What Effect Did King Cold Have On Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball Z?

What Effect Did King Cold Have On Perfect Cell? In Dragon Ball Z the villain Cell was the creation of Doctor Gero.

Dr. Gero completed Cell by using his supercomputer timeline after Trunks had defeated the Android.

The villain Cell was a biological Android whose purpose was to absorb Android 17 and 18 to attain his perfection.

Making him the greatest threat the Z Fighters had ever faced.

The Brilliance of Cell’s design and what truly made him so terrifying?

This was because he was composed of cells from the mightiest Dragon Ball Heroes and villains we had seen up until that point.

He had Goku’s cells as well as Vegeta, Piccolo, and Frieza’s cells.

All of which granted their techniques such as the Kamehameha and unique abilities like regeneration.

However, this also resulted in Cell’s taking on personality traits from those he was comprised of.

Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell DBZ

Which in many ways led to his eventual downfall. However, well most of his genetic donators have been extensively fleshed-out is characters.

One of them only briefly appeared to us, this individual in question was Frieza’s father King cold.

I’ve often wondered what effects cold had on Perfect Cell. If any of what we saw from him was directly related to his inclusion in Cell’s genetic makeup.

King Cold is always been one of my favorite minor villains from Dragon Ball Z.

However, his time in the franchise was very brief as he arrived he was killed by Trunks and vanished from the story.

As a result of this unknown commodity and what his abilities are in much of his backstory remains a mystery.

It’s difficult to determine what impact he may have had on the personality and abilities of Cell.

But from what we do have of cold we can draw some comparisons.

The Effect of King Cold On Perfect Cell

Now as we saw King cold the time in the series he appeared to be far more pragmatic than Frieza.

He brought his son back from the brink of death and made him stronger Most of Dragon Ball villains have just discarded their comrades.

Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell

King Cold was also the one to suggest that they blow up the Earth from the space rather than going to the surface and getting involved in a battle. And, of course,e Cold had no problem fighting alongside Frieza. 

Potentially ganging up on Goku, almost all Dragon Ball villains and heroes tend to go with the one-on-one approach.

When we look at Cell he’s also pragmatic he seeks out ways to obtain greater power under his enemies noses. Cell traveling through time to achieve his goals and he’s always looking for an edge against his opponents. Much like King Cold did with Trunks sword. However, Piccolo is also a pragmatic character. 

Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell

So it’s possible that Cell could have inherited his cerebral nature from Piccolo instead. He also took pride in his clan and viewed what Goku had done to Frieza as a slight against his pride and power.

After all, his son was proclaimed the emperor of the universe by many and King Cold clearly held a similar position of power himself.

Cell additionally viewed himself as the perfect life form. and ultimate power in the universe. He sought to destroy the Earth when he was overpowered and embarrassed by Gohan.

However, many of these traits can also be attributed to Vegeta wanting to destroy the Earth. When Goku embarrassed him in their first fight, and of course Frieza who is an arrogant prideful conqueror in the dictator of worlds. But let us venture away from personality and compare physiology instead.

King Cold And Perfect Cell Transformation

Both Cell and King cold or physically imposing towering over most of the other characters in the series.

Cell can also achieve multiple Transformations by absorbing the Android which increases power dramatically.

Although we never see King Cold transform in the Cannon version. His son Frieza is capable of doing this.

Perfect Cell
What Effect Did King Cold Have On Perfect Cell

Vegeta refers to his species as being able to do it as well, so it could be a trait that came from their species. The most interestingly, perhaps perfect Cells ability to asexually reproduce the Cell Juniors.

Who inherits Cells abilities and is born incredibly powerful. This could be related to King Cold, because in a Toriyama interview.

He stated that Frieza was born from his father alone, and inherited his new traits.

Also, he was born with incredible power that allowed him to dominate the universe for decades.

But it’s entirely possible that Frieza was born using this method and Cell inherited disability from King cold.

However, Cell is intended to be the perfect life form. Asexual reproduction may have been from the beginning.

However, difficult to determine what parts of Cell come down to his programming the inclusion of other Fighters.

What could have come from King cold this is mostly due to how little we got to see of King Cold.

However, it’s still a very fascinating topic to me. I’ve often wondered about my years and rewatching Dragon Ball Z and rereading the manga to understand more.

I hope we receive a definitive answer to this question. That’s something I’m unsure of, but it would certainly be an interesting question for Toriyama to give his perspective on in the future.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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