Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Broly True Power Revealed

Hello, DBZ nation today I want to talk about the possibility of the name ‘Super Saiyan God Broly‘ in the coming Dragon Ball Super movie.

Super Saiyan God Broly When Beerus had the dreamt about the Super Saiyan God in the original Battle of Gods movie and the original arc.

We pretty much knew it was Goku, and by the end of the story, Goku did indeed somewhat challenge Beerus.

Even though Beerus wasn’t anywhere close to max power. But Beerus did anyway had his fun but as super progressed more and more fan theories popped up.

Super Saiyan God Broly
Super Saiyan God Broly

Some fans speculation about whether or not it actually was Goku. Although the series pretty much did spell it out that it was Goku that would be the great warrior as the series progressed.

I saw the fans wondering if maybe there was a bait and switch. and maybe Goku black might have been the person who Beerus dreamt of.

Super Saiyan God Broly
Super Saiyan God Broly

Or maybe even Bardock, and some have said now with the new Broly movie coming out. That the Super Saiyan God that Beerus dreamt of was Broly.

However based on new information that we have both in the Dragon Ball super manga the anime as well as looking back at what Toriyama did and maybe doing.

Broly may actually be something a bit more Sinister. We’re going to talk about what Broly might actually be in this post.

The purpose of this post I will be referring to Broly’s form as Legendary Super Saiyan. But be aware that cinema today did refer to this to his maximum power in the upcoming Broly movie as Broly full power.

Super Saiyan God Broly
Super Saiyan God Broly

We are unsure if this is the actual name of his final form or if it’s just what they’re calling it because it is Broly at full power.

So until we have confirmation from sources at Toriyama himself the Broly full power title is not the official name.

I’m not going to refer to it as such for this Post or in future posts until we have that confirmation.

Legendary Super Saiyan God Broly 

Now the first thing I want to address is the dream that Beerus had of fighting a great warrior known as Super Saiyan God.

Battle of Gods the original movie that came out in 2013 was originally written by Yusuke Watanabe.

Later Toriyama came in to make alterations to the film and when that film was being created there was no idea of doing Goku black.

Super Saiyan God Broly
Super Saiyan God Broly

Nor there was no idea of bringing back Broly or having Yamoshi or any of these newer characters coming into Dragon Ball super at all.

In fact, there wasn’t even a Dragon Ball super Battle of Gods that was meant to be a one-time Dragon Ball Z movie.

Battle of Gods
Battle of Gods

One of them making much more money and be much more successful and they had anticipated and that’s why we have all the new things.

That being said in the original idea for the film it was Goku. They’re going to go back and reckon this. I can’t say it’s not impossible because they’ve done reckons before.

In fact, Dragon Ball is known for reckon Goku being an alien is a reckon on that wasn’t the original idea at all.

It wouldn’t surprise me but based on all the evidence we have. To me, there’s not enough evidence that Broly or anybody else is the god that Beerus dreamt of.

Plus people are saying that Goku did not challenge Beerus in combat.

That’s what the Oracle fish had said but remember challenging somebody does not mean you’re going to actually beat them.

Plus there are obvious theories and evidence that it’s possible that Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku might be able to beat Beerus, but that’s a totally different post that I will cover.

Super Saiyan God Broly Vs Beerus

That being said when it comes to Broly with what’s going on in super now. It seems like they’re telling us that Broly is not a Super Saiyan God but something completely different.

let’s go back to Planet Namek. Let’s go back to when Goku first appeared to battle Recoome.

Vegeta told this tall tale about the Legendary Super Saiyan and the statement was that the Legendary Super Saiyan

The statement was that the Legendary Super Saiyan appeared A Thousand Years prior and had this incredible power.

But could not control his power right. He couldn’t control it and thus he wound up sort of imploding at over having too much power.

This idea in the anime version of the event really was illustrated by a flashback that showed what appeared to be a giant great ape.

When Dragon Ball GT came around they took that idea to create sort of the golden great ape.

This was to explain the great ape in GT. So we’re going to move that aside for a minute because that’s not this story.

The original Broly movie came out in 1993. He was known as the Legendary Super Saiyan. But there were no real ties to the Super Saiyan Vegeta had mentioned in that story.

Broly was not a thousand years old and it really had no correlation at all to what Vegeta had said.

Now in 2011 when the episode of Bardock came out a lot of folks assume that he was Legendary Super Saiyan.

Because it’s a story that took place so many years ago before Dragon Ball Z or whatever. 

We have tons more evidence and tons of information. Based on the character of kale that may give us clues about where Toriyama’s taking this Legend.

Super Saiyan God Broly
Super Saiyan God Broly

So Super Saiyan God we found out recently that the original story of the Super Saiyan God. This ties in with Yamoshi and the ancient Saiyans

That being said that’s probably not going to be the story with Broly at all. Even though I wouldn’t be surprised if they were mentioned something in the movie that’s not the story of Broly.

That could be the story of Broly is that he may indeed be the legend. 

He may indeed be the legendary Saiyan otherwise known as the Demonic or devil Saiyan.

This was discussing Dragon Ball super Manga chapter 38 where Toyotaro mentioned.

He stated that Caulifla and Kale had a discussion about this demonic legendary Saiyan that supposedly according to Legend. He only appears every thousand years.

Super Saiyan God Broly
Super Saiyan God Broly

This is right in line with what Vegeta said in the Namek Arc. It could be possible that the Super Saiyan Transformations that we have seen in Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan or not the true Super Saiyan forms. The legendary forms that in fact, this form that Broly and kale have is the true legendary form that he had heard about.

And it that had been prophesized or whatever disgusting lure for so many years. So that being said if you go back to the Dragon Ball Super anime, will we see Kale Rampage.

Vegeta makes a comment about you know is this the same as true power. To me, it looks like what Toriyama maybe doing here is bringing back Legendary Super Saiyan story as a devil Saiyan.

That could be what Broly could end up being the actual literal opposite. The Super Saiyan God true form. 

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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