Xeno Trunks in Dragon Ball Heroes And Dokkan Battle Game

Xeno Trunks in Dragon Ball Super, Heroes, and Dokkan Battle is a unique character in the Dragon Ball franchise?

When talking about time Patrol Trunks otherwise known as Xeno Trunks, one must keep in mind that this Trunks is exclusive to the video game.

Xeno Trunks is from the video game World of Dragon Ball. Toriyama was involved somewhere in the creative process behind Dragon Ball online as well.

Also, Toriyama was the predecessor spiritually of Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Heroes.

The Trunks from the time Patrol although derived from the original Future Trunks of the manga and the anime is not really the same character.

Xeno Trunks

Although we have not actually seen Future Trunks involved in any of the recent movies or the recent anime Xeno Trunks is different.

However, expect before the announcement that he would return in Dragon Ball Super. The game designers over at Namco Bandai recognize the popularity of the character.

So without a question, Trunks is an extremely popular character which is why he’s taking the role of being kind of the video game narrator.

Xeno Trunks
Xeno Trunks

Dragon Ball Dokkan Xeno Trunks Trunks

Xeno Trunks is not just in Xenoverse but he’s also in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Online, and also Dragon Ball Heroes.

And what these games all have in common is that they all feature storylines involving time Distortion and time travel.

So why not have Future Trunks the one character that most Dragon Ball fans identify with as time travel goes as being the avatar for the story.

The actual story of Time Patrol Trunks picks up shortly after trunks return to the Future and killed his version of Cell.

The Story Of Time Patrol Trunks

The story of Time Patrol Trunks picks up with the Korean MMORPG Dragon Ball online which unfortunately never got a domestic release.

Also, the Lord of Time also known as the Supreme Kai of time chastised Trunks for his action even though he meant good. 

This was done to Xeno Trunks for violating the laws of the universe, creating time paradoxes and things like that.

Trunks’ actions also helped create multiple timelines and thus these cause Trunks to spend the rest of his life as the time patroller.

This makes Trunks the primary enemy the time Breakers Towa and Mirra. Xeno Trunks would travel to age 1000 far into the future to recruit new members for the Time Patrol conquest.

Xeno Trunks and The Time Breakers

The ongoing rivalry between the time patroller time Breakers is pretty much what sets the story for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dragon Ball Online, and Dragon Ball Heroes.

Also, don’t forget these stories all exist outside of the primary Dragon Ball continuity. 

However, they’re still fun to play right? Now, with pretty much all of the Z Fighters dead in his timeline.

Xeno Trunks has devoted his life to the Time Patrol and the protection of Toki Toki as well as to stop the Time Breakers.

His mission is to stop the Time Breakers from causing any issues in the Dragon Ball timeline or in any timeline for that matter.

And as a fan of these games, I’m pretty sure that we’re going to keep seeing more of Xeno Trunks in future updates.

These include Dragon Ball Heroes as well as the sequel to Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The beautiful thing about Xeno Trunks is that it allows the game designers to essentially do whatever they want.

Including fanservice which is why Future Trunks has been able to unlock more powerful such as SSj forms including SSj3.

Galaxy mission of Dragon Ball Heroes

In the Galaxy mission of Dragon Ball Heroes, Trunks wiped out Majin Buu Plus in an extra bit of fanservice 

So needless to say Xeno Trunks is really freaking strong and with that being said, I bring this quickie post to a close.

Let me know down below if you’re a fan of these games and if you want to see more Xeno Trunks in future Dragon Ball games? I’m sure most of you do but let me know in the comment section below.

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