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Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan

How Strong is Ultimate Gohan in super? Episode 88 of Dragon Ball super was the episode that Ultimate Gohan fans were waiting for, for quite some time. The return of Mystic Gohan.

 What I want to do here on this post is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

However, I had to do a little bit of research and look back at the manga and look at Dragon Ball super and what they’re saying.

This is to explain as best as I can what it means for Ultimate Gohan when his power is unlocked. Based on all the facts that were given to us and Dragonball, the Manga, DBZ, Super and everything in between.


This post is not going to be about how strong Ultimate Gohan is or comparing him to Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

It’s not going to be a power scaling post either. It’s going to be more so explaining as best I can how his Ultimate form works.

Or you could say how this power-up actually works. Well, in that case, you have to go back to Dragon Ball Z and if you have not watched Dragon Ball Z.

Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan

I would highly advise you to watch the entire series again preferably in Japanese or at the very least read the Manga. However, if you did see DBZ which I’m pretty sure you would. Almost everybody reading this post has.

Then you would know that Gohan actually had his power unlock twice. The first time it was from the Elder Namek known as Guru on Planet Namek.

The second time was from Elder Kai. I found it kind of weird that when he had his power unlocked on Namek.

Dragon Ball Ultimate Gohan Power Level

We did not know he could have his power unlocked again. But my only explanation for this is that and again this is my explanation, not really the one at the series tells us.

My explanation is that the ritual that the Elder Kai did work on a Divine level. Also, when Gohan had is power unlock on Namek obviously it’s a plot contrivance by Toriyama.

Kid Gohan
Kid Gohan

However, when that happened Gohan was just a kid and he wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as the adult Gohan from the Buu saga.

How Strong is Ultimate Gohan?

Ultimate Gohan is stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Gohan had his power unlock twice, the first time was with the Elder Namekian, he’s also known as Guru on Planet Namek, and the second time was with the Elder Kai Supreme Kai back in Dragon Ball Z.

So, of course, having your power unlocked again it’s kind of like hitting the reset button.

That’s how I always perceived it, so what happened was the Elder Kai pretty much unlock all of Gohan’s dormant potential.

In fact, the actual name of this form is usually referred to as ultimate Gohan based on merchandise. It doesn’t actually have a name in the series, but “Mystic Gohan” is a fan-made name and I always liked that name.

But it is something that was made up by the fans. Nonetheless, the idea of unlocking your full potential is a concept that kind of difficult for us as human beings to understand.

Because in order for us to do this, we have to train, we have to go to the gym, and pretty much have to sharpen up our bodies.

Gym Workout
Gym Workout

Theoretically, in Dragon Ball, that’s how they’ve always done it. We’ve always seen these guys trained to get stronger.

The Old Supreme Kai’s Ritual 

The trick with old Kai’s ritual is that you basically skip all that what, that’s what he originally instructed Gohan to do.

What he did with this ritual was to essentially unlock all of Gohan’s hidden potential inside of him from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

With the first introduction of Gohan, we have known that Gohan has the most potential than anybody.

Even Vegeta himself confirm this for some reason. Gohan as a really high I guess you can say glass ceiling. I really don’t know what other words to use, but that basically, how Gohan is.

He has the potential to become the strongest Warrior and Vegeta himself even said it.


Ultimate Gohan Unlocked Potential and The Elder Kai

The Elder Kai himself states that his psychic powers allow him to draw all of the Hidden potentials of even the most skilled fighter.

He goes beyond your limitations, so pretty much the way that it was I guess to explain that is.

If you have a piece of a pie and the different layers represent the different upgrades and Super Saiyan transformation.

Super Saiyan Gohan
Super Saiyan Gohan

When you are in the Ultimate form or in the Mystic form none of that even matters.

You’re already at completely maxed out power. Back then, we thought your base form is at an absolute Peak Beyond any transformation.

That apparently is not the case and Dragon Ball super has explained to us that no, you actually do have to power up to reach this form.

But is this a retcon or contradiction to the original mang.? The answer is actually no because the Elder Kai States says that the Super Saiyan from whatever is just for show business.

Elder Kai
Elder Kai

Transforming isn’t everything in the anime version. The Elder Kai says that it’s not really necessary to transform into a Super Saiyan. This is because your powers are already at its peak.

It’s going to make you stronger than what you have unlocked.

However, what he tells Gohan in simple terms is that well, you already know how to become a Super Saiyan or whatever just fire it up.

Super Saiyan Gohan Dragon Ball Super 

Super Saiyan Gohan
Super Saiyan Gohan

So, it’s sort of similar to transforming into a Super Saiyan however, for many years I thought that when you have your potential unlocked by the Elder Kai.

It’s just your base-form at max power, but the answer is no, there actually is a process where you have to power up into the Ultimate the form.

Nonetheless, it is pretty interesting because Dragon Ball super episode 88 actually did a great job of really explaining how this works.

Mystic Gohan is actually its own sort of I guess you could say transformation or power-up.

It is sort of like the Kaioken except it doesn’t drain your energy. You just tap into it and boom! you are in the Ultimate form.

In fact, the Elder Kai tells them it’s like turning into a Super Saiyan 4 using a Kiai.

Martial Arts
Martial Arts

Now, if you’ve taken martial arts in your life, you know what a Kiai is. It’s not just something that was invented for Dragon Ball.

The actual Kiai in Real Life Martial Arts specifically martial arts, that involve striking like Muay Thai and Kung Fu and karate.

Dragon Ball and Martial Arts 

This is basically a term used for when you shout. Basically, the way it works is you have to dig into your solar plexus and pull out your inner energy because we all actually have energy.

There’s truth to this when you’re striking you use your vocal cord to add that extra Oof into the strike.

It is hard to explain, but if you’re out there you’ve taken like Taekwondo, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Now, obviously in Dragon Ball when you do a Ki-ai you could accidentally blow up a mountain.

Because we’re talking about super-powered characters, but basically when our Kiai, when you power up it’s similar to transforming into a Super Saiyan.

However, not exactly the same and Dragon Ball super episode 88 proves that.

Piccolo actually with training helped Gohan focus back into his Ultimate form. It was all about focusing his power and remembering how he used to do things.

That’s how Gohan was able to get back into his ultimate form. Which as it stands right now as Piccolo stated is his most powerful form.

Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan

Right now Gohan’s Ultimate form is stronger than Super Saiyan Gohan.

However, it was crazy because this episode was the first time we ever saw Gohan go from Super Saiyan.

To actually seeing his hair flip between yellow into the black state. We’ve never seen that before, anyways there was some confusion and there still is.

Dragon Ball Super The Battle of God

Let’s go back to the Battle of God. Now, in the Battle of God’s movie Gohan appears to use the Mystic form to fight Beerus and of course, got thrashed.

After this in the TV version, I’ve had some people telling me that no that’s not Mystic that’s just his base.

With many of them pointing to the fact that in the TV version, Gohan did not have the bang.

I’m going to talk about the bang a little bit later on the post and why it shouldn’t be looked at too much.

However, there was a line in super episode 88 were Piccolo blatantly said. and I quote “You need to use that power you use against Majin Buu” end quote.

Piccolo and Gohan Dragon Ball Super 

Note, here’s why that line is so important. Piccolo was there when Gohan fought Beerus in both the movie and anime version.

Piccolo and Gohan Trained
Piccolo and Gohan Trained

He was present and he was there when Gohan fought in Resurrection F against Frieza’s Army and Tacoma.

Why would Piccolo stay use the power you had against Buu. That’s because it’s implied at least a little bit that Gohan has not used his ultimate since that fight.

Even though he may have had the gray Aura & the Bang in his hair and all that.

That may have Been Gohan powering up his base. I don’t know, that’s up for debate let me know what you think in the comments.

But either way, Piccolo references the Buu arc not the Battle of Gods or any other time after that.

Gohan was so rusty and slacking so hard that he didn’t even know if he could even become a Super Saiyan.

Then, he finally did do it and we saw Gohan used the from then and after.

Ultimate Gohan

All this time a lot of people thought that Gohan was doing was stacking Super Saiyan on top of Mystic.

That was is not stated in the original manga, but it was a very popular theory that kind of made sense.

And as a result of that, you would think that with the Mystic power, Gohan unlocked his potential, plus a 50-time multiplier would make you really strong.

But that does not appear to be the case. That’s a good theory but Dragon Ball super has shut that theory down.

This was because of what happened in Dragon Ball super episode 88 where we see Gohan Ascend back to his Ultimate form.

How Strong Is Ultimate Gohan In Dragon Ball Super 

Gohan has the potential to become even stronger than his father Goku and friend Vegeta because he is a half-blooded Saiyan. Gohan was the youngest Saiyan that ascended onto the next level which is known as Super Saiyan 2 to defeat Perfect Cell.

However, after the Cell Saga arc was finished, Gohan never continued his training and thus his father Goku and Vegeta, who are true-blooded Saiyans surpassed him.


The conclusion here is that pretty much this entire time and before I actually say this. Some of you guys are going to think this is kind of contrived and kind of bad writing.

However, that’s not the point I’m making, it to the conclusion that they’re giving us this is not something I really agree with.

Nonetheless, it does seem a little bit unrealistic to me, but apparently, Gohan literally forgot how to tap into that power.

Base Gohan

He has not been able to use that power whatsoever until Dragon Ball Super episode 88 with the help Piccolo.

So, those lights you saw with him against the universe 9 guys and those little moments when Toei was teasing us about Gohan going back to Mystic.

That was just that he building up to this moment. So in some ways, it actually makes sense.

Now, I want to address one last thing.  About Gohan’s little bang in the front, when Trunks was leaving to go back to the future.

Dragon Ball Gohan Hair Bang

We saw the bang, we saw him fighting with the bank. A lot of people have associated Gohan’s one Bang in front of his forehead as him being a Mystic form.

That is not correct because we see the bang even before he even had his power unlocked.

The bang does not necessarily mean that Gohan in that form, even though many of us remember him in that form with that bang.

Theoretically, that’s not what it means and this episode 88 pretty much proved that one.

So to conclude you have to look at it like this. Everybody in Dragon Ball has potential, everyone has an internal potential that you can unlock through training or through the Elder Kai ritual.

But you have to remember how to actually unlock it and Piccolo certainly helped Gohan remember how he unlocked it.

Can Gohan Become Stronger in Dragon Ball Super?

Now, the question remains, can Gohan at this point train his body to become stronger?

Episode 88 once again comes to the rescue because Piccolo says that he does not believe that is the extent of Gohan’s power.

And that he should be able to go even further, so yes, even if you have your potential unlocked.

If you train your body you can still get significantly stronger which again makes sense as to why on Namek.

When kid Gohan had his power unlock it was not anywhere close to being a solid as it was when the Elder Kai did it.

He was older and he was a lot stronger than he was on Planet Namek.

I believe that even if you have your potential unlocked it’s only your potential for that time.

You can still hit the gym, and you can still hit the room of spirit and time.

Also, you can still train with one of your two Dads Piccolo or Goku and become stronger. It’s just that Gohan forgot how to do it back in the past.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by. Now you can have an idea of how powerful Ultimate Gohan is.

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