Top 10 Favorite Vegeta Moments In Dragon Ball Super

Today we will have a look at my Top 10 Favorite Vegeta Moments in DBS. In my opinion, Vegeta had the best character Arc not just in Dragon Ball super but also in Dragon Ball Z.

He got the most interesting story from being a villainess tyrant obsessed with being the most powerful in the universe.

To be a good father and friend, who still wants to be the most powerful. Either way. Vegeta is awesome and beloved by everybody.

So, what I wanted is. I wanted to look back at Vegeta’s time in Dragon Ball super because Dragon Ball super really focused a lot on Vegeta moments.

They gave him a lot of moments. I mean tons and tons and tons of moments.

I’m going to bring to you my top 10 favorites or what I consider top 10 best Vegeta moments of Dragon Ball super.

Remember, this is just my personal opinion, just what I think if you don’t agree with me that’s cool.

I would love to hear your opinion on what your favorite would you do moment work on the Dragon Ball Super Series.

I’m going to focus on the anime version of this post not so much the manga.

Because the manga is still running and is not complete yet. But let’s go ahead and get the list next.

This is going to range from all types of different grades of Vegeta moments. Whether it be a comedic moment or just straight-up badass.

You know Vegeta awesomeness, so we’re going to start with number 10 which is a little bit of both Vegeta playing baseball in episode 70.

10. I love dragon ball super episode 70. It might be my favorite singular episode of the series.

The way that Vegeta treats Yamcha and the way that he took it so seriously to beat Goku.

Vegeta Moments
Vegeta Moments

Even at baseball, it was one of the funniest moments in the episode just seeing Vegeta in that uniform is already enough to male LOL.

But the entire meta-humor in that episode involving Vegeta to be with some of the best of super has ever done. It really stands does my number 10.

9. This is from the episode when Vegeta was training Future Trunks.

What I loved about the episode is that not only did we see trunks power up into that phase 3 Super Saiyan buff ultra form.

But also during this whole training sequence.

Trunks ask Vegeta, hey can you do Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta just laughs at him and shows him blue.

Vegeta Moments

Which I thought was just a classic Vegeta moment. He sitting there laughing at the dude like, oh so you think that 3 is the end-all-be-all of transformation.

He shows him blue. I really love that and I love the entire sequence of how he pretty much told him to grow balls and let’s go beat Goku black.

I loved it and I will always enjoy that scene.

8. It’s going to be a lot of people’s number one it’s episode 122 of Dragon Ball super.

This was when Vegeta surpassed the limitations of Super Saiyan blue and did Super Saiyan blue evolved.

Vegeta Moments
Vegeta Moments

It wasn’t just the fact that Vegeta broke his own limit it’s also the fact that it is his own way momentarily.

Putting aside his desire to achieve Ultra Instinct and finding his own path carving his own way into getting a new power.

I absolutely loved it and that’s why it did make the list.

7. Now, this is one of the funnier and most unlikely Vegeta moments that we had ever seen.

That is his reaction to his daughter being born.

Vegeta Moments
Vegeta Moments

The way the Vegeta acted in this episode. The way that he smothered his daughter and looked after his wife and cared about her is something that we never thought we would ever see.

We just never thought we would see that’s if you just watched Dragon Ball Z.

We got that gray Vegeta moment in super and that’s one thing that I’m very happy they to incorporated into the series.

I loved it, and I love that whole episode. Bulma’s you know reaction and Trunks and everything it was a great moment for that family.

6. Comes from Dragon Ball super episode 129. That is Vegeta’s speech about the Saiyans screaming at the god while Goku and Jiren are going at it.

You know it seems like Universe 11 is over-confident and most of the Gods believe that Goku is history at that moment.

Top Best Favorite Vegeta Moments

Vegeta Moments
Vegeta Moments

But Vegeta makes sure that they’re aware that the Saiyans have always surpassed their Limits.

They’ve always done it, and they had this awesome little like Montage flashback as Vegeta stalking this speech.

Vegeta Moments

That really gave me chills and it didn’t really hit me the first couple times I watched it.

I had to watch it three or four times for it really resonates with me.

Mostly because of  Mr. Ryo HorikawaWho really all across his entire list has been phenomenal. Everything he’s done in Dragon Ball super.

5. We’re in the top five now. Dragon Ball Super episode 2, which was all about Vegeta specifically.

On the list, Vegeta and the squid plashed ink juice all over him.

Vegeta Moments
Vegeta Moments

I absolutely laugh uproariously when I first saw this episode and it was the first time that super really made me laugh the entire sequence.

Where Vegeta Trunks and Bulma that dinner and the squid shoot ink all over Vegeta.

It’s such a classic old-school cartoony kind of sense.

But it worked for Vegeta and seeing him screaming and reacting to all this I thought was just I lovely.

I loved that scene so much, I know a lot of you guys may not love it as much as me.

But it was an early example of the good side of Dragon Ball super.

Which is the comedy, I think Super is really good with comedy and this episode was one of my early favorite of the series.

4. From the tournament of power, specifically Vegeta and Master Roshi’s moment.

They had been battling it out with Mageta and Frost.

There were all kinds of back and forth drama going on with the Mafuba being used.

Frost reversing it and the entire concept of Vegeta telling Master Roshi, who he really doesn’t know very well.

Vegeta Moments

It’s time for you to retire, meaning it’s time for you to drop out of this thing before you die.

I thought was very touching and yeah it is more of a master Roshi moment, but the way that Vegeta had fought against Frost and Mageta was quality stuff in my opinion.

So, that did make the list maybe a little too high for some. I really enjoyed it. I think it resonated with me emotionally.

3. Vegeta’s elimination from the tournament of Power episode 128.

Vegeta giving his last bit of energy to Goku to defeat Jiren and the flashbacks of Bulma and everything about this episode really hit me.

Even though we’ve seen this kind of thing before in Dragonball where a character will have an emotional flashback of somebody who loves.

Vegeta Moments

Having Vegeta be the one to do it and selflessly say okay you know what I’m out, Goku can win this thing.

Sort of like reminded me of the Buu saga, but maybe even more impactful just in the sense of Vegeta relying on just Goku and not everybody else.

That is my number three favorite Vegeta moment in Dragon Ball super.

2. This got to be from Dragon Ball super episode 63. The speech and fight with Goku black.

Vegeta Comes Back to the Future he’s battling Goku black, Goku black had torn him up before stabbed him in the chest.

But not this time because Vegeta had just got stronger through mass training.

Which is really in many ways that in itself could have been its own moment.

I know this new strong Vegeta showed Goku black what he’s made of talk about how you just a counterfeit Kakarot that he’ll never be.

Vegeta Moments
Vegeta Moments

A real Saiyan, He will never be the prince and I just love that moment.

I love how he grabs black by the hair. That was just awesome dominant Vegeta badassery, and that’s my second favorite moment of Vegeta in this entire series.

1. What is my number one favorite moment of Vegeta from Dragon Ball super it doesn’t matter if you watch it subbed or dubbed.?

I love this scene Dragon Ball super episode 37.

Everything about this is awesome about him teaching Cabba, about tapping into his inner anger, to becoming a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta Moments
Vegeta Moments

Then Vegeta straight up to fight him but he warmed up so much that he gave him some inspirational words.

Saying, hey you can be stronger than this. You can surpass this level, and he tells him never to forget this pain while he punched Cabba in the Gutt.

I absolutely loved it. I think it was a great moment and everything that we wanted in Dragon Ball super was wrapped up at that moment.

When you think about it, that moment led to a lot of other moments that may later lead to possible future Arc or Future movie.

All because of Vegeta and Cabba’s interaction in Dragon Ball super episode 37. That is my favorite Vegeta moment of Dragon Ball super.

What are your best Vegeta moments? Let me know down below in the comment section. 

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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