Moro’s Wish Dragon Ball Super Chapter 49 Review

Manga Chapter 49 of Dragon Ball Super we saw that Moro made three wishes.

We know what two of the wishes are, but there’s one wish that we still do not know what he wished for.

Also, while all that was going on Majin Buu had essentially allowed the Grand Supreme Kai to take control of his body.

So the Dai Kaioshin is now fully in control of himself and he is on a mission to stop Moro.

However, this manga chapter actually goes into a little bit of an incident.

We find out that while this is going on Moro has been slowly draining new Namek energy.

So he wants to make Namek a victim Planet like the other ones that he had conquered in the past. If you remember a few years ago we saw the flashback scene? 

Moro Wish
Moro’s Wish

However, Moro himself you know it’s doing it again and I feel bad for the Namekians.

They just can’t catch a break? How many planets they have lost? Nonetheless,

Mirus and Jocko tell Goku and the others that they have to hurry up and get off the planet. Why? This is because they might end up getting absorbed themselves.

Now, in the last manga chapter, we saw that the grand Elder of Namek was killed.

A lot of folks were saying if the grand Elders is killed the Dragon Balls will not exits.

However, we find why in this Manga chapter thanks to a conversation that Jocko has with Eska.

That’s before the Elder died that he essentially would be designated to be the next Grand Elder. 

The New Grand Elder 

So the current Elder sort of passed down his abilities to him. The Grand Elder before he died passed everything down to Eska. As a result of that Eska is now the one who is essentially the final ingredient in making sure the Dragon Balls work.

I had assumed that it was just a Moro making the wish at a time. However, it looks like the Grand Elder did pass the powers down to the next one.

This is nothing new, we’ve seen this before and we’ve seen it in Dragon Ball Z as well. 

So now they’re going to try and figure out a way to defeat Moro or else the Namekians will never be in peace. So Goku, Vegeta, and The Grand Supreme Kai all team up on Moro in a 3 on 1 battle.

However, as Goku, Vegeta and the Grand Supreme Kai are fighting him it turns out that Moro is not really there.

It was only an illusion, we find out that Moro is gathering energy from different parts of the planet. So again another incredible trick by this villain, I love how he is using his brain to outsmart Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Super Fight Sense in Space

So this fight ends up going from the planet out into space. I was really excited about this because we haven’t seen a fight in space in Dragon Ball for quite some time.

In fact, the only one you could include being closely remote to it. Except for some anime-only filler was the fight between Goku fought Beerus.

However, that was not fully in space, they were hovering around the atmosphere fighting. Sa of this continuity I guess, Goku and Vegeta can not breathe in deep space. Thus it is up to the Grand Supreme Kai to do what he can.

But this time the fight is much different, while we the Grand Supreme Kai wiping the crap out of Moro for the last couple of manga chapters.

Well, now things have changed because Moro has the advantage of absorbing the power from planet new Namek.

Goku and Vegeta vs. Moro
Goku and Vegeta vs. Moro

That was enough to give him a boost and now he is able to fight toe to toe with the former Majin Buu or The Dikaioshin.

Moro himself discusses how he was surprised by all the techniques the Grand Supreme Kai used.

But no matter what’s happening all these years he has been locked away the power of the Grand Supreme kai is not going to work now.

Moro’s Wish Fighting Brilliance In Battle 

So the good guys are once again in trouble and Moro once again figures out a way to get around it one way or another.

The Daikaishin decides to use his trump card which is the technique he used to seal Moro away in the past.

Moro's Wish Dragon Ball Super
Moro’s Wish Dragon Ball Super

Surprisingly, to everybody including the audience, Moro is laughing about it.

Moro said go ahead and try it, it’s just not gonna work anymore and at the current state of the Dikaioshin he just done have enough power to do so.

Goku and Vegeta realize that the Kaioshi power was not enough.

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