Who Is The Strongest God Of Destruction In Dragon Ball Super?

The Strongest God Of Destruction
The Strongest God Of Destruction

Many Dragon Ball Fans have been debating Who Is The Strongest God Of Destruction in Super. Well, when Beerus was first introduced, we were led to believe he was the only God of destruction that exists. Then as time moved on we were introduced to the 12 universes and even higher density than Beerus.

The Strongest God Of Destruction
Beerus God Of Destruction

What that means is there would be 12 universes and there would be 12 gods of Destruction. Furthermore, all 12 worlds were not revealed to us until the exhibitions for the tournament of power. When they were revealed, they all look vastly different and, of course, many of us wondered who really was stronger.

The Strongest God Of Destruction

Some people used to say you Berrus is stronger, according to an official description of him.

He’s known for his power but then that was proven to be false.

Whis stated that there is another God of destruction that’s even more powerful than Beerus and let alone. There’s a mortal in that God’s universe that is even stronger than the both of them. But in Dragon Ball super episode 96. I believe we’re giving key information on who may be stronger.

The first is Liguille the God of Destruction of Univers 8. Second, the God of destruction Ivan of universe 1, and Iraq the God of Destruction of Universe 5.

The Strongest God Of Destruction
Gods Of Destruction


They all decided to fight before the tournament. A Gene the God of Destruction of Universe 12 was asked to fight with them.

Gene replied with.

The results would be obvious

And that was his answer to not participate in their fight. That particular line could have multiple meanings.

The Strongest God Of Destruction
The Strongest God Of Destruction

You know, if he were to participate he would easily win and how I see it. That could be evidence suggesting that from All God’s Gene is the strongest.

The Strongest God Of Destruction Dragonball Super

Now, whether A Gene is the one who beat Beerus in an arm-wrestling match. We don’t know that since there could be multiple Gods of Destruction stronger than Beerus. The other meaning is that Gene might have known what was going to happen after the Gods match.

The Strongest God Of Destruction
Strongest God Of Destruction

Right before the Grand Priest came in and told Ivan and Iraq to clean up and fix the damage they did to the arena. Even if she knew what would happen, it would mean Gene is a lot wiser and older than the other Gods of Destruction.

That alone meaning he’s a lot smarter than all of them if he already knew the outcome of the fight.

Universe 12 was also mentioned before not in the anime though but in the manga. In the manga, Gowasu explains that Universe 12 created one of the time rings, and universe 12 Mortals were the first to create time travel. Gowasu also stated that universe 12 created time travel thousands of years ago.

Obviously, Universe 12 technology has to be way more advanced than any other universe. And the fact that Gowasu mentions them could be setting up a future Arcs. This was the first dialogue we got Gene so far and its first dialogue that has a lot of meanings.

The only thing we know about Gene so far is that he carries his job mercilessly and without discrimination. He’s been bored since there’s nothing to destroy in his universe and he was looking forward to the tournament of power.

This is the only possible evidence hinting that he could be the strongest God.

Given how he stated that he knew he would win. Or the fact that he’s smart enough to figure out that he would know the outcome of the match before the other gods fix the arena.

Either of those meetings could suggest he is strongest of the other Gods.

The Strongest God Of Destruction A Gene

I would say he definitely has a cool design. So, I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was anyways the strongest God of Destruction.

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