Top 9 Mortal Level Universe In Dragon Ball Super Tournament

Mortal Level Ranking
Mortal Level Ranking

Which universe has the highest Mortal Level? Hello guys, on Toei Official website, they released the Mortal level rankings of all 12 universes. They also gave us descriptions of every God, every Angel, and every Kaioshin of all 12 universes.

Which is actually a lot. I mean we already knew but there is some new information in there. I think most importantly we get to see the Mortal rankings from rank 1 to 12. Let’s do that first because I think that’s probably the most important thing. In first place Universe 1. I’m not going to actually just read off the descriptions for all the characters.

I will say the important things first, there’s just too much to read off and you guys will get bored. So I’ll put the link in the here so that you guys can go to the website and see it yourself.


1. Universe 1

Mortal Level Ranking Universe
Mortal Level Ranking

The important thing here is that Ivan is number one from Universe one. Ivan has huge emotions and appearance like Shiva and he has claws and fangs. While his Angel Awamo has a high level that allows him to sense everything. Awamo has an appearance of something Buddhist.


2. Universe 12

Mortal Level Ranking Universe
Mortal Level Ranking Universe

The second highest mortal level ranking universe is Universe 12. There Kaioshin is a guy who says virtuous things, and though his universe is immature, he still aims for greater height. The God of Destruction AGine carries out only necessary destruction mercilessly but without discrimination.

However, he recently has been bored because there’s nothing to destroy and said he looks forward to the tournament of power. Their angel Martine doesn’t have much to do thanks for excellent Kaioshin and God of destruction. So she tries to think of ways to lift those two up even higher.


3. Universe 5

Mortal Level Ranking Universe
Mortal Level Ranking Universe

3rd place is Universe 5 with Kaioshin Ogma. Ogma is a gentle God who emphasizes the balance between knowledge and power.

Their God of destruction thoroughly investigates what he should Target for Destruction. Arak tries to expand the world potential through the smallest amount of Destruction.

To be exact, he actually doesn’t try to destroy that much, so he seems like more like the Kaioshin.

Their angel Kuchatel watches over his excellent Kaioshin and God of Destruction and tries to learn from their knowledge.

So, this is a pretty interesting development of the actual characters. We know his personalities and everything but if I don’t know why it really matters.

They’re giving us all this info because I seriously doubt they’ll go in detail with all these characters in a new series, who knows. Less likely they’re just basically going to be in the rest of Dragon Ball Super.

4. Universe 8

Mortal Level Ranking

Then in fourth place is Universe 8 with the Fox God. So, the Fox God Liquille lives to fix defects in his Kaioshins planet.

He strictly destroys anyone who lowers their universes level by not admitting to defects in the planet. That’s kind of interesting and the angel Korn is very assertive Angel not shy about sharing the high opinion of himself. Those universes were not involved in the tournament of power. That’s why we have not seen too much of them in the show. Let’s get into the rest of the universe is rankings 5 through 12.

5. Universe 11

Mortal Level Ranking Universe

Coming in at 5th place is Universe 11, which makes a lot of sense in super.

Considering all the hype around and their strength and why they’re so cocky about this tournament.

The angel Marcalita always gives candid advice to Kaioshen and Belle mood who are insufficiently strict.

Their angel has a unique speaking style as well.

6. Universe 2

Mortal Level Ranking Universe

In sixth place is Universe 2. The Kaioshin Pell works out to get ripped looks like an upgraded version of the South Kaioshin power up.

The angels Saware prefers the intellectual side of things.


7. Universe 7

Mortal Level Ranking

Ranked number 7th place is Universe 3 with the robot God Moscow, nothing really new here.

Campari their angel, he basically just translates for Moscow, it sounds like his duties are quite underwhelming.


8. Universe 10

Mortal Level Ranking

In the eighth position is Universe 10. The God of destruction Ramoushi, Ramoushi likes people who fawn over him for being a God of destruction.

Relatively, he doesn’t like to destroy planets because he finds it too much of a pain. He sounds a lot like Sidra.

Then the angel Kudzu Vine always advising her Kaioshin and the God of destruction on the difference between good and evil.

However, clashes between good and evil get her blood racing.


9. Universe 4

Mortal Level Ranking Universe

Next up in 9th Place is Universe 4 their Kaioshin is very mindful of his position as a God.

Their angel is talented and insightful. Now, I have a different translation from the Google Translate app from herrms98.

For the God of destruction for universe 4. It says that this Rat God Kitara doesn’t like viruses. Well, I think it’s probable that the Rat God doesn’t like Beerus very much.

Then finally we have the third from the bottom Universe 6, final at Universe 7, and in the end Universe 9.

Mortal Level Ranking Universe
Universe 6


Mortal Level Ranking Universe
Universe 7


Mortal Level Ranking

We knew about these three pretty much from the tournament of power the preliminary tournament.

Let me know what you guys think about is below. You know they’ve been going through a lot of detail to explain the characteristics of the personality traits of these Gods.

Again you know I don’t really see how much we really going to see any of these Gods again. Unless there are just saving them for future arcs. Either way, it’s still pretty cool to see the universe rankings from top to bottom.

I think why Toei releases this kind of information is to build the hype for Dragon Ball super and it works.

So guys like me will make posts on this stuff help out, a lot of fans want to know these types of characters’ personalities and information about them.

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