Why Are Saiyan Names Similar to Vegetables in Dragon Ball?

Saiyan names
Saiyan names

Have you ever wonder why most Saiyan names are similar to vegetables in dragon ball? To be honest it sounds kinda silly but yes, every Saiyan name does come about form some type of vegetable.

So you might be wondering where did the idea of all these silly Saiyan names come from?

Well, the creator of Dragon Ball Akira Torimaya chooses these names for his characters and groups them together and based them on real live foods or objects.

For example, vegetables, fruits dairy products, underwear, and even musical instruments are some of the things he uses to come with the names.

However, today we are specifically going to be looking at a group of these names and these are Saiyans names which are base of vegetables.

So basically, we are going to discuss all the Saiyan names we know and where did they come from.

Saiyan names
Saiyan names

Sayan Names And Meaning

First of all, we have the names of the race, and they are called the Saiyans or in Japanese Saiyajin. Under that, we have the actual Saiyans and the Planet.


So one of the main dragon ball names is Kakarot which is Goku’s original name and this comes from the vegetable Karot.


Vegeta pun Saiyan names are Vegeta, King Vegeta, and Planet Vegeta who all have the same name. Their names come for the word vegetable without the last 3 letters.


Raditz who is Goku’s older brother Saiyan’s name comes for the vegetable Radish.


Anther Saiyan with a vegetable name is Nappa which names come from the Nappa Cabbage from China.


Bardock the father of Goku in dragon ball Saiyan name comes from the vegetable Burdock Root. this is a root that is sometimes used as food.


Gine is the mother of son Goku and the Saiyan vegetable name comes from the Spring Onion in Japan.


Paragus, as we know him, is the father of the Legendary Saiyan Broly, and his Saiyan name comes for the vegetable Asparagus.


Broly the undefeated legendary Saiyan as of dragon ball super movie and his final canon vegetable name come form Broccoli.


Beets is the Saiyan that traveled with Paragus Broly’s father throughout the galaxy in search of baby Broly according to dragon ball super Broly movie. His name comes from the vegetable Beet


Turles is a character that looks a lot like Goku and he’s from the movie The “Tree Of Might” his name vegetable Saiyan mane comes from rearranging the Japanese word for Lettuce.


Tarble is a Saiyan that looks a lot like Vegeta and is, in fact, Vegeta’s little brother. His vegetable Saiyan name comes from the last 3 letters of the word Vegetable.

Bardock’s Teammates 

So next we have all of Bardock’s teammates with vegetable names canon and none canon.


Bargos, which is Totapo in Japanese, this name comes from Potatoes


Fasha whos is Sarapa in Japanese Saiyan vegetable name comes from rearranging the word Parsley.


Tora who is called Tomma in Japanese comes from the vegetable Tomato.


Shugesh who is called Panbukin in Japanese comes from Pumpkin.


Leek another member of the Bardock’s grew Saiyan name comes for the vegetable Leek.


Taro one of Bardock’s teammate’s names comes from the vegetable Taro Plant.

Universe 6 Saiyan Names and Meanings

These are some of the Saiyan names that are similar to vegetables from universe 6.


Cabba is Saiyan that is form universe 6 who participated in the tournament of power and his name comes from the vegetable Cabbage.


Caulifla is a female Saiyan that is from universe 6 who’s Saiyan name comes from the vegetable Cauliflower.


Kale is also a female Saiyan from universe 6 who is known to be bipolar and shy and her best friend is Caulifla. Her Saiyan Name comes for the vegetable Kale.

So these are pretty much all the Saiya names that I can remember, some are canon and some are not, but who cares lol they’re all Saiyans with vegetable names.

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