The History Of Cooler In Dragon Ball Z Franchise

Today we will learn a little about the history of Cooler in Dragon Ball. Frieza maybe Dragon Balls’ most well-known supervillain, but he wouldn’t be the last of his family we see.

So this edition of Dragon Ball in-depth, we’ll look back at the character history of Frieza’s older brother Cooler.

The arrogant and Powerful Cooler.

Although not a part of Akira Toriyama’s original manga series. Cooler is an important character in the Dragon Ball Z anime movie continuity.

Not only because he provided a Unique Twist on one of Goku’s great exposure. But also because he’s the first villain to be the centerpiece of not one but two Dragon Ball Z movies.

Like with almost all Dragon Ball Z movie villains, the concept of Cooler was created by Takao Koyama.

however, the actual character design was drawn by series creator Akira Toriyama himself. The same goes for Coolers Armored Squadron. However, Toriyama provided basic character designs for the previous movies.

This marked the first time that he fully designed all of these characters.

Including height, chart, and colors making it extremely easy for the anime staff.

Cooler would be voiced by Ryusei Nakao, who also voiced Frieza, but portrayed the character accurately as an older and more mature brother.

The same goes for Andrew Chandler, who portrayed cooler and Cooler’s design is very similar to that of his younger brother Frieza.

The History Of Cooler
The History Of Cooler In Dragon Ball

He is in his fourth form, however, he’s much taller and does appear older with different colors.

Cooler himself states that this is indeed his fourth form and unlike his brother, he can ride to a higher fifth form.

But more on that later. Most of the fanbase could easily figure out that cool name pun follows the ice name puns of his family.

The History Of Cooler
The History Of Cooler In Dragon Ball

Like Frieza and King Cold. However, there is actually a deeper story to this as it was explained in Daizenshuu 6.

The History of Cooler in Dragon Ball

His actual name is Coola but Cooler isn’t really incorrect.  Producer Colesville Morishita was worried that naming him Cooler would be to direct and recalled that in his hometown.

Coolers’ first appearance came in the form of the fifth Dragon Ball Z theatrical movie.

 Which is, The Incredibles Strongest Versus Strongest. 

The History Of Cooler
The History Of Cooler In Dragon Ball

When it was dub by FUNimation it was simply called Cooler’s Revenge. A little too simple if you ask me.

In the film, we find out Cooler with present during the final days of Planet Vegeta and Bardock’s one-man revolt.

During these events, Cooler ship detected a lone shuttle carrying Baby Goku to Earth.

He was alerted of this but decided against killing the child.

The History Of Cooler
The History Of Cooler In Dragon Ball

Because that region of the universe was under the jurisdiction of his brother. So Cooler wanted Frieza to deal with his own mess. This mistake would prove to be costly for his entire family.

About 27 years later, Cooler would discover to his shock that his brother was defeated at the hands of a Supa Saiyajin.

The History Of Cooler

Cooler decides to hunt down his brother’s adversary and restore honor to his family.

He traces Goku to Earth and while he and his friends are camping cooler and his armored Squadron of dogs attack Our Heroes.

The History Of Cooler
The History Of Cooler

Cooler with a single blast to Goku’s back leaving him out of action for the majority of the movie.

Later on in the climax of the film, after taking a Senzu Bean that Gohan got for him.

Goku makes it come back and face Cooler one on one.

This is when Cooler reveals that he was able to reach a higher form than his brother Frieza.

That is the fifth form. Although I feel that this form looks absolutely badass.

The History of Cooler’s Fifth Form

What bothers me about this form is that it’s a contradiction to what was in the manga.

Frieza’s base form his birth form is his fourth form that we see in the series.

And his previous three forms were created by Frieza to conserve his power.

So is Cooler’s fifth form his true birth form.? Or something he achieved through training his body to reach higher levels.

The History Of Cooler

The ladder makes more sense but is contradicted in the 2015 Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F.

When the revive of Frieza reveals that after training for 4 months.

He unlocks a new Evolution Golden Frieza. Which LeapFrog him over the majority of the series villains.

So are these two brothers just mutants who manipulate their bodies at will? And just decided to choose two different ways to change their bodies. There’s no sense in overthinking this.

It’s just a contradiction. After all, this is a DBZ movie. Which isn’t apart of the continuity, and shouldn’t be seen as such. Anyways, Cooler’s fifth form reveals to be a challenge for Goku. But he bounces back, transforms and fires Cooler into a star.

Never to be seen again, for about 7 months until this film’s direct sequel. The Clash of 10 billion power Warriors also known as The Return of Cooler. depicts


A Reborn Cooler 

Borrowing ideas from a number of other science fiction and comic book store.

The film explains that although after Cooler dies, after being blasted into this Sun. Coolers remain somehow able to merge into a living mechanical machine called Vedra.

I mean the big Getty star fusing with Coolers. Essence and allowing him to take control of the nanotechnology and essentially build himself a new cybernetic body.

Which is called Meta-Cooler not metal Cooler, that’s a mistranslation. Cooler would take the Big Getty star to planet new Namek to enslave the Namekian and use them to fuel the craft.

Enter Goku and his friends who arrive to save the day. During their fight,4 Cooler not only prove that his new body was tremendously more powerful than even the fifth one.

We saw in the last movie but also, he was a much smarter fighter. Actually, learning the instantaneous movement. Did Cooler took a pit stop on planet Yardrat before heading to new Namek.?

The movie doesn’t say, but he became the first villain in the series to learn the technique followed by Cell and Majin Buu.

This time Vegeta join the fight and together, he and Goku were able to defeat Meta-Cooler.

But are horrified to discover that he was only one of 10 million Meta-Coolers. The true form of Cooler’s consciousness would be deep inside the Big Getty star.

Cooler attempted the drain Goku and Vegeta of their ki’s, and use it to power the big Getty star. But Goku and Vegeta ignited their bodies and overloaded the system.

After this Goku and Vegeta had one final showdown with Cooler and put an end to him once and for all, and save the Nmekians.

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