Fu in Dragon Ball Heroes Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 6 Game Play

Fu is the newest character to hit the dragon ball video game universe, and if you can play dragon ball Xenoverse 2 DLC pack 6, You may have gotten your first look at Fu.

The question is, is Fu really a new character? or has he been here before.?

So, in this post, I’m going to discuss the secret history of the character of Fu.

Believe it or not, he may not be as new as you think and the story I think behind Fu is really interesting, Let’s get to it.

Xenoverse 2

So not only did few make his quote-unquote debut in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC pack 6, but he also appeared in the Japanese only Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade game.

For the first time ever in the character’s history, but is he really a new character.? Well to dig deep into the history and the lore of this character.

you have to go back to something that existed before Xenoverse 2 and before he rose the root of this entire video game landscape, the entire Dragon Ball video game. 

Xenoverse 2
Xenoverse 2

I guess continuity or I just called the Dragon Ball video game Universe all began with 2010’s Dragon Ball online.

For those who don’t know, Dragon Ball Online was an MMORPG developed in South Korea all the way back in 2010. It’s the root of all these new characters you see popping up in the video games, Mira and Toaw.

The time Breakers the, time patrol.

All these characters began in Dragon Ball Online that’s where they were originally created and then as the years progress they were incorporated into the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.

which would later become Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and of course finally brought in to Xenoverse.

Xenoverse 2
The History of Fu in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Now, unfortunately, Dragonball online which discontinued many years ago.

Heroes and Xenoverse 2 have continued and that’s where you see characters like Mira Toaw.

Now to clarify something Toriyama was absolutely involved with the character designs and some of the story elements behind Dragon Ball Online.

Fu in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game

Xenoverse 2

So there was some involvement Toriyama, but we not sure exactly sure how much of it he definitely created.

He created the character Mira and some of the other characters, but please understand that the continuity of the video games Heroes, Xenoverse 2.

Fusion and whatever you’re playing does not match up with that of the manga or the anime or any of that stuff or Dragon Ball super.

It’s like a separate continuity like a separate story altogether, and a lot of it is fanservice like Bardock, Super Saiyan 4 Broly, and stuff like that. It is all like blatant fanservice, but to be honest some of their ideas are pretty cool.

Now when it comes to the characters of Mira and Toaw, who are essentially the parents of Fu.

Mira was created by Toei he was bile mechanically engineered with the cells of the greatest warriors in history.

Just like Cell, by the demon Toaw who is the sister of Debora and Mira, would become Toaw’s partner in crime and the pair seem to always be together when they appear in the various Dragon Ball video games.

The History of Fu in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2



As I said earlier Dragon Ball online was discontinued and there is a recent Revival too kind of bring the game back and servers or whatnot in various different languages. I’m talking about the original Korean release.

It was discontinued and there were many storylines that were planned for that game that never came to fruition.

As the years have gone by, Bandai has decided to go ahead and take some of these ideas and bring them into Heroes.

Xenoverse 2 and the character of few just happens to be one of those casualties. There has been a picture of baby few that has been floating around the internet for many many years. 

Xenoverse 2
Xenoverse 2

This picture is from a Taiwanese guy to Dragon Ball online.

Now what’s interesting about this guy is that within the guide, the storyline does not state that Mira was created by Toaw. It states that Mira was created by Humanity or humans are mortal.

which is a very different storyline than the other versions of the characters we’ve gotten in more recent games.

The guy then goes on to say that Fu is the sun the product of Mira and Toaw. Even though it does not State whether or not he was created through intercourse.

I guess you can say or if it was done in a laboratory.

That’s what it says and the whole idea behind the character the Fu the missile or that the fandom is kind of propagated that he was supposed to be the real major threat to the time patrollers.

In a future storyline, he was the big scary villain with the high potential that they had to watch out for. 

That’s what fans have said for years about this character but the character never made it.

Fu was never in Dragonball online or heroes or Xenoverse 2 until now.

This version of Fu is not the baby, this is a teenage version of Fu which is very different from what many thought he was going to end up being.

Now within our community. I would say the devil’s corpse is the resident online expert when it comes to Dragon Ball online and Xenoverse, and heroes and all that lure.

Xenoverse 2

He brought us some translation note that came out back in the day about Fu. It discusses that people believe that Fu will understand himself and his tremendous power as he grows.

He seems to be greatly affected by Mira after meeting him and that Fu was going to become a figure of great importance in the future world.

So they have planned for this guy but Fu now again he’s probably still going to be important.

It’s not what we had expected regardless that makes you think that he’s going to end up being Mira and Toaw.

Fu is like the secret weapon ace in the Hole against the good guys, but the ways been written in Xenoverse 2 DLC pack 6 makes it seem that he’s more of a neutral party.

He’s only out for himself and he does not align himself directly with the time Breakers.

Instead, Fu has his own plot and we get more clues on what his plan actually is in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes we find out that Fu creates these prison planet as an experiment. So he can collect samples from Warriors from across the different timelines and different aspects of the universe.

One of his prisoners ends up being Future Trunks not the time Patrol Future Trunks from Super.

Remember Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has all kinds of different timelines and things like that. 

Xenoverse 2
Xenoverse 2

They can do in the video games that would be too confusing and probably make no sense in the anime. but it’s a game you can do stuff like that.

Either way, that’s what Fu does but he’s not doing it for Mira and Toaw he’s doing it for himself.

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