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Who is Goku Black and How Strong Is He In Dragon Ball Super?

Goku Black?

Hello, dragon ball nation, today we will look deeper into who is Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super and how strong he was compared to the Original Goku.

So, On this post, We are going to examine the powers of Goku black in the anime.

Also, his evolution as a fighter, his feats, and what made him so tough. Not just for our heroes in the present timeline but in the future.

Now, this post is about one of the strongest villains in Dragon Ball Super and what I will do with this post is.

I will examine the power and the feats of the various Dragon Ball characters, that are considered to be among the strongest that the series has ever produce.

Super Saiyan Goku Black
Super Saiyan Goku Black

Everybody should know the story of Goku Black by now. If you’re somehow reading this post and you have not watched the Future Trunks Arc.

You should not even be reading this, but I say that to say this first of all click off if you have not seen the trunks Arc yet.

with this post, we’re going to focus on Goku black as in Zamasu inside Goku’s body.

We’re going to do a separate Topic in the future about Merged Zamasu.

That will be a separate post, we’re going to talk about Goku black here, but of course Goku Black begins with Zamasu.

Goku Black Arc
Goku Black Arc

One thing that has to be made clear is that Zamasu by himself without immortality and without Goku’s body.

Is not even remotely a threat to any of the top-tier characters in Dragon Ball super.

Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis obviously you know, even Future Trunks could probably take out Zamasu.

When we first see him and universe 10, Zamasu by himself, I will say that we don’t know if he was at full power.

But he couldn’t even beat Super Saiyan 2 Goku. So the idea of him defeating a Super Saiyan blue or something of that caliber is completely out of the question.

But one thing the series told us early on is that Zamasu had great potential as a Kai.


How is Goku Black So Strong?

He is apparently much more effective and knowledgeable martial artist than most of the other Kai’s are.

We know that Supreme Kai from universe 7 is a chump, but it was implied to be stronger than him.

But more so mentally than physically and I think that what really has to be taken home from this whole Goku black thing is.

That the reason why Goku black was so strong so fast is that of Zamasu’s mental state.

The reason why I’m even bringing this up in this topic is that we know from Captain Ginyu’s body switch.

That unless you know how to effectively use the body you are switching to. At least the Dragon Ball Z explanation, you’re not going to have the ability to maximize that body. Thus, because of Zamasu’s experience and knowledge of the martial art.

When he did take over Goku’s body, courtesy of the super dragon balls. He was able to effectively adapt to the body very quickly and become stronger at a rapid pace at a very very rapid pace.

Has the series progresses, as the arc progress, we see him constantly talking about how he’s getting more and more into the body.

And he’s getting more and more powerful. He was able to use Goku’s body in some ways better than Goku.

If you can you can make that argument if you want, but if you didn’t have a fundamental understanding of the martial arts.

He may not have been able to adapt that well. Plus don’t forget that he’s a God and Captian Ginyu is not.

So don’t forget that even though the scaling may be wonky to some people.

Don’t forget that it’s pretty easy to understand that when you combine the body of a Saiyan with the Mind and Spirit of a God.

You have a very powerful opponent and that’s what black was. When we see Goku black you know Jobing out trunks over and over again it didn’t seem that impressive.

Goku Black vs Trunks
Goku Black vs Trunks

But was impressive is that during Goku blacks first fight with Goku in the anime.

Goku was in his transform State Goku black was in base on par with him.

For the record when I speak about this I’m referring to the anime version of the event.

We will be discussing some manga stuff later on this post, but first, let’s talk about the anime version.

How Strong is Goku Black Physically?

Anyways Trunks stated himself that Goku black in his base form, without transforming, was equal to or perhaps even more powerful than Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Who is Goku Black
Who is Goku Black

This is, of course, ssj3 Goku and Super not ssj3 Goku in the Buu saga. Don’t get it twisted this Goku’s much more powerful.

After this fight and actually, after every subsequent fight that Goku black had against our heroes.

He got stronger and stronger and stronger because those Saiyan cells kicked in.

Plus Zamasu’s Godly Divine spirit. I guess you can say Goku black was getting stronger and stronger and stronger as the arc progressed.

Now the Manga version did have a lot of similarities to this but I feel was maybe a bit more effective than explaining all of it.

We find out that one, Zamasu first took over Goku black body and that he really wasn’t that strong.

It took several battles with not just Future Trunks but other characters in The Multiverse to make him more powerful.

Zamasu was getting stronger exploiting the Zenkai world. He was being healed by the future Zamasu and that’s how Goku black got so strong.

in the anime version, we do not see Goku black achieve the golden hair Super Saiyan form.

But in the Manga version. We do it turns out that Toriyama’s original character design of Goku black.

Did have Goku black using both the yellow-haired form and Rosie. Which the manga also used, but the anime version only stuck to Rosie.

why that is, I don’t have an answer for you. But it’s interesting because during the early fight of the manga.

The Manga version of Goku black does not appear to be anywhere close to as strong as the anime version.

Zamasu has trouble with Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta not even blue Vegeta.

It’s not until he continuously fought the good guys and ends up getting healed.

That is able to tap into Super Saiyan Rosie and become a real issue.

whereas in the anime version he almost I’ve never broken a sweat until Vegeta and the good guys went to the past to train and came back.

Well, that’s it for now, If you enjoyed this post or if you have any question let me know in the comments.

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