Yamcha And Chiaotzu Protect Earth | Dragon Ball Super Manga CH 56

Yamcha And Chiaotzu Protect Earth
Yamcha And Chiaotzu Protect Earth

Yamcha and Chiaotzu are the two main come back characters of Dragon Ball Super that we’ve grown to know and love.

Chapter 56 of Dragon Ball Super manga is my favorite manga chapter so far in all of Dragon Ball Super mangas. This Chapter was amazing it felt like I was watching one of my favorite classic movies.

The thing I love about the manga chapter is the art of each chapter are well-drawn. Also, as far as the action sequences go, I would say it’s one of the best artwork we’ve ever got from Mr. Toyotaro.

However, I would say its definitely close to his best. So the chapter begins with Jocko in space and this actually winds up being a bigger deal than just Jocko in space.

So why is that?

Well, that’s because he’s not alone, the entire Galactic Patrol is on its way to Earth to protect it from the tyrant Moro and his criminal forces.

So, when I said the entire Galactic Patrol I didn’t mean every single member like the head of state. What I actually meant was not the entirety but a surplus of ships is headed towards Earth to assist the war against Moro.

However, it’s not just the Galactic Patrol that’s fighting this battle. The entirety of the original Z fighter from the early days of Dragon Ball Z and even Dragon Ball is there as well.

Obviously, no Goten and Trunks well maybe not obviously but why aren’t they there? We don’t know if they are protecting Android 17′ islands again like in super anime. Maybe that’s their permanent job now LOL.

Yamcha and Chiaotzu Dragon Ball Super Manga 56

Yamcha and Chiaotzu
Yamcha and Chiaotzu

Anyways, the manga doesn’t really say what those two are up to, however, seeing Yamcha and Chiaotzu there ready to fight is quite amazing and surprising.

We can say Yancha finally got back his shine since Dragon Ball after being the joke of all Memes since super.

That scene is pretty much supposed to be I guess a bigger and more grandiose replica of the Resurrection F battle.

Except that in that battle there was no Yamcha and Chiaotzu but they are both here now along with the traditional fighters that we’ve known and grow to love.

Now as Moro’s forces arrived, they have this weird sort of set of pages that where I guess just there for comic relief? It shows where one of the ships ends up in some sort of Persian looking area like a Persian sector of this mysterious fictional world.

We also saw that Moro’s forces come out of it but this just may be a play up to introduce us and tell us that Tyrant Moro and is forces are here and Piccolo and Gohan Sense them.

The idea behind this was to tell us this also was to explain to us that Moro’s and his forces are going to try and do some (strong-arm robbery) other parts of the galaxy.

They are going to rob treasures and whatnot before the actual fight begins. So, they’re going to have to pretty much figure out what’s up with Moro’s forces and split up and go to different parts of the world to solve this issue.

Resurrection F And Dragon Ball Super Manga 56 

Nonetheless, it’s not going to be like Resurrection F after all. If you remember the big rumble that when down in one spot in Resurrection F?

Well, it’s going to be several battles taking place all over the world this time. Personally I don’t know what to say but this is huge for dragon ball Super.

This is something that we’ve been waiting for for a very long time. 

We haven’t seen anything like that in a while where everything is taking place on Earth and not some mysterious Dimension.

So like I said, it’s refreshing, it feels good, it feels different enough to where it feels new and it is hard to do new stuff with Dragon Ball with the same characters.

However, it seems like Toyotaro is kind of figuring it out as well. 

So all the Z fighters splitting with their teams and go and we have what I guess you consider a montage of events in that part of the manga chapter.

There are several battles going on all over the world too. We got Krillin having his own fight, Master Roshi is there with him fighting some criminals.

Also, the Galatic Patrol is going to be with the Z Fighters at different parts of a battle to assist them when necessary. So that’s a cool thing that they did here with the manga.

Again this the stuff that we only see in comic book movies, not in Dragon Ball Super.

The is a lot more going down in this manga chapter if you have not read it already. However, this is where I’ll end my review because of some copyrights issues. So you can read Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 56 over at

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