Merus Attacks Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoiler

Merus attacks Moro 73 to aid Goku and friends in the next upcoming Manga chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

So the spoiler for this manga chapter is based on a summary draft from Toytarou Title: ‘Merus Resolution.’

If you guys remembered, in the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 62, everyone was destroyed by Moro 73. Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, and Vegeta was on the bring of dead or soon the be killed my Moro 73.

However, at the last second, as Moro was about to finish off everyone, Merus appeared in his Angelic outfit then transition over to his Galatic Patrol outfit after meeting Dende.

So, in this upcoming Manga chapter, Merus will be fighting Moro 73. Nonetheless, according to the laws of the angles, as long as Merus only uses typical mortal weapons and doesn’t use his full power its fear for him to fight anyone.

So what this means is that there are some exceptions with the angels when it comes to fighting and using their full power.

What Merus is doing in the manga chapter in interjecting himself in morals conflicts which he should not be doing.

However, according to the Gods, as long as he only uses moral weapons it’s ok. But wait, a lot of people would agree that his job would be perfect for Lord Beerus.

However, as we know it, Lord Beerus could care less about what is going on because he’s lazy

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 63 Drafted Summery

Anyway, here we have the draft summary of what will take place in the upcoming manga chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Merus Attacks Moro 73
Merus Attacks Moro 73

So, it seems like what most people were predicting might happen in the next manga chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

For example, we might see Goku finally mastering ultra instinct to face off against Moro 73. One of the main reasons Merus intervenes in the mortal conflict between Moro 73 Vs. the Z fighters is to buy time.

Meaning, Merus is just there the stall and buy time until Goku gets healed so that Goku would master the ultra Instinct technique.

So from the summary, Merus told Jaco that he was there to finish his training with Son Goku. Jaco could not believe what Merus was saying.

However, after seeing that Goku’s body and the other have been transported elsewhere, Joco seems to catch on and saw that Merus is no normal Galatic Patrolman.

Also, it seems that Moro 73 is slowly figuring out what Merus is and about because he cannot sense any life force from him. Not only that, but Moro 73 also noticed that Goku Vegeta and the other are missing. “Where did they go?” says¬†Moro 73.

So Merus explained to Moro 73 that he had evacuated them meaning the Z fighters away from the area.

Merus Attacks Moro 73

Merus attacks Moro 73 a super lightning speed to buy time, while Moro consciously noticed that Merus was not a mortal. Moro noticed how fast Merus was able to transport the z fighters’ body away from the area.

The most interesting this about what is coming in the next manga chapter his that Merus uses his staff to stick Moro 73 in the face.

It was the first time somebody apart from Goku’s Kamehameha wave attack that blows off Moro 73 harm could hurt Moro 73 only using a moral weapon.

So this manga chapter can go any way, fans are still speculating that after being fully healed by Dende, Vegeta Reborn could return and land a punch on Moro 73 somehow making him weaker or defused.

What do you think will happen in the next Dragon Ball Super manga chapter? Let me know down below.

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