiren falling out of the sky.

Jiren returns and he saves Goku form Zanmasu’s handgrip lock from behind. I thought that was a really neat thing.

Zamasu had his foot piercing Goku’s back while pulling back on his arms and tortured Goku.

Then  Jiren came to the rescue and saves Goku by kicking Zamasu in the face.

Zamasu Vs Goku, Hit and Jiren
Zamasu Vs Goku, Hit and Jiren

Again, every time I see something like this I think, wouldn’t have been better if they save that for super?

Wouldn’t have been more impactful if Goku was fighting a villain in super or an upcoming super movie or super episode?

Zamasu Vs Goku, Hit, and Jiren

I think it was a very cool thing to see Jiren helping Goku. They fought so hard and strongly in the tournament of power.

Zamasu Vs Goku, Hit and Jiren
Zamasu Vs Goku, Hit and Jiren

There was another cool moment in his episode where Zamasu tried to make a move and all of a sudden he gets off crystallized.

Hit Grand Return Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16

Instantly, I knew what that was Hit’ Tokito Bashi. So, Hit made his Grand return into Dragon Ball Heroes however, we haven’t seen him in a while.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16

Hit was in a very small portion of this heroes arc struggling against Kamin and Oren. It was only like one episode.

Jiren and Hit are fan-favorite from Dragon Ball super new characters and it’s good to see them back. However, I’ll be honest, It is not a big deal that much.

It’s cool to see them back but like I said it does not really interest me personally. Especially, since I know how this formula works in heroes. 

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16

I know that even though it’s teased that Hit and Jiren could work together to win, I just don’t see that happening because they always want to give the win to Goku.

Or if it’s not Goku it is one of his friends, even though I think it will be a great twist with Hit and Jiren teaming up, I don’t think they’d win.

If it was Hit Jiren and Goku fighting Zamasu in a threesome, I think that would be great, I think fans would like that too.


So while Hit, Jiren, and Goku ruched to attack they were then knocked away.

Again you have the teaser there but Dragon Ball Heroes just never really give you a conclusion to a tease.

Dragon Ball Heroes Nob Follow Up Scenes

Remember the scene with King Cold manga series did not follow up.

Also, we saw Golden Metal Cooler and it did not follow up either.

However, don’t for Cumber and Ozaro where are they? 

The bottom line is they never follow up on those scenes. Remember what I said in the previous reviews is that this anime is just done to promote the game.

Whatever new cards coming out it is going to be Heart.

Hearts get this new form and he’s able to tap into the Cube Power (Universe See).

Hearts New Transformation DragonBall Heroes 

So this universe seed went inside of him and now he has a brand new Transformations that is going to be your new Dragon Ball Heroes card.

For those of you watching this in Japan, you probably already know this. However, outside of Japan, we don’t get this kind of stuff.

We don’t get the arcade game at least not yet, so this new form is kind of interesting because it’s so ridiculous.

Basically, Hearts has hair like Super Saiyan and spikes in back Omega Shenron.

The spikes on his back and is surrounded by these green balls.

It looks like they were definitely getting inspiration from GT from Omega Shenron.

There’s no question, but it just looks so damn silly to me.

For you guys, it may seem cool, but to be honest with you, I’m not a fan of this new form. Hearts just looks like they’re trying too hard.

What I’m saying id that they make it look like a bad fanfiction lol. It looks like one of those like fake next Dragon Ball super villain revealed photos.

Nonetheless, that just my opinion. Now, the other interesting twist in the episode which I do think is a good one.

Hearts betrayed Zamasu

This actually was something that got me interested is that Hearts betrayed Zamasu.

So, like I said no one ever has really gone in heroes.

Hearts vs. Zamasu
Hearts vs. Zamasu

But Hearts did betray Zamasu which really to me confirms what I said earlier.

I do think that Hearts going to be the top villain for this Arc.

They’re going to have to put him in order for the Arc to continue. So that is where the episode ends, again you know what to expect from this.

If you’ve been watching Heroes you might like it, however, it’s literally just 10 minutes.

I think the total episode time without the intros like 8 minutes.

If you have a minute you can watch it, there’s just nothing interesting here than Hearts transformation.

However, I pretty much just told you everything that happened in the entire episode.

So. basically Hearsts get a new form then he betrays Zamasu, Jiren, and Hit shows up.

That’s pretty much it. 

That’s all you need to know, you can skip this episode and go to episode 17 when it comes out next month or the month after.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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