How Will Broly Go Down In Dragon Ball Super Movie

How Will Broly go down in the upcoming Dragon Ball super movie? Tons of fans have been discussing it, and I’ve seen so many different ideas. These include Ultra Instinct Goku, Ultra Instinct Vegeta, Gogeta blue. Also, other ideas of Frieza Vegeta and Goku doing like a shield thing.

Where they all triple powerbomb Broly into a volcano, the sun or something. I want to discuss one particular fan theory about how Broly is going to ultimately lose at the end of the film.

How Will Broly Go Down
How Will Broly Go Down In Dragon Ball Super Movie

So other than there being some kind of cliffhanger or twist ending. Broly is going to lose in this film, but how will it happen?

We already know that this version of Broly is going to be a quintillion times more powerful. Not his calculation compared to the original Broly we know.

How Will Broly Go Down In
How Will Broly Go Down

He’s not going to go down as easily because he’s got powers that are in the god tier facing off against Goku Vegeta and the others.

We also recently found out that Broly’s power going to get higher and higher. He is going to get stronger and stronger as the film progresses. So how is Broly going to go down.? One of the theories I’ve seen pop-up has to do with something that happened in the original Broly movie.

That I want to discuss and that is a line where Broly said my power is overflowing out. Throughout the years a lot of people I think have misconstrued the meaning of this line.

That’s in the original Broly film Dragon Ball Z movie 8Where he says his power overflowing but a lot of folks kind of twist that into Broly saying that he has Limitless power. Which is not true at all.  However, in this film, if he gets stronger every time he fights. Then maybe he does have some kind of Limitless power.

How Will Broly Go Down In The Upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie

Or at least a power that has definitely a higher limit than anything else we’ve seen in the series. Now that being said. When Broly talked about his power being overflowing.

How Will Broly Go Down
How Will Broly Go Down

I personally took that as Broly being able to fully fight all out with Goku that he had not really been able to do for quite some time. Especially against skilled opponents like Goku, Vegeta, and  Piccolo and what not. But I feel like what’s going on with Broly as far as the theory says.

Is that maybe his power is overflowing does kind of make someone sense as far as this fan Theory goes.

The theory that Broly sort of blew himself up. Not literally but in the sense of like a balloon that his power was getting bigger and more and more inflated. When Goku punch them in the gut, at the end of the film that’s what put them out. That essentially pop the balloon and actually when you talk about that finishing punch.

It also created a whole different set of misconceptions that Goku punches Broly’s weak spot the scar from when he was a baby. That’s completely made up. I’m going to go into an entire post a future edition of Mythbusters discussing why that punch had nothing to do with Broly scar.

Looking forward to that in the coming days here on 

Anyways this idea that Broly might get so powerful in this film, that has body sort of expands out. It leaves him open to attack and leaves them open to get hit with One Direction in the right spot. I think could be a viable way to have Broly lose, but also lose while still looking like a monster.

How Will Broly Go Down In Super?

Also, when you really think about it. This could also go back when Whis were training Goku and Vegeta. This told about them learning how to concentrate their energy and keep it within their bodies.

How Will Broly Go Down
How Will Broly Go Down

Because it could be dangerous to have so much energy coming out of your body at once. No matter what and no matter how strong Broly is. He is still a mortal, and too much power could legitimately overflow to where he blows up at the end of the film.

Or at least leaves himself open to getting popped by Goku and Vegeta or whatever. I don’t think Broly actually blowing himself up will be a good ending. It is kind of anticlimactic. But if he gets to the point where his powers too much for even him to control. Or maybe to where he’s getting so powerful.

That the entire Multiverse is going to feel this. I mean that could be something they do here. It could end up being a situation where it’s too much for his body to maintain. Goku then sees that and get the opening and get the Victory. It also leaves an open storyline that Goku can ponder about how strong Broly God maybe.

Then try to reach his level if Goku was not already at his level, but again a lot of this will be answered in the film as we approach it closer to the release. Anyways I’ve rarely do theories myself. I to address other people’s theories and I do them from time to time. I don’t really like being called the Theory Guy Blog.

I’m more of a historical kind of informational Blogger, but once in awhile, I’ll drop in with a theory like I just did.

How Will Broly Go Down In Dragon Ball Super

 Basing it on what other fans have said. I do like the idea of that happening to Broly but it has to be done right to where it makes, accurate and explained will. We’ll see when the movie comes out. Would you be satisfied with this ending.? If so leave a comment down below and tell me that.

Also, if you’re not satisfied with it and you don’t even hate it leave a comment about what you would do at the end of this film.  how Broly would have really lost. Thanks for stopping by, See you Soon.

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