Dragon Ball Super Vegeta New Form Vs Goku Ultra Instinct?

One of the most frequent questions that fans have been asking on the web since the last episode of dragon ball super when it aired is.

Questions like: Where do Vegeta and Goku stand right now as far as their power goes? How strong have they become? What is next for them? And will they have a new form again beyond what have they achieved already? Has Vegeta actually surpassed Goku?

These questions stem from the conversation they had at the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 131.

This is when they were sparring together. Vegeta asked Goku this question “So what happened to your ultra Instinct show me the power of Ultra Instinct” End quote, Vegeta asked. Goku replies back by saying “I don’t know, I can’t do it again.”

Now, that statement by Goku was already been stated in several different anime magazines, and in the Dragon Ball Super Series.

So, get to know that Goku’s Ultra instinct is the ultimate form for Goku currently and it’s the most powerful and highest level he ever achieved up until this point.

Remember it’s not just the transformation it’s also a state of being claim and ki control.

Goku says that he was pushed to the edge in the tournament and did it accidentally because of Jiren.

So as a result of that, Vegeta response back by saying “well I’ll just figure out how to get stronger on my own terms.

Vegeta New Form

This is something that he already did during the tournament of power during his battle with Jiren and unlocked the Evolution form.

Vegeta tapped into what was named later on Super Saiyan blue Evolution which is a higher version of Super Saiyan blue obviously.

However, Vegeta and Goku while using the KaioKen times 20, the blue Kaioken was able to do it 2 vs 1 fight against Jiren.

Now, in the last dragon ball super episode, Vegeta says he’s going to attain a higher power of this own.

Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution


What he’s referring to hear is not a higher power of evolution, he’s talking about a higher power more powerful than Ultra instinct or equal to?

That seems pretty hard to believe? Considering how just mind-blowing that transformation was when Goku when up against Jiren.

So the question is, How is Vegeta going to even come close to this, we don’t really know yet but the idea is that Vegeta wants to achieve it and he will.

Make no mistake in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball super there are a few times where Vegeta did Indeed surpass Goku.

I have covered this in detail as well in one of my posts, that I’ve done in the past about Vegeta and the few times that he actually was stronger than Goku.

Just to name a few moments, during the Android Saga he was for a little while and in Dragon Ball super against Goku black.

However, even before that when he trained with Whis, Vegeta was stronger than Goku during that time.

Vegeta New Form

So it’s not like Goku has always been stronger than Vegeta that’s complete nonsense.

Goku states that he does not know how to tap into UI transformation at will.

Vegeta on the other hand never stays that he was unable to tap into the evolution of blue form without it being at will.

Nonetheless, Vegeta was able to power up into that form as long as his body can maintain it.

The question is, Was Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta is more powerful than Kaioken Blue Goku?

Vegeta SSJ Blue Evolution

Vegeta I believe based on what we have seen during Super Saiyan blue Evolution, and being able to tap into it at will.

However, the question is again, Does it make him stronger than Goku, however, it’s never said that Goku will never tap into Ultra Instinct again.

In fact, Goku says that he was pushed to his limit and that’s why he was able to do it accidentally.

So, presumably speaking, should Vegeta push Goku yes? no?.

We will see if Goku achieves Ultra Instinct one more time again in DBS.

I’m pretty certain even though I cannot guarantee it. We’re going to see Goku tap into Ultra Instinct one more time somehow.

Probably against the villain of the film and we will see it again. Goku Ultra Instinct is way stronger than anybody else other than the Gods.

He’s more powerful but he can’t tap into it at will, he must be pushed into it activate it.

Whereas Vegeta We Believe can tap into his form at will, so it’s not so much about who’s actually stronger.

It depends on what their state of mind is when they are fighting, so that is the answer about Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Full Power Dragon Ball Super and Vegeta’s Evolution forms.

We’ll see if later on the anime if Goku fully mastered Ultra Instinct and actually learn how to tap into it I will. Cheers!

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