Turles and Goku Are They Saiyan Brothers in Dragon Ball?

Turles vs goku dragon ball

Turles and Goku are they Saiyan Brothers in Dragon Ball? Well, ever since the Dragon Ball movie The Tree of Might was released, there as always been some confusion about who Turles is.

Turles is a Saiyan that looks similar to Goku identically. So why does Turles look like Goku? That is a question many fans have been asking and I am here to clarify that question fo you.

People have been asking if Turless and Goku are brothers or if one is a clone or even if Turles is Goku’s dad?

That’s what we are going to discuss today on this post to have some sort of clarification.

So when the Dragon Ball Movie ”Tree of Might” came out, it was our first time seeing Turles and he was a character that looks just like Son Goku.

Immediately, people started to speculate about who Turles was and what was his purpose in Dragon Ball.

Who is Turles in Dragon Ball?

Turles is a Saiyan who looks just like Goku who went on adventures to conquer planets like what Vegeta and Nappa did back in Dragon Ball.

Turles, in the Dragon Ball movie, created his own squad and as he was destroying planets, he stumbled upon the Tree of might.

This was a tree that bears a special kind of fruit that would increase the strength of the person who eats it.

Afterward, as the movie prolongs, Turles decided to come to earth and plant the tree there. Trules eventually encounters Goku a Saiyan that looks just like him

So what the deal here, are they brothers?


Well, the thing is the issue with the similarity look came from some of the international dubs. They made a mistake and they mention Brother int the movie.

After the mistake was not clarified immediately, a ton of people spread the word that Turles and Goku were brothers.

However, they are NOT brothers. in fact, Turles himself in the movie said the reason he looks like Goku aka Kakarot was that low-class worries look similar to each other.

However, that was obviously reckoned because, in the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly, they had plenty of different looking low-class Saiyans.

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So there might be some confusion because Toriyama did an interview and said Bardock could have siblings we don’t know about.

Is Turles and Goku Brothers? 

Turles and Goku are not Brothers, they only look alike because Turles stated that only low-class Saiyan worriers look-alike that is why both are similar looking.

Toriyama also confirmed that Turles and Goku are not brothers in that movie. However, he left the idea open of an Uncle or a Cousin.

Nonetheless, either way, it does not matter because the Tree of Might is not Canon in Dragon Ball.

Also, anything that happened in the movie is not part of the official Dragon Ball storyline.

Turles is just a random Saiyan running around that looks just like our hero Goku.

This is just like a real-life scenario like when we see other people in real life that look alike but or no way related to each other.

There’s this fun Manga other there written by Toyotaro the guy who is currently making the Dragon Ball Super manga with Moro and AF.

So this fun manga is called Dragon ball Zero. This Manga is not canon either, however, it plays around with the concept of Turles being Goku’s brother.

Now, the way Toyotaro crafted this manga was that Goku’s dad Bardock had another relationship with another woman and had Turles.

However, Bardock did not know about Turles. Nonetheless, the movie Tree of Might is not related to the current Dragon ball timeline in any way.

So I hope his short post as helped you with the answer you are looking for about the relation between Turles and Goku.

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