The Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power

Who are some of the Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super? I want to ascend to a higher plethora of power and discuss the gods of Destruction specifically Lord Beerus. From the very beginning since we were first introduced to beers in the 2013 Battle of Gods Movie.

He was played up as being the most feared or at least one of the most feared characters in the history of the entire franchise. Just within the first few minutes of the film, you can see Beerus awakens and slaps Super Saiyan 3 Goku out.

Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super
Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super

That was quicker and more efficiently than anybody else had ever done before with one blow. Literally, everybody is afraid of Beerus, and after reading this post you’ll know why. In just the first few minutes of the Battle of Gods’ theatrical cut. The Supreme Kai’s are petrified that Beerus the Destroyer has awakened.

One thing I want to state is that the original plan for this post that I was going to cover was the gods of Destruction in a group. However, I decided to change things up and focus just on Beerus for a couple of reasons.

Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super
Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super



Beerus Character

For one, Beerus is the God of destruction that we have been the most acclimated to. He’s pretty much become a member of the main cast. We’ve seen him in action more than any of the other gods of Destruction.

So he’s the right guy I think to kind of explain to people what the level of these gods of destructions is at now. Obviously, not all gods are created equal. The debates amongst who the strongest God of destruction is is going to go on until we have a definitive answer.

It is implied Beerus is the strongest or at least one of the strongest based on his performance in the Dragon Ball Super manga. But it’s never been explicitly stated but either way because well it’s just easier to talk about Beerus as opposed to the other gods of Destruction. This is because you can assume that they’re at least relative as far as their power goes.

Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super
Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super

Which one’s the strongest, well that’s a different debate. The main thing about Beerus is that we see in the film version. It’s not only him slapping away Super Saiyan 3 but also, he uses one finger to tap Vegeta’s forehead and knock him out as well.

Moving on from the Battle of Gods movie is Beerus is being able to dematerialize and materialize during his fight with Goku. This was not in the TV version of Battle of Gods in super, but it’s still something that should be noted.

For the purpose of this post, I will combine the movie and the TV versions of Beerus powers. Now, we find out in the movie version that Beerus was only using 70% of his power while fighting Goku. The way that its structure stated it’s presumed that he wasn’t using 70% the entire time he was fighting Goku.

Only at the end of the fight when he uses the Sphere of Destruction Ball Beerus launched at Goku that was his strongest attack in the movie version. During that time, there was a lot of information that applied to that film. That info really no longer or can no longer apply for the current air time of Dragon Ball super.

V Jump magazine

V Jump magazine knew before the film actually came out as part of the promotional.  V jump noted that Beerus is the strongest character in the history of Dragon Ball but that’s incorrect.

In fact, even Toriyama said that during that time. We find out in the movie it’s up at the very end which can only be as part of a twist ending that Whis, in fact, Beerus’s teacher and more powerful than him.

Shortly after the film, Toriyama released a somewhat controversial but very interesting power scaling grade.

This was in an interview he did for the anime Comics version of Battle of Gods a Q&A interview. He stated that if a God of Destruction is a 10 than Super Saiyan God will be around at 6.

Which tells me that 70% was not during the entire fight whatsoever. But then he goes on to say that we would be about a 15. As a result of this power scale, it’s confused a lot of people because they then start asking questions like, what was the Super Saiyan blue rose level.?

There were these things that fit in easily to scaling levels of 6, 10, and 15.

The easy answer is that they don’t fit because of the scale that Toriyama had come up with during that time. Only applied for that time just before Resurrection F came to thaught or even an idea in Toriyama’s head. So really in some ways, you could use that for just the film as a standalone story.

But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t hold up compared to the powers that Goku and the others have shown in the Dragon Ball Super anime. Moving forward case in point, the battle between Goku and Beerus in the anime version.

had some Feats that weren’t even discussing the movie version. For example, their battle was causing major disruptions in the natural order of the universe. We didn’t see any of this in the film version, as Goku and Beerus Clash of the fist was causing the entire universe to shake.

Toriyama interviews

In the past, Toriyama did an interview and he says that Beerus could easily destroy the Supreme Kai realm. Which orbits the primary universe that exists outside of the plane of the regular universe.

But obviously, with Dragon Ball super Beerus at this level of power can destroy the entire universe if he really wanted to. Whether or not he can do it with one shot. That’s Up For Debate. But none-the-less that original 6, 10, and 15 scale just can’t be taken seriously when discussing what happened after.

Beerus has always displayed an incredibly impressive amount of knowledge when it comes to martial arts. Obviously, because of his training from Whis. Not just the fact that this dude is a God of destruction and has abilities that are granted.

But also the fact that he knows several forms of martial arts including Hapkido, Aikido, and Aiki Jujitsu.

We see him cleanly Wipe Out the Z Fighters with leverage base attack that requires little to no effort, culminating with him using Chopsticks to knockout Piccolo.

come on now! and like most Dragon Ball characters, he does have enhanced hearing Vision. He can sense things instinctually, he can breathe in space even if Beerus sneezes. That can destroy a planet as we saw in the movie, his energy projection abilities are second to none.

Except for maybe the Gods above him, and it’s not explicitly stated how far along he isn’t his training.

It was stated that Beerus has knowledge of Ultra Instinct but he has not perfected it yet. So if you go beyond the movie Beerus’ feats are absolutely absurd. Not only does he tap a table and blow up half a planet in the first episode of super. But in the Manga version of Dragon Ball super.

There’s a depiction of the fight between Beerus and his brother Champa another God of destruction. Where The angels see several planets and Moon exploding around them due to the sheer power they possessed. And they are completely unaffected and it stated several times by the angels that if two Gods of Destruction would ever fight.

Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super
Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super Beerus

It could result in the cataclysmic implosion of the universe and by the way speaking of Champa. Just a quick side note I’m not going to do a post about him at least not anytime soon. Don’t forget how powerful Champa is. Hit fans don’t like to hear this but during the universe 6 arcs.

Champa didn’t give a damn about time Skip and literally punked out hit ready to put him in a coffin. If he crossed him and Hit started to sweat no matter what, Champa is really strong.

Written by Gregory

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