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Piccolo Vs. 7 3 Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 56 Review

Piccolo Vs 7 3

Piccolo Vs 7 3. Planet earth has become a target once again has Moro’s Army invades.

So, in Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 56 things are picking up and getting very serious.

Now, it’s up to the Earth Special Forces the Z fighters Piccolo and the rest of them to protect the planet from the invaders.

People have wanted Dragon Ball Z side characters a bit more upfront and although we had Resurrection F power arc.

Here we are seeing it once again.

This manga kind of mirrors Resurrection F many ways because Goku and Vegeta were off-world at the time and it was up to the Earthlings to do what they can.

So, the first part of this manga chapter is all about organizing everything getting together.

They all talk about what they’re going to do because Moro’s prisoners are coming.

However, as of the beginning of the chapter the only ones unavailable, that really can do anything would be Yamcha, Tien, and Gohan.

Nonetheless, Goku and Vegeta might not be gone for too long.

Eska remark that there are only three surviving the Namekians who lives now after what Moro did.

We’re talking about Piccolo, Dende, and Eska who is now on Earth.

Well, to me this manga chapter just continues to be entertaining even though we are seeing them repeat a similar story from previous arcs of Dragon Ball.

Now, we switch over to the villain’s side of things. So while the villains arrive on earth they’ve been held in a giant birdcage.

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Character Android 7 3

However, as we go over to the villain’s side of things before they arrive on Earth they take a side quest.

We’re not introduced to but expounded on by this character known as seven 7 3.

We find out more about him in this manga chapter.

It seems they are building him up to be the next threat to Moro or like the next big villain underboss or the sub-boss to Moro.

However, it seems like he’s going to be like the next big villain they have to beat before actually getting to Moro because they really do build him up as a serious problem. 

Jocko elaborates a bit on these guys being human but he seems to be a bit more on who’s henchmen they are but he seems to be a bit more afraid to admit it.

Piccolo Vs 7 3 Dragon Ball Super Manga 56

We find out that 7 3 is a problem he and his goons cut over to another planet and were wreaking havoc there.

They were just destroying these alien to kind of look like Sonic the Hedgehog guys.

In this scenario, I’m seeing a lot of similarities between them and Sonic.

I’m not sure if that was done on purpose though.  7 3  is an artificial life-form sort of like a cyborg type of character.

He sort of does remind me of Hit a little bit but they have very different powers.

We find that out here because 7 3 has the ability to go up behind you and touch you in the back of the neck and take your power abilities.

This could end up being a major problem if he touches somebody that has extraordinary abilities.

Toyotarou does a good job of showing us these abilities in this Manga chapter.

It’s a pretty scary thing that he can actually copy moves from other people just by touching them and he’s described as being a killing machine.

Dragon Ball Super Moro’s Henman 7 3 

7 3 only listens to his allies’ order so there won’t be any reasoning with him. Probably there’s not going to be any remorse from 7 3 as a character.

So Jocko tells them that based on where they are in space they won’t even get to Earth for 10 more days.

Krillin and Piccolo are pretty much thinking, okay we can train during those days to get ready for the battle but only one snafu.

7 3 took the ability to create wormholes in portals and guess what they ain’t going to wait the 10 days, they arrived on earth now. So now its Piccolo vs 7 3.

Piccolo Vs 7 3
Piccolo Vs 7 3

Android 7 3 Fighting Abilities

Momentary. 7 3 gets behind Piccolo touches him in the back of the neck and takes his abilities.

We quickly see 7 3 use the Special beam cannon but the problem doesn’t stop there.

Not only can he do that but he can now utilize the Namekian ability to stretch out his limbs and he does this in the manga and that’s what kicks off the fight on Earth.

Jocko who wanted no part of this finds himself involved in a fight yet again which is always a treat.

We also find out from Jocko that the character 7 3 copies all your moves but not just your moves.

He actually can mimic the power of the moves as you do them.

So, if this dude touches Beerus or Goku we got a problem however, we are no were close to those fights.

But still, think about it? So we have this really fantastic scene were Piccolo and 7 3 are fighting and both of them use the extended arm technique.

I really love this so much because it’s not something that we see a lot. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever seen this before.

Piccolo’s Moment In Dragon Ball Super Manga 53

Jocko also tells us that besides all those cool abilities 7 3 has he also has infinite stamina. Stack that on top of the other abilities this guy has as, that problematic.

Piccolo Vs 7 3
Piccolo Vs 7 3

Piccolo at this moment is getting beat by his own techniques.

If you remember Piccolo came up with the Special Beam Conon in between Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

It was specifically to kill Goku and he wound up using it on Raditz but also killed Goku because Goku sacrifices himself.

So in a way, Piccolo got what he wanted at the time.

Piccolo Vs 7 3
Piccolo Vs 7 3

However, here we have somebody else using it.

We’ve seen Cell do it as well but Cell has Piccolo cells so here we have another artificial life-form give Piccolo trouble with his own moves.

Then just as it appears like Piccolo is about to go down and lose.

All of a sudden we have the appearance of the Gohan dressed up with his glasses.

It kind of reminds me of GT Gohan like studious scholar Gohan.

Now Gohan takes off his glasses and you know things are going to get serious. Gohan will step into the battlefield so I’m excited to see Gohan fight. 

Goku Vs Merus Dragon Ball Super Manga

So in the final few pages of the manga, Goku is getting torn up by Merus.

 Merus is just on another level and of course, this begs the question?

If Merus is this strong why is he not going to take out Moro by himself?

While we don’t have an answer yet we’ll just have to wait and see. 

what are your thoughts on dragon ball super manga chapter 56 Piccolo vs 7 3?

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