Moro Vs The Dai Kaioshin: Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 43

goku and vegeta galactic patrol
goku and vegeta galactic patrol

Moro Vs The Dai Kaioshin: Dragon Ball Super Manga 43 leaks are out for the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super anime.

They gave us a little information about this Goatman. His name is (Moro) and he is pretty much a sorcerer. He’s like 10 million years old as well as super powerful.

So, let talk about Moro’s character and what exactly this means. Nonetheless, what we remember from Dragon Ball Super Manga 42?

Well, In the end, we met the number one Galactic Patroller whose name was Merus.

Merus and Goku
Merus and Goku

Merus is his little elf looking guy and he’s pretty much telling us the backstory of the Moro Vs The Dai Kaioshin past.

And also the reason why they needed to capture fat Buu in order to speak with the Dai Kaioshin.

The Dai Kaioshin pretty much gave up all his energy. He gave up his Godly Divine powers in order to seal off Moro and once he does that.

Moro Vs The Dai Kaioshin
The Dai Kaioshin

The Kaioshin and The Galactic Patrol

He entrusts Moro to the Galactic Patrol. The Galactic Patrollers intended to give Moro the death penalty.

However, none of them would carry out the death penalty. So, they locked Moro away with a life sentence instead, and he’s been incarcerated for more than 10 million years in prison.

Merus suspected that Moro’s magical power has returned. So, they want to get the Dai Kaioshin to help seal Moro away once again.

Now, pretty much what this guy Moro can do is to sucks out the life-energy up of an entire planet.

Moro Vs The Dai Kaioshin

He can eat the life-energy of a planet, it’s presumably kinda like the Tree of Might. It’s like this guy can drain a planet and all the living beings.

He can just drain all the energy out of it and then just consume it undoubtedly giving him a massive power boost.

So, in the manga, we see Goku actually trying to read Moro’s ki energy or senses his ki to see where he is.

Goku surprisingly senses that this guy Moro is absurdly powerful. Son Goku and Vegeta put on the Galactic Patrol symbol and they down with assisting the Galactic Patrol, to take down this new goat enemy.

goku and vegeta galactic patrol
goku and vegeta galactic patrol

Moro’s Abilities

So, noticed Goku searching his ki so, Goku sees him and he looks back at Goku with creepy eyes.

This guy Moro not only has amazing magical powers. However has crazy high battle power as well, and although his magical powers were sealed off by the Daikaioshin.

It seems Merus thinks that Moro has his magical powers back somehow.  And he’s the super-powerful villain that escapes from prison he’s going to be the next enemy.

Now, we don’t have any information as to if Moro has any allies or what exactly is he doing right now. But we only have some brief descriptions of the leaks and everything.

I know Moro doesn’t look physically strong, but from the one picture where he’s absorbing energies up in space, he looks gigantic.

Moro Vs The Dai Kaioshin
Moro Vs The Dai Kaioshin

We’re getting a sense of backstory this Manga chapter. Goku and Vegeta and Moro are the centerpieces of this chapter.

Moro Vs. The Kaioshin

The manga chapter felt like it was something new, something fresh. They are going to New Directions. I wish they would go into one of the other universes, but still, even though it’s Universe 7 it’s new lore.

Somehow It feels like an adventure and I’ve been waiting for this new stuff in Dragon Ball Super. Also, this Manga chapter was so much fun to read. I had a blast.

Galactic Patrol Goku and Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta do get their Galactic Patrol outfit which is pretty cool. They just write the symbol on their outfits.

Jocko tries to give it to him but instead, it’s just written’ galactic symbol. I thought that was kind of cool kind and funny.

Pretty much, the whole thing is they go to the planet called Planet Jung.  And there’s a crime going on there.

This whole sequence was done I guess to illustrate Goku and Vegeta’s first mission as Galactic Patrol.

As well as to show off what Merus can do because the whole story is that these guys are building this planet-busting bomb.

Kaioshin Dragon Ball Super 

Also, they have this scene on top of this train that looks like the Matrix movie. When they’re on the freeway, they had this battle with a guy. His name is Pasta.

It’s funny because they are fighting, this pasta guy looks it looks a lot like Legit from Dragon Ball GT In fact, I have a feeling that there’s a lot of GT inspiration here in this manga.

We know that Toyotaro has been influenced by GT. So, I’m not saying that’s what actually happened, but it seems that way. Anyway, while they were on the train fighting.

They have this movie like chase sequence on a train with Merus while Goku Vegeta and Jack were also there.

And of course, they helped but it felt very grounded because it wasn’t just a crazy ki fight It was more like a cops and robbers type thing, and that was really refreshing for Dragon Ball Super.

Again I was stunned reading this Manga chapter because it is one of my favorite. 

I had so much fun reading it and for the review actually read it four times and I still loved it. However, I don’t really know how much influence Toriyama has on the story.

We know that Toriyama is helping out with the story. But it certainly feels like something new and something that could be from a new mind like Toyotarou. This is actually a story that is kinda fresh, it might be good and might be bad.

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