How Strong Is Kefla’s Fusion Dance in Dragon Ball Super?

One of the best fusion we ever saw in dragon ball is the fusion between Caulifla and Kale also known as Kefla Fusion Dance.

So today let’s discuss how strong Kefka’s fusion would be, both the Potara and regular Fusion Dance versions. First, let’s look at the regular fusion dance.

Kefla Fusion
Kefla Fusion

The Fusion Dance time limit is about 30 minutes. Since there are 28 minutes left in the tournament competition they ought to have no issue, isn’t that so?

We definitely realize that Fusion needs a great deal of power to keep up in its structures. Gotenks had a Super Saiyan 3 time split with his fight against Buu for instance.

It is possible that Kafla might be so ungodly strong and crazy, particularly in Berserker mode, that the fusion dance time might altogether be shortened.

How Strong Is Kefla Fusion
Kefla Fusion 

How Strong is the Kefla Fusion Dance?

The Fusion dance has been noted in the guide book to be multiple times stronger. However, it’s between a 50x times multiplier.

Do remember that this guide is in reference to Dragon Ball GT. It is the only evidence we have gotten so we need to use it.

Kafla would be stronger than Kale and Caulifla by multiple times at an absolute even if they max out to their own personal power.

So why fusion is stronger? Well, each time the fusion use powers up their form it keeps on multiplying hundreds of thousands of time over. You may feel that isn’t a lot however it truly is.

Particularly when you factor in that she could utilize Super Saiyan form chan and considerably the Berserker form. I would stay Kalfa would match up Vegito against Fused Zamasu.

How Strong Is Kefla Fusion
How Strong Is Kefla Fusion

How Strong is the Kefla Potara Fusion?

The Potara Fusion should actually be impossible for mortals to use. However, it wouldn’t be the first occasion that mortals have used them. Only supreme Kai’s have Potara. Somebody would need to toss them a Potara except if they have had it from the beginning simply concealed aways dropped o it doesn’t drop out of their pockets. However, if they tossed it I would hope we don’t get a Gohan moment again.

It’ was noted in the guild book that Potara Fusion is one of three things. It is more powerful than 400 times multiplier like Super Saiyan. The two individuals’ powers increased together or their powers just add together.

However, what you ought to get from this is that Potara Fusion is insanely strong. Kefla would also have the capability to utilize Berserker mode just as their Super Saiyan Transformations.

Nonetheless, I think the Potara Fusion time limit is about 1 hour. So you know by using that amount of power, I think the time would be shortened as well.

It’s amazingly likely we will see Kale and Caulifla play out the Kefla Fusion Dance again in super. Dragon Ball heroes have us a preview of the Kefla fusion last month, so I hope we see it again.

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