New Saiyan Beeta In Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer (Beets)

Hello DBS Nation so there is a New Saiyan named Beets In the Dragon Ball Super Broly trailer and fans are asking about him.

So, V jump is starting to leak the monthly video game magazine that gives all kinds of Dragon Ball super information for many years.

Plus they give info on other anime and manga games too and we’ve got an update on Dragon Ball Super Broly.

So, Dragon Ball Super Broly is still set to come out on December 14th in Japan. Obviously, January 16th in the United States and Canada.

However, want to get into a couple of interesting tidbits that were revealed in this reason magazine leak.

This leak includes the reveal of a brand new Saiyan coming to Dragon Ball Super Broly. We have never seen this guy before.

However, we didn’t know who he was and until now. So, Let’s take a look at that right now at this new Saiyan they revealed.

So, this guy right in the image below the new Saiyan is known as Beets.

Saiyan Beets
New Saiyan Beets

Obviously, he named after a vegetable know as beetroots we should know that by now.

The correct way to pronounce Saiyan is “Sai yah Jin” which is a name after beets that you find in a supermarket which means vegetables.

So haven’t we seen this character before? Do you remember the first Dragon Ball Super Broly trailer that came out there was this shot right here below of this guy Beets and of Paragus?

Saiyan Beets and Paragus
New Saiyan Beets and Paragus


It appears not obviously with this shot right here that we’re seeing when this trailer first came out.

We had no idea what this was, what this background was, or where they were at.

Also, that planet they are on appears to be Planet Vampa. So, it’s presumed that this guy Beets actually maybe one of Paragus’s henchmen.

Saiyan Paragus and King Vegeta

Paragus was recently revealed to be king Vegeta’s right-hand man and an army General.

So that means he’s probably got loyalist, so that tells me that this guy in the photo is dressed up like Cabba.

He’s got a very similar haircut and of course, the armor is very similar. We see his brown tail, this is without a question the Saiyan that was revealed in the trailer.

So what is going to be the story of this guy in Dragon Ball Super Broly? Will, its difficult to say there’s not much here at all. Except that he exists but I’m going to guess that this dude going to bite it.

Kid Broly
Kid Broly

He’s going to die at some point maybe by Broly or something. I really don’t know but the fact that there on Planet Vampa means that he’s going to survive Planet Vegeta.

So again another New Saiyan Revealed. Now, moving forward here this Bardock scan.

Saiyan Bardock 

Saiyan Bardock
Saiyan Bardock

This Bardock scan has also revealed some interesting information that may end up being a backstory.

We got a little of the info and the translation, of course, comes from Herrms98.

He writes “So the jump Bardock’s can know how DBZ vs Broly will depict the end of Planet Vegeta, and the likelihood on the childhood era of Vegeta, Frieza, Kakarot and Broly.

Now, we knew all that, we knew that this movie was going to talk about Broly Vegeta and Goku their birth.

Eventually, their departure from the planet Vegeta, then, of course, Broly being exiled and of course the destruction of the planet.

New Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super Broly Moive

We’ve seen this already in the Bardock special, but this is going by the Toriyama Dragon Ball minus version of the event.

Not the original Bardock special. However, what’s interesting about this is that they included Frieza.

A lot of people have been saying that pink Frieza is actually a younger Frieza and that could be the case as well. 

The movie May flashback two events that happened even before Dragon Ball Minus. 

We know this to be the case because we’ve seen that film shot in the opening of trailer 2. 

The ships in the opening of the trailer to where all the ships came in, obviously it was King Cold and Frieza.

Frieza Broly Movie
Frieza Broly Movie

So it seems like we are going to get a younger-looking pink Frieza, it is not really a huge deal or pinker.

Mostly because that’s how it was in the original manga. But it could, of course, be a younger Frieza.

I don’t know if it’s going to be Frieza as a kid, but I find it interesting that they just listed him here with Goku Vegeta and Broly and Kakarot.

I find it interesting but at the same time, I’m not surprised because Frieza was a very important figure in the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

He’s the one who did it, so we’re probably going to see the younger Frieza, and we’re probably going to see a younger Beerus as well.

Because Beerus was probably there when the whole thing happen.

 Dragon Ball Super Broly Moive 

I’m not confirming that the movie is going to flashback to earlier events, but I’m saying it’s possible.

Also, I’ve seen some people asking if Cooler going to be in the movie.

I don’t think so, people are saying that Toriyama should put Cooler be in it or Maybe rewrite Cooler for these movies for the future of super.

I don’t see that being the case right now, However, I also didn’t think they would ever bring Trunks back or bring back Broly.

They did that so Never Say Never. I just don’t think we’re going to get Cooler if in this film, whether or not he’s going to be incorporating by Toriyama I just don’t think so.

The Future that remains to be seen we don’t know yet but he’s not in the trailer.

So either he’s a big surprise or they’re going to hold off on it.

I just don’t think that Cooler going to be thrown in the movie yet. I do think maybe some other time. Until today it had been a mystery as to who this Saiyan is.

He is going to be here later in the movie when Goku and Vegeta are fighting Broly.

Dragon Ball Broly Synopsis

We did get a new synopsis of the entire movie which gives us some tidbits of new information.

I’m just going to go over this very briefly, but long story short. 41 years ago Paragus was the right-hand to King Vegeta, and King Vegeta was really happy that his son’s power level was so strong.

However, he was actually very upset that Broly’s was even stronger.

So, that’s why King Vegeta sent him to a distant planet and Paragus goes after baby Broly to train him to get revenge.

He must have come with one of his comrades one of his associates or subordinates, something like that.

Paragus spaceship crashed on planet Vampa and so he’s going to be there for the entirety of Dragon Ball training Broly on this planet with his associate beets.

A couple more interesting things in this movie that we didn’t really know about previously.

Frieza and The Dragon Balls

Frieza is going after Dragon Balls. He has six of them and that’s why we saw in the first trailer that the last dragon ball is falling down into that Chasm.

That was because Goku and Vegeta are stopping Frieza from getting all seven, that’s was the last Dragon Ball he needs in order to fulfill his dreams.

Which he is probably going to gain to control of the Gods or be in Mortal.

Now, Planet vampire where Broly was sent to as a child. His father Paragus comes with Beats and the pretty much just stayed there training him for 41 years.

However, that’s when eventually, Frieza discovers them. We got this old image of a while ago and I did put it in one of my posts.

A lot of people thought this was Paragus and the older version of Paragus on the left.

I think that Beets is still going to be alive and he’s going to be an old man.

If you take a look at the orange fanny pack he has, He looks like an old man. I guess this is possible that it could potentially be an old character design for Paragus.

Perhaps one that they tossed out because for the skirt look but I don’t think so.

The only way I see him not being alive in the duration of the movie is. If Broly during one of his fits of Rage killed him.

Moving forward, we have been teased recently over the last few weeks and months that there will be a new character coming.

Gogeta Dragon Ball Super Broly

A lot of people think that that it’s Gogeta. I have expressed that I don’t think it is, but there is a lot of strong evidence pointing to Gogeta.

What if this new character isn’t actually Gogeta but it is this guy Beets? There was a little spoiler that this new character would have two forms.

However, it meant to be young Beets in the old beets another outfit and those are the two forms.

Probably not I don’t know really what this guy’s role is going to be in this movie.

He could potentially just be a father or maybe he is against Broly and Paragus, and actually ends up turning against them at the end of the movie.

We will just have to wait and see. Most likely or more than likely he’s going to die at Broly’s hands at some point in this movie.

Paragus and Beets Planet Vampa

They haven’t talked about him at all, so other than knowing that he’s probably under Paragus and Broly’s command.

He’s going to be stuck there on planet Vampa with Paragus and Broly. That’s all we really know about him.

Interestingly, his haircut does look like Vegeta’s from Dragon Ball GT, and he kind of does look like what Cabba would look like as an adult.

However, I don’t think that there are any similarities there. I don’t think that he’s like Vegeta’s older brother or anything like that. Nonetheless, as we get any more information on this brand-new Saiyan.

What do you guys think about this new character Beets? Is he gonna play a major role in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie?

Or will he eventually turn and against Broly and Paragus to help Goku and Vegeta in battle.

I would love to hear from you guys and your thoughts about this topic.

Beets Role In Dragon Ball Super Broly

Beets will die in the movie by the hands of Broly because of his rage and overwhelming power.

Maybe Beets will do something on accident and that is what trigged Brroly to kill him.

Or maybe Beets was just too weak to keep up with Broly.

So that gives Paragus the initiative to create a device to control Broly Rage and power. Because he knows Broly could do the same to him as well.

However, all of this kinda doesn’t make sense because if Broly was so strong. I think Goku, or Vegeta or one for the Z fighters would have sensed his massive energy when he was training.

Not even God knows he was alive or he could be the mortal Beerus was talking about, that is stronger than a God of Destruction.

I think that it would make more sense that way. If Beerus dreamt or fought Broly some earlier in the future.

The way Dragon Ball Super is today makes it seems like it just bad story writing and all over the place.

I do think that one of the reasons they stop the Dragon Ball Super series was because of the awful story writing and the strain on the staffers.

Hopefully, next year we can get a new series of super that actually makes sense.

This was how we got Super remember Resurrection F with Frieza atainGoldens Golden from?

Then right after we got the announcement that there would be a new Dragon Ball Arc coming out.

So hopefully guys Dragon Ball super will continue the next year 2020. Fingers cross.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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