Who is Xeno Goku? Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

The last Dragon ball heroes review opened up so many doors for fans to enjoy Dragon Ball Heroes content.

More so than ever before, and I know some people have been looking at the promotional poster for the prison planet.

At the very top of the poster, we see clearly Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

But wait a minute, why are there two Goku’s. It’s like I always wanted to see blue versus 4 but why are there two Gokus in the same time-space.

Xeno Goku
Xeno Goku vs Goku

Well, in this post I’m going to give you an explanation of Xeno Goku.

His origin where he came from and what his places in Dragon Ball Heroes let’s get to it. So why are there two Goku’s fighting? why are there even two Goku’s.?

Well, the thing you have to understand first and foremost about heroes is that Dragon Ball Heroes storylines are often based on an Alternate timeline.

Very much like Xenoverse. the Supreme Kai of time is there but the time Patrol is there.

You know the elements of Xenoverse that many of you are familiar with here, is already in this game.

However, this time they take it to a whole new level. So who is Xeno Goku or Goku Xeno? Well, there is another name for him, he is also time Patrol Goku.

One thing we have to make clear is that time Patrol Trunks from the video game is not the same Trunks from Dragon Ball super.

So the way that Dragon Ball Heroes is structured is that there are literally tons and tons of different continuities.

Everything is Canon, they borrowed little bits and pieces from different universes and different Ultra timelines to create this huge mixed up Dragon Ball Insanity.

Imagine the events of GT happening one timeline than the events of dragon ball super happening in another timeline.

They’re not necessarily timelines in the same way that they are in the Dragonball main continuity.

They’re just different sorts of continuity at all converge in the Video Game World. This is why it’s best to just have fun with it and not overthink it.

A lot of the elements in this game are purely for fanservice purposes. So what is the origin of Xeno Goku? is he from the super timeline that GT timeline?

The answer is he’s not really from either one. Dragon Ball Heroes is filled with tons of what-if scenarios, and what if timeline.

That is what Goku Xeno is, the origin of time Patrol Goku really started with the dark demon realm Saga in the Dragon Ball Heroes manga.

Xeno Goku
Xeno Goku vs Goku

The manga is where that took place by the demon God Demigra. Yes, the same one from Xenoverse appears at the timeline.

Also, the Supreme Kai of the time tries to manifest a warrior to help her combat against the Demigra. So she goes into Trump’s memory and pulls out Xeno Goku to help them fight.

Again an alternate story wherein this version of the event, the Dragon Ball Z and Dragonball GT stories all happen.

However, with some twist, for example, Goku in this timeline has Super Saiyan 4. But at one point he actually tapped into Super Saiyan God.

Why Trunks see him that way because we have one of the strongest Goku’s ever. We have where a character has the ability to tap into Super Saiyan 4 and also he has God Ki.

Just imagine the kind of power that this Xeno Goku has, I mean it’s ridiculously strong.

Now in this timeline, Goku did not sacrifice himself against Cell, instead what happens is the event of the Buu saga took place.

Including the Fusion Reborn movie, it’s in that same continuity but instead, he gets killed by Towa.

At one point, later on, he comes back to life. Now, again a lot of this stuff is just fanservice, they didn’t really put too much thought into it.

I find it interesting but don’t try to make sense of this because all of these what-if scenarios don’t really make much sense.

Xeno Goku Vs Goku Blue Explained

When you actually put a lot of logical in you know it’s just stuff that came up with for the game. It’s not really something that is logical, it’s just wacky fanservice.

But either way, this version of Goku is very very powerful. So much like time Patrol trunks, time Patrol Goku or Xeno Goku is a guy who goes back in time to fix things.

There’s a part where the demon God Towa goes back in time. Then he upgrades Frieza with the Dark Dragon Balls and this happens during the Namek Saga.

Super Saiyan Goku at that time just could not handle that kind of power. So Xeno Goku had to go back in time and save Dragon Ball Z Goku from this new threat.

You’ve got different Goku’s teaming up together to make sure the timeline doesn’t get screwed up.

If you play Xenoverse you will know about this kind of stuff. Later on, there’s another mission where time Patrol Vegeta, time Patrol Goku, and Time Patrol Trunks Goes back and fix the problems that the Dark Army had tried to instill in the Buu saga.

This is where we first see the time Patrol Vegito or Vegito Xeno.

They were able to successfully defeat Majin Buu, and fix the timeline at least that particular timeline.

The storyline involving Zano Goku really is mostly kind of the same thing Mira and Towa did back in time.

What they’re doing throughout the different eras of Dragon Ball and the different timeline is.

They were giving the established villain this dark dragon ball upgraded. It would Fuss up Buu with Broly where they take the black star dragon balls and they figure out a way to harness the negative energy in them. That kind of gives them this huge power boost. 

Again the concept is cool as hell in my opinion. It is a kind of a unique twist as to what Mirra and Towa we’re doing in Xenoverse.

So, What happens in the prison planet Arc of Dragon Ball Heroes? What happens is and I’ve covered this in my Fu history post.

Fu was going around different timelines in different universes different eras Gathering Together the strongest Fighters that he can to do experiments on.

So Goku Xeno Goku runs into the main timeline of Dragon Ball Super Goku.

It’s unclear as to which part of super this Goku belongs to we’re not sure if this is after the tournament of power or before.

We’re not really sure exactly when this Goku poops up and where he comes from in the super timeline.

So, time Patrol Goku runs into dragon ball z Goku they have a fight and here we see time Patrol Goku transforming into Super Saiyan 4.

We’re actually told before this that he is forbidden from using the transformation because it could end up screwing around the timeline.

Xeno Goku Explained In Dragon Ball Heroes

There’s no actual reason given as to why, but that’s what we’re told.

Then Xeno Goku uses ssj4 power and then Goku from the super timeline goes into Super Saiyan blue.

Now, understand time Patrol Xeno Goku has never seen blue, for some reason.

He was able to tap into God’s form at one point, but he never saw blue. It does not really explain why.

I think maybe it’s because he never trained with Beerus and Whis or he did not learn how to master is God ki.

So Xeno Goku is shocked that his counterpart is even stronger than him. Yes in the prison planet Arc Super Saiyan blue Goku beat Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

Some people have had a problem with this, but I didn’t write this game.

I have nothing to do with it I’m just the messenger lol.

The reality is in the storyline Xeno Goku lost. But either way, you have to understand even though he was defeated by Blue Goku.

He still put up a great fight and it just goes to show that Super Saiyan 4 with that little bit of God ki that he had.

He can do both a 10 x Kamehameha and a God Kamehameha to do both of them is still really strong.

However, it really makes you wonder if they did a hybrid story or you have both forms like God and super Saiyan 4 working together.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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