Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Vs Universe 13 Merno Dragon Ball Manga

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

No one ever imagined Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta beating down an angel from universe 13.

Hello guys, if you have been keeping up with the new Dragon Ball Super fan Manga over the last few days, then you be amazed how powerful Vegeta has become.

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta has been training with the Grand Priest for 3 days. So within that 3 day period, Vegeta has gained a new level of power beyond Super Saiyan Blue.

Anyways, we noticed that everyone in this manga as improve in some way shape, or form. However, something interesting happed with other Z fighters that have never happened before in Dragon Ball.

All the Z fighters except for Goku and Vegeta have been absorbed willingly by Majin Buu. Even Gohan and the Androids have been absorbed. This was, however, after the training with Whis.

So they pretty much become one person creating this ultimate fusion. I could not wrap my head around this new superfusion of Majin Buu and how he would look.

However, since Gohan is the strongest character out of all Z fighters except for Goku and Vegeta, Buu took Gohan form.

One particular scene in this manga shows us that Super Majin Buu actually turns Universe 13 Angel into chocolate. And if kinda almost works.

However, it has not lasted long, Universe 13 angel is an omnipotent being that can go wherever he wants whenever he wants.

He suddenly pops out of a portal and grabs Super Majin Buu by his head and was about to blow Buu’s face-off.


We don’t know the full back story of Merno in this manga or who was his mother if she was a human.

Nonetheless, Merno could not possibly be human because they have been around way longer than humans.

Universe 13 has been around for a very long time. In fact, part of the reason why the Omni King destroyed universe 13 was that they were too powerful.

Dragon Ball Super Universe 13 Angels

Remember back in Dragon Ball Ressurection F. Whis told Goku and the others that he could not take part in Beerus’ decision to destroy the earth?

Well, with universe 13 angels they don’t like to take orders from anyone, not even the Omini king.

So what happened was universe 13 angels were going out of line with the values of the Grand Priest and Zeno.

Zeno decided to erase universe 13 because of thier beliefs and values. So now that universe 13 is back, the angels want revenge on Zeno Sama for erasing them.

Now the war with Vegeta and this angel is not a big thing for the sinister angel Merno.


Because they are only mortals to him and he basically has no beef with them. He’s basically just having fun with all the Z fighters.

However, This angel definitely has an eye out for Vegeta because they realize the potential that Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta has.

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta only trained for 3 days with the Grand Priest and he does not focus on learning ultra instinct.

Vegeta just trained to get stronger and he really did get stronger and more powerful in his regular Super Saiyan Bule form.

Super Saiyan Bule Vegeta Fan Manga 

So while this is going on Frieza steps in and they had some dialogue. However, in the end, it was only a Vegeta versus universe 13 fight.

Whis and the Grand Priest while traveling through space and time notice this new energy form the fight is happening.

Whis and The Grand Priest said, and I quote ”Vegeta’s Strenght far exceeds my expectation, not even I thought he could become this powerful” end quote

And so for the first time, we saw Vegeta completely dominate an angel universe 13 specifically (mind-blowing).

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta was smacking Merno the angel around like a basketball. They were fighting on a planet that has not lives there so Vegeta when all out.

All this time Merno was not putting up much of a defense. Merno was just taking hits from Vegeta and just completing him.

However, Vegeta was not playing around at all. And for this moment in time, we finally get to see Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is beating down an angel.

But Keep in mind though, to universe 13 this is just a game he is not being serious at all. Even when Vegeta was beating him down, he was still giving compliments to Vegeta.

So what that tells us is that Merno is not going all out on Vegeta at all. I think he admires Vegeta as a God of Destruction by his side that is way Merno doesn’t want to hurt him.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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