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Ultra Instinct Merus Vs. Goku Dragon Ball Super Theory

Ultra Instinct Merus Vs. Goku fan theory.

Dragon Ball Super manga ch 52 is in the history books, however, in this latest chapter fans think that Merus is an angel. I think it’s for good reason too.

Merus revealed that he knows about Ultra Instinct.

He knows how the Super Saiyan Transformations work and he’s training Goku on how to achieve Ultra Instinct.

However, there are so many details coming together. We the fans have a lot of questions. Is Merus a fallen angel or is he the Grand Priest in Disguise?

Ultra Instinct Merus Vs Goku
Ultra Instinct Merus Vs Goku

We know for one that his skin tone and hair color is actually the color of the Angels.

How so?

Well, because in these promotional pictures, his color and eyes look similar to the angles.

He definitely looked like an angel, he has the color scheme like all of them which is unique.

Secondly, he was shown to be using the exact same fighting pose as Whis. Take a look at these side by side pictures.

Ultra Instinct Merus Vs Whis 

If you take a look at his fighting style, the way that he Dodges everybody’s attacks is exactly like Whis.

Nobody can land a hit on Whis, not even Broly. Merus also has the same stance as Whis.

Whis vs. Merus
Whis vs. Merus

This same exact thing with Merus. Goku even tried to blind shot Merus with a sucker punch and missed.

Meaning that Merus probably does have Ultra Instinct, if you really think about it.

The only thing that can explain how he’s so fast and how he’s able to dodge every attack that’s thrown at him it’s because he’s an angel.

Goku couldn’t even land a hit on Merus in Super Saiyan 3.

Also, Merus uses a staff very similar to all the Angels who all have staff.

Merus Vs Goku
Merus Vs Goku


Merus, as shown in this latest episode, is very skilled with the staff.

Again that probably could mean nothing or mean everything.

Also, Merus says he has a reason for keeping quiet about Ultra Instinct.

I really wish we would have found out what that reason was but Goku was just like, ”no it’s okay” and he didn’t tell us.

However, we’re bound to find out very soon what is the reason and why would Merus keep it a secret? Especially if he’s the Grand Priest.F

If you look closely, Merus has the exact same physical stature and looks identical to the Grand Priest.

The Great Priest normally had his hair slicked up backward. So if Merus decided to just pull his hair backward he will be exactly like The Grand Priest.

Grand Priest Goku 

I think it would kind of make sense if he was the Grand Priest.

Why? Take a look at Dragon Ball Heroes, the Grand Priest was training Goku or at least.

Grand Priest Goku
Grand Priest Goku

He was in Dragon Ball Heroes that’s how we got that Grand Priest Goku right?

So, maybe Heroes new something a little bit in advance and this is actually the direction that Dragon Ball super took the manga.

This may be the same direction the anime version is going to take us when it returns.

Perhaps the Great Priest was so inspired watching by Goku achieve Mastered Ultra Instinct.

This was back in the tournament of power.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku
Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

Maybe he got so excited that he has decided he wants to go trained Goku without revealing his true identity.

Yet for whatever reason maybe he has some reasons that he’s going to explain in the future.

The only thing is that Merus doesn’t have a Halo.

However, we don’t really know what the Halos mean?

The Angels aren’t really dead their Halos are also very different than the traditional halos in Dragon Ball when you’re dead.

Nonetheless, Merus could just be hiding the Halo because it has some meaning that they will explain later.

Something about all the rest of the twelve angels that are all tied to a God of destruction.

Or maybe the Halo means that you’re tied to a particular Universe or angel from one of the six universes that were erased.

Fallen Angel Merus

There’s also a theory that he could be a fallen angel from one of the six universes that were erased by Zeno.

So, a lot of people are wondering was Meru’s entire universe erase but somehow he wasn’t erased because he’s an angel right?

So, there should be six more Universal because remember there used to be 18 universes.

My guess is Merus could possibly be an angel from one of those six universes that got erased.

He might have known about this universe getting erased and he was like all right peace out I’m going to go to escape to universe 7.

That’s definitely a possibility?

I think it’s abundantly clear that he’s either a fallen angel or he’s the Great Priest in disguise.

So why is he in the Galactic Patrol? Why doesn’t he show his full power?

It could be that he’s hiding from the angels and the Omni King?

Was he supposed to be erased but he escaped and he’s been hiding in Plain Sight. 

Maybe he doesn’t want Zeno to find out that he’s still alive that’s why he kept quiet about all these things.

It seems a little bit more likely than him keeping quiet and being the great priest suspicious.

I think that’s actually a big possibility that this dude is some Fallen Angel who is trying to hide from the actual Gods and Angels.


This is because he’s not supposed to be alive?

Maybe he’s supposed to be up with Zenna or something like that or like in the realm of the Gods.

However, maybe he doesn’t want that job and so you know he’s doing this Galactic Patrol thing for whatever his own reasons are.

Ultra Instinct Merus 

Merus is very suspicious and we know that ever since the very first time that he was introduced to Dragon Ball.

Vegeta was like who is this guy why can’t we hit him when he got behind Vegeta.

That raised everybody’s eyebrows when we were reading this manga.

However, if Merus is an angel, if he’s so strong then why isn’t he able to defeat Morro?

We haven’t really seen him go all out and we’re going to hopefully see that in the next chapter which is what is so darn exciting.

I think a lot of these questions that we have are going to get answered in the next chapter.

I think it would be cool if Merus was the Great Priest and that became the next mentor to Goku as we know.

Goku basically keeps getting trained by higher levels and higher tiers of Gods through the story.

The Great Priest would pretty much be the next level.

Goku has been trained by Whis so who’s above that?

The Omni King doesn’t really fight I think he very well could be the Great priest.

We’re going to get to see Merus go all out in chapter 53.

Maybe he’ll actually use an energy attack that unseen.

He could go all out and try to hit Goku with a super powerful Punch or something new in the Room of Spirit and Time.

What do you think? Is Merus an Angel from one of the erased universe?

Or do you think he knows Ultra Instinct?

Ultra Instinct Merus Vs. Goku Dragon Ball Super Theory.

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  1. I believe the theory of him being fallen is more likely accurate due to ” No Halo” over him, signaling his fallen status. The angels wear halos differently to the high priest to signal their position, meaning the halo is standard attire and cannot be hidden.

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