Why Vegeta Calls himself The Prince of All Saiyans

Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans. Why is Vegeta always refer to himself as the prince of all Saiyans even though his dad died?

Vegeta’s dad has been dead for many years and that’s what should make him the king of all Saiyans theoretically.

Why does being the prince of all Saiyans matter so much to Vegeta? Well, on this post I’m going to get deep with you guys and really dissect the mind of the prince himself.

I think when you do a character study on Vegeta. I think it’s always fun because he’s one of the more complex and interesting characters in Dragon Ball Z.

The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta
The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta

In fact, he might be the most interesting at least to analyze and I think that’s part of the reason why he so popular.

When it comes to Vegeta everybody knows that he’s the prince of all Saiyans because he always says that.

He always refers to himself as the prince. He does it in both the Japanese version and the dub and all the other dubs around the world.

Vegeta is definitely proud of his Heritage even though he doesn’t necessarily care about the other members of his race.

The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta
Prince of all Saiyans

He is proud of who he is and where he comes from. But why is Vegeta so proud of who he is and where he comes from? Does it have to do with his connections to his family or his race?

Not really!

There’s a lot of really deep things going on in Vegeta’s head, but I think might be overlooked sometimes. I do want to bring those to your attention.

Vegeta The Prince of All Saiyans

Now, the question I posed at the beginning of the post was why does Vegeta calls himself the Prince of all Saiyans.

Even years after his father was killed by Frieza. Would that not automatically promote Vegeta into being the king?

A lot of people’s theory on that is because he has respect for his dad. I think there may be something to that.

Even though I feel the anime tries to establish a connection between Vegeta, and King Vegeta way more than Vegeta.

The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta
Vegeta prince of all Saiyans

King Vegeta has tons of scenes in the anime that are anime exclusive that helped us the viewer not only see who he was.

Also, to see his connection to his son Vegeta including that Infamous scene where Frieza kills King Vegeta with one punch.

King Vegeta The King Of All Saiyans

Even though his ace has been extinct for several years. Vegeta constantly says that he’s the prince of all Saiyans.

When you really Analyze this, he’s not saying it to his opponent he saying it to himself. I want you to remember that I said that because there are some very deep psychological things going on with this character.

Vegeta says that he’s the “Prince Of All Saiyans” is not something that he says because he wants to have the rule for dominion over peasants or anything like that.

It’s not like the king Prince peasant type of relationship. Vegeta doesn’t really care about the Saiyan race. He doesn’t care about dominating them or being their ruler.

As the series progresses Vegeta has a child and married Bulma.

The prince of all Saiyans
The prince of all Saiyans

He becomes more and more disconnected from that idea. Vegeta never really cared about ruling over the Saiyans.

This is why I find it interesting when a lot of fans say why doesn’t Vegeta try to resurrect the Saiyans again.

I Am The Prince of Saiyans

Especially, now with the super Dragon Balls. Vegeta could bring back the entire planet Vegeta, that’s because he really does care as a character.

Honestly, he doesn’t give a damn, but then that begs the question. Why does he refer to himself as the prince all the time?

Why does it mean so much to Vegeta? Well, to figure this out, you have to really look at the race that he’s representing and his upbringing.

The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta

One thing that people have to remember about the Saiyans, and about Frieza’s Clan, and the whole Space Empire is that.

This is a class-based society, it’s called social stratification. What that basically means is, that it’s based upon your occupation, income, wealth, and social status. and power.

You are deemed a certain class, you are categorized as a certain way. This is something that happened in the real world.

Social complexity is something that is a very real thing. But in the fictional world of Dragon Ball, especially in the Saiyan Society. It’s not based on income or wealth.

It entirely based on power level, it’s entirely based on what your battle power. Your battle power is the reading it shows when you are a child. When Saiyan babies are born, they are measured for power.

Dragon Ball Saiyans power Level

Immediately based upon that reading, they are put into a specific class. Obviously, Kakarot who is Goku was a low-class Saiyan.

The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta
The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta

This is why in the early part of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta and Raditz even refer to him as such.

Then, you have Napa who is a member of the elite class, and you have Vegeta who’s a member of the super Elite Class.

It is because of this that Vegeta and Nappa get so much respect and are heralded so highly.

In fact, if you go back to early Dragon Ball Z and really analyze the manga. Vegeta does not refer to himself as the prince until the Namek Arc.

This is a Toriyama retcon or at least somewhat of a retcon. That’s originally why Vegeta was just a super Elite. His ties for the Royal Blood weren’t really established until the Namek Saga.

So that tells me Toriyama’s idea behind the class-based system was always prevalent. But later on, he decided to add a layer to Vegeta by claiming that he was the prince.

Toriyama did this as a rider to sort of establish a deeper connection between Vegeta and his family.

So, his conflict with Frieza would be much more personal. This is a very good writing retcon by Toriyama.

I think he did a fantastic job by making him the prince and he also uses that as a line that Vegeta would constantly repeat to himself.

The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans

Now, why does Vegeta constantly refer to himself as The Prince Of All Saiyans if he doesn’t care or give a damn really about his race?

Even though again, I think part of him does. Vegeta is not really losing sleep over the fence that the Saiyans or dead.

He’s always obsessing over fighting and that’s really the key thing here. For the majority of the Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta is a very insecure and very self-centered person.

He’s very selfish and it took several years for him getting married, having Trunks to really begin that change.

That change would develop Vegeta into the character that he is in Dragon Ball super. But before that, all he cared about was his obsession over surpassing Kakarot.

Why Vegeta Is Obsessed With Kakarot

Why is he so obsessed with surpassing Kakarot.? Well, the reason why you so obsessed specifically with him is.

So because of his childhood, Vegeta has been programmed and brainwashed to believe that the power level reading you have as a child.

Somehow makes you better Grandeur more deserving, more Regal than a lowly low-class Saiyan.

Along Comes Goku who has figured out through various means of training how to make himself stronger and surpass Vegeta.

iIam the prince of all saiyans
I am the prince of all saiyans

Despite all of the technological Wizardry that program Vegeta into thinking it was impossible. Most of the time, when you’re dealing with hunter-gatherer societies and cultures.

The alpha males the one who stands out as the leader of the pack. But in this case, that alpha male is determined by an arbitrary number, that’s assigned to you by some computer when you’re born.

Not even taking into account that a low-class Warrior could train and learn the deeper aspects of martial art. And also surpass anybody of his own kind if done correctly.

 These guys were so one-dimensional and so close-minded that they could not accept that. The same goes for Vegeta, even when he learned how to adapt and how to become a better fighter, and how to read energy and just overall improve his game.

He still could not get over the fact that number and that all the praise that was given to him. Because he was a little boy because he was born with a high power level which was complete nonsense.

I Am The Prince of Saiyans Once Again

It did not even matter and Goku was the one who opened Vegeta’s eyes to the fact that Frieza’s Society, although very technologically advanced.

The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta
Fresh prince of all Saiyans

I was really behind in time as far as figuring out who really is the strongest. At the end of the Bardock special. When Nappa tells a young five-year-old Vegeta that his father and the whole planet was destroyed.

Vegeta doesn’t give a damn, even Napa himself surprised that this. Saiyan Vegeta showed no concern because to him, power is everything.

Even more so than family or bloodline. I mean look at the story of Tarble, which was written by Toriyama as was the entire Yo Son Goku special or OVA.

The Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta

Tarble would banish away to other planets because of how weak he was, and even though he is also Prince.

Vegeta’s Brother Tarble

Vegeta’s brother, King Vegeta’s son shouldn’t be heir to the throne of Planet Vegeta. You know why? because he was a low-class warrior. Again it’s all about class with power levels.

Those are more important than anything to these people. So throughout most of Vegeta’s young life, he was obsessed with defeating anybody who is stronger than him.

Including warriors and of course Goku. Goku never really wanted to kill people stronger than him. Goku just wanted to test out his own power.

Vegeta and he was very similar but different, in fact, Vegeta was much more ruthless throughout most of the series. Whereas Goku didn’t really care so much about ending someone’s life, over just defeating them in battle and having a good time while doing it.


So, why does Vegeta Prince of all Saiyans it’s a constant reminder that he The Prince Of All Saiyans to himself? Its because he was brainwashed with that since he was a kid that took several years of deprogramming from a friend to get over it.

It’s a constant reminder and motivational tool for him to constantly try to be stronger for better for worse.

This is to reclaim his Birthright as the strongest warrior in the universe. If you enjoyed this post, leave a comment below, and subscribe.

That way, you get notified whenever I post more stuff like this. I want to do more of these and if you want more let me know in the comments and will do more characters break down.

Toriyama is a masterful character creator, he knows what he’s doing especially back then when he was writing Dragon Ball the first time.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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