Why Is Trunks Hair Blue In Dragon Ball Super Episode? (Here’s Why)

why is future trunks hair blue
why is future trunks hair blue

When we all first learn that Future Trunks was coming back to Dragon Ball Super.

A plethora fan quickly took note of the fact that Trunks’ hair was now blue instead of a traditional purple.

Other fans presumed it was just a mistake made by the coloring department?

Or it might be the promotional Department over at Toei Animation?

Who knows, maybe even a mistake by Toriyama himself?

If you remember, when the Battle of Gods promotional art came out.

trunks blue hair
trunks blue hair

Kid Trunks’ hair was also blue and then when it was animated they fixed it and Trunk’s hair was back to being normal (Purple).

But that was not the case when Dragon Ball Super episode 47 premiered.

Future Trunks’ hair was blue throughout the entire episode. This would lead to a number of new theories about why Trunk’s hair was blue.

Some folks thought he had achieved the God form. But that didn’t make any sense because his hair was not spiked up and there was no Ora around it.

Others thought that perhaps he had dyed his hair as a tribute to his mother or something like that.

Then the third one that I saw a lot of theory on was because Trunks had aged his hair had changed from purple to Blue.

why is trunks hair blue
why is trunks hair blue

Many people sliding the fact that a lot of babies are born with blond hair and then their hair darker as they get older.

Some fans actually went out of their way to validating this Theory.

They stated that Bulma’s hair was purple when she was younger and then as she got older.

Why Is Trunks Hair Blue In Dragon Ball Super?

The reason why Trunk’s hair is blue has to do with inconsistent. There’s no mystery reason as to why Trunk’s hair is blue other than the inconsistency of the Manag anime version.

Why his hair is blue is that there is no reason. It’s never been consistent that’s just the way it is.

Trunks’ hair has never been consistent. Even from all the way back in the manga during its original run even to this day.

Bulma’s Blue Hair in Dragon Ball

Teen Bulma
Teen Bulma

But that’s not true. However, there is some confusion here and it all traces back to the original run of a Dragon Ball Manga. 

This was within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Although the original manga was primarily in black and white during the original print and in several reprints.

They subsequently release that there were indeed color chapters and within the pages of this colored hair was in Deep Purple.

But in anime, Toei decided to change Bulma’s hair to Blue for reasons that I honestly don’t even know.

Dragon Ball Path to Power

Bulma hair has never been purple that’s was only in the anime with the exception of the 10th-anniversary movie Dragon Ball Path to Power.

They decided to keep her hair purple most likely as a tribute to the throwback of the original manga.

future trunks blue hair
future trunks blue hair

But even though it was purple in the majority of the manga.

There are still some pages where her hair is blue or even gray in some instances.

But in the anime, it was never purple.

Except for Path to Power.

So, that throws those theories out the window, but then in the early nineties when the time came for Trunks to integrate into the Dragon Ball Z anime.

why is future trunks hair blue
why is future trunks hair blue

For some reason, Toei decided to keep his hair purple.

I guess some fans forgot because I was reading some comments of people saying that they made Trunk’s hair blue to match Bulma’s.

This was because of the change that was made with her hair in Dragon Ball Super.

A flashback from Dragon Ball super episode 47 Trunks’ hair was purple.

Here is where things get strange.

In Dragon Ball Super episode 48, Bulma mentioned Future Trunks has a guy with blue hair.

So, it was very strange because Bulma had not seen Trunks since he left Back to the Future at the end of the Cell arc.

Bulma And Trunks Blue Hair

There his hair was still purple, so how could Bulma had known that Trunks’ hair was blue before even seeing the guy.

That kind of kills the whole Trunks dyed his hair blue theory. Just a few days before the episode premiered.

We saw inconsistent promotional material with Trunk’s hair from the future with purple again and yet in the anime blue.

The thing is if you go back throughout the history of this character.

Trunk’s hair has never been consistent, to begin with.

However, depending on the time has it constantly flip-flopped from being blue and purple.

So there are numerous examples of Trunk’s hair changing color throughout the years that a lot of fans forgot about.

 The biggest one to me was when trunks were going to fight Cell and I don’t know why to this day it doesn’t make sense.

But for some reason his hair was red.

Was Trunk’s the original God.?


He wasn’t, but it’s interesting that Toriyama drew him with red hair once.

Colored Dragon Ball Super manga Release

Thankfully with the recent full-color manga releases, everything inconsistent when it comes to his hair has actually been fixed.

Trunks base form is now purple and is transformed state is gold, which is the right colors.

I even had some people telling me that they think that Toei and Toriyama purposely made Future Trunks hair blue in super.

So that fans wouldn’t get confused between Future Trunks and kid trunks. Even though they’re like totally not the same height.

Trunks Blue Hair
Trunks Blue Hair DBS

I can’t possibly fathom anybody would confuse the two. But neither here nor there.

So what’s the real answer?

Well, to get the answer now you have to go back and dig through the manga, but you also have to go back and dig through some Toriyama interviews that bring Clarity.

The first quote here is from Toriyama in a Dragon ball super interview from 1995 Daizenshuu number one. Where Toriyama says: when he is applying the color he thinks it was more or less the when it comes to color.

However, with people he already drew before, he generally does not go back and check.

So, sometimes he ends up using different colors laughs.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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