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The grand priest and Whis. With the Grant Priest Possibly being evil or having Sinister motives in Dragon Ball Super.

This is one topic that has been talked about by everyone. Dragon Ball Super episode 98 really left people scratching their heads.

Wondering okay, now we have more evidence that this dude may not be what he seemed.

The Grand Priest and Whis
The Grand Priest and Whis

That this may be one big orchestrated plan to possibly free his Angel children or possibly revolt against the Omni King.

We don’t know for sure where this is going, but these theories all make logical sense as far as where the storyline in this Super goes.

The one character that I think is going to be the highlight of this point if the grand priest does decide to create some sort of rebellion against Mortals.

Or even against the higher God the Omni King, is that of the character of Whis.

The Grand Priest and Whis
The Grand Priest and Whis

Now, we know with absolute certainty that Whis and Vados are the children of the grand priest.

Also, we know that Whis also has a tremendous amount of respect for the Grand Priest as a fighter and his position of power.

We don’t have complete confirmation that the other angels are his children yet.


But it is implied because of the way they look alike with the blue skin and the white hair and whatnot. So we can come to the conclusion safely.

I would say that they probably are related and are probably all children of the grand priest.

The Grand Priest and Whis
The Grand Priest and Whis

The series has not explicitly stated that. If I’m wrong I’m wrong if we’re wrong we’re wrong. But it appears to be the case right now. I think with the character of Whis separates him from the other Angels is that he has a connection a bond.

The Grand Priest and Whis Agenda In Super

So to speak with not only the God of Destruction Beerus but also was Goku.

The Grand Priest and Whis

When it comes to other Angels like Vados, she seems to be a bit condescending.  Also kind of in a way sort of off-putting when it comes to her relationship with Champa.

We haven’t really seen the other angels and their relationship with their Gods of Destruction too much.

Nonetheless, those two seem to stick out to me more because they seem to be very different. Vados comes off like a character who really does not give a damn about what happens.

The Grand Priest and Whis
The Grand Priest and Whis

As long as she is okay she really comes off that way and she has never really exhibited in any kind of nurturing qualities.

Or any kind of real connection with her universe or with any Mortals in her Universe. She just kind of did what Champa says and does for the previous tournament.

But she never really did anything that I would find to be greatly heroic. Except for of course the Deeds of her job every time Beerus and Champa were about to fight.

Whis and Vados stop them from fighting. They know that if two Gods of the destruction of that magnitude fight.

Champa and Beerus

It could cause some sort of Intergalactic cataclysm with the universes. We all know that but she’s never herself shown any sort of actual emotional connection to Champa.

Now, with Whis, on the other hand, it’s a little bit different because Whis had shown to go above and beyond for Beerus.

Whis could careless to reverse time to help Goku kills Frieza and Resurrection F. He did it because he wanted food for himself and Beerus, but he also did it because he has a connection to The Mortals Goku and Vegeta.

The Grand Priest and Whis in Dragon Ball Super

Going further not just in the arc but also be on that we’ve seen Whis take a little bit of time and actually train with Goku.

we’ve seen him do this and that’s not something that he necessarily has to do and based on everything that we’ve seen.

Whis also seem to care or they just implied that he cares about the fate of universe 7. However, that doesn’t mean that the other Angels don’t care.

We haven’t seen the other Angels interacting with their Mortals on screen as much as we had. So we have a stronger connection with them as an audience.

That’s obviously the case at this point. To me, it really seems like Whis may be the one character who gets caught up in the middle of this.

If the Grand Priest does have Sinister motives and if he does want to revolt against in or possibly harm the Mortal.

Specifically in Universe 7. I wonder where Whis would stand on that Whis has been with Beerus for many years. He has a connection with him.

It’s almost sort of like a babysitter baby kind of relationship. Or an older brother kid brother type of thing where beers will act out and Whis will stick up for him.

But Whis just never comes up condescending as Vados does.

I’ve never seen it, but to me, it will be interesting to see if the revolution happen. If Whis would stand by Beerus and Goku against his own father.

This could be one of the greatest storylines that Toriyama Sensei might be teasing for us coming in the near future.

Maybe not, who really knows what I want to do with all of you is. I want you to tell me whose side is Whis going to be on.

If the Grand Priest betrays Omni King and everybody else and has a Sinister and selfish motive.

Maybe to destroy more universes or something like that. Do you think that Whis will remain loyal To Beerus and Goku?

Or do you think he will get caught up in the middle of the whole thing and not really be sure what to do? 

Do you think Whis will be neutral? Do you think he just won’t take a side and just say peace out who knows? I think is going to be very interesting going forward.

I’m looking forward to seeing your comments. I’m very curious to know what is into some of you guys’ heads about what could be going on here with the Angelic Revolution or Revolt.

Anyways, whatever you want to call it. The Betrayal I suppose you can call it and where Whis stand in all this.

Thank you so very much for stopping by and read to the end.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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