Metal Cooler Vs Cumber (Dragon Ball Heroes episode 12)

With the last episode of heroes, The Z fighters were struggling against Zamasu’s forces.

Zamasu’s forces basically invaded the 7th Universe, however, there to cut them off are Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks.

So two Alli came to join the Z fighters team and that’s 17 and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Super.

We heard that this was going to happen based on what’s going on with the cards coming out.

17 vs Oren
17 vs Oren

So, if you know a little about heroes, you’d know that they have to do something new in an episode to sell a new card.

That’s why you have ssj4 Gogeta, ssj4 Vegeta, Vegito blue Kaioken, and grand priest Goku.

Every time there’s a new episode they have to sell a new thing new. I could be a transformation or something else.

Whenever that happens like in episode there’s going to be a new Piccolo and a new Android 17 card.

17 and Piccolo
17 and Piccolo


Nonetheless, the twins went and they start fighting with Vegeta and everybody.

They kind of scramble around to fight who they can so it’s a big Rumble and we know they won’t win the fight with Vegeta.

Vegeta Vs Kamioren
Vegeta Vs Kamioren

At one point, Vegeta leaves the twins to 17 and Piccolo and tells them they don’t get absorbed.

Then the piccolos were like ”what the hell does he mean by that?”

So, it would have probably helped that Vegeta had given them more of a warning.

While 1i and Piccolo have no idea how dangerous they are with all those tricks they know. Meanwhile, Goku is getting blasted elsewhere.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 Golden Metal Cooler

Hearts is using his gravity move that nobody seems to have a counter for. At least not many people seem to have a counter for and it’s working pretty effectively.

While that’s going on we cut the Fu who we haven’t seen in quite some time.

Even though he wasn’t a cliffhanger of the last few episodes last month and of course, Fu always coming with surprises.

His big surprise is and I’m probably sure the featured card coming out of this episode is Golden Cooler.

Golden Cooler’s return. We have a modified Golden Cooler and it looks like what happened here is Fu is sending him to Universe Universe 3. This was to test him testing out against Cumber.

This is kind of an interesting thing because Cumber is a very powerful Saiyan and Fu knows it.

Yet he’s over here wondering if the massive Saiyan can win, but it’s likely he knows how strong he is.

Metal Cooler Vs Cumber
Metal Cooler Vs Cumber

So, of course, they’re going to power scale Cooler up to make him match up with Cumber.


Well, because they always do that in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Don’t ever try to make sense of it, it’s just not supposed to make any sense. Fu mentions that Cooler’s Powers have been enhanced by the Big Gete Star.

However, it’s not made clear if he’s referring to just the original Big Gete Star from the Dragon Ball Z movie 6.

That was where Cooler was reborn whatever the case is or if he’s talking about the Big Gete Star being brought back and it’s giving him power?

Now, because it could be just referred to the fact that this version of Cooler is not the same one that we saw earlier in Dragon Ball Heroes anime.


Well, because he’s been in contact with the Big Gete Star, however, this directly doesn’t necessarily mean that that the Big Gete Star was brought back.

Golden Metal Cooler Vs Cumber

Metal Cooler Vs Cumber
Metal Cooler Vs Cumber


Anyways Cumber is not going down easily because he never does, of course, but who is doing surprisingly well in a really fun animated scene.

I enjoyed this little fight for the brief time that we had and I really like how this metal Cooler has like the red-eye.

Golden Cooler really had that Terminator Vibe, like that design, and yeah I might be a small thing but it’s one that I can appreciate being a lifelong Terminator fan.

Cumber makes fun of Golden Cooler because he turns himself into a machine and Coolers tell him I’m stronger and I’ve gained new powers.

So Golden Cooler connect some really big hits on Cumber. This was very impressive including a huge head but that appears to hurt Cumber.

Metal Cooler Vs Cumber
Metal Cooler Vs Cumber

Anyway, this dude who went from tanking Vegito blue is having trouble with Cooler?

That’s insane! Then Cooler Reveals His trump card which is if you see the actual card Golden Metal Cooler, it’s not just Golden Cooler or Golden Frieza.

It is Golden Metal Cooler and I think he looks great with the red-eye feature.

Written by Gregory

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