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Merus Secret in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 55

The Secret Of Merus

So at the end of the last month’s chapter of dragon ball super, we had Whis and the grand priest discussing Merus.

This gave us a clue that they knew who he was. This was of course in Zeno’s realm, the world in between the universes or whatever you want to call it.

Merus Secret 

So we find out that the Grand Prix sent Merus to Universe 7 for training to learn about the way the mortals live.

This kind of explains why Merus did not get involved in any of the previous problems in the Dragon Ball World.

It also answered the question of why Merus didn’t get involved in the Broly arc, for example. That’s what Toyotaro used to explain this.

Now, that being said, they do discuss how the angels are not allowed to interfere in mortal business.

Even though let’s not forget that Whis turning back time is kind of interfering with the business.

Toyotarou is really good at covering himself up but they talked about how Whis needs to go down there and talk to Merus because Merus has not used his Angel power yet.

So Merus’ training with Goku was dangerously close to tapping into those Angelic Powers.

However, that being said, Whis was supposed to go down there and try to prevent him from going too far and getting involved in this fight with Moro.

The Secret Of Merus
The Secret Of Merus

And with Whis being Whis he just wants to go and talk to Merus but the joke is that Whis just wants some of Earth’s food.

Essentially the Grand Priest kind of left and Whis just become the babysitter so to speak for Merus.

Vegeta’s New Abilities 

So we picked up again in the manga where we have this story arc with Vegeta who is continuing to train. 

Vegeta wants to know the secrets of the Yardrat including the healing abilities. He wants to know if he can learn that.

However, one of the Yardrat trainer training Vegeta tells him that he should probably learn the Instant Transmission first.

That seems to be the most basic of moved for the Yardrats’. However, it didn’t end up going anywhere because they have a new threat.

This threat was Moro’s minions. So as Moro forces arrived at the Yardrat’s planet, there was no one there to protect them but Vegeta.

unfortunately, because of Vegeta and who he is, this may have been a mistake by Moro’s forces.

Why? because Vegeta is not there to play around.

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