Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly: Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly. This post may contain spoilers about an event that may and possibly likely will happen in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. So, just let you know before you go any further we are going to discuss possible spoilers for the film. Recently, the data mining Community discovered in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, extra pack 3.

That there is going to be two new characters coming in future DLC packs for Xenoverse 2. The discovery that was made was quite shocking. We were going to have a new Broly coming in which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly
Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly

 Because there is a new Broly in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Broly film, the 2018 Toriyama take on Broly will be one of the characters that are paired up with that Broly. The character that matches the Broly’s mode set is Gogeta.

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly
Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly

Now obviously the only two that were aware of in the main storyline not including Heroes and all that stuff is super Gogeta. From Dragon Ball Z Movie 12 and Dragon Ball GT super Gogeta 4. Obviously, the Confirmation of this will be a new Gogeta, and I think many people have speculated that’s going to be Gogeta blue. However, what if it’s not Gogeta blue?

What if we get an Ultra Instinct Gogeta. I’m going to explain why this is a possibility. The first reason why I think it’s a possibility is that when you really think about it. If Broly really is this powerful in his full power form as we’ve been hearing is a fusion of Gogeta blue going to be enough to take him out.?

Numerous power Scalers have been telling me that Gogeta Blue might not be enough for Broly. Others think it might be that’s not really the argument here. The main issue with Fusion that we learned throughout the series.

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly Movie 

Both in Dragon Ball Z and GT and even a little bit in Dragon Ball Super. It is known that Fusion has a time limit and the more power and energy you consume the quicker the time’s going to run out. We saw this with Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks fighting Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z. His time ran faster than it should have because of all the energy was exhausting.

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly

Another example, we saw this again in GT with Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta who is supposed to have a longer Fusion. But the time ran out because of how strong Super Saiyan 4. Then in Dragon Ball super, they actually wreck on the Potara fusion with who originally had no time limit to it. Being only a time limit if one of the users was a God or God-like deity. Unfortunately Goku and Vegeta or not either one of those things. The fusion didn’t last very long again Zamasu, so logically if you’re a logically thinking person.

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly
Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly

You’re probably wondering how can they go Gogeta blue with Super Saiyan blue Power maintain its form for longer than just a couple of minutes. Especially, if they go into a Kaioken blue with Gogeta which is a possibility. How can he logically maintain that form without defusing and give it enough time to be Broly.


Well, unless they do some kind of flash Miracle Victory quickly it doesn’t make much sense. However, Ultra Instinct makes more sense. The reason why is because when you look and understand UI Goku.

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly
Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly

I’ve done several posts several explaining the different aspects of ultra Instinct. The one thing you have to remember is that Ultra instinct is not a traditional transformation or power up as you would think.

Ultra instinct Gogeta vs Broly

It’s a state of being when you’re in ultra Instinct your mode. Your instincts are on high alert and you’re not thinking your entire body is moving on its own and projecting an incredible amount of power once it’s actually been mastered. So could it be that because Ultra instinct is based on Instinct versus just Ki.? It’s based on your body moving versus you actually thinking things through and manipulating the energy around you.

Using your thought it would be better and more efficient if there was Ultra Instinct Gogeta to defeat Broly or at least maybe defeat them. We don’t even know how is going to end. I have another post talking about what could happen with that too.

Anyways, Ultra Instinct Gogeta with the fact that Ultra Instinct does not seem to use up that much energy and seems to be more focused on instinctual movement. Could it be the key to making that Gogeta Fusion lasts out of the full 30 minutes or at least a longer? Without diffusing using up way too much power to combat Broly.

What do you think.?

Will ultra instinct Gogeta be the secret to defeating Broly in this film. Or Gogeta blue could it be ultra Instinct Gogeta the most powerful Gogeta we’ve ever seen, the most powerful Fusion possibly we will ever see. Unless they do Ultra Instinct Vegito which is like crazy. I don’t even know let me know what you think about this down blown.  

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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