How Strong Is Goku in Dragon Ball Super Episode Series?

How Strong Is Goku in Dragon Ball

There is no denying that Goku is one is of the most powerful characters in all of dragon ball anime and Manga. However, the question is, how strong is Goku now in dragon ball?

Well, I have chosen to bring a few mathematical and scientific facts, in general, to clarify exactly how unfathomably strong Goku truly is.

Goku is like the main character in dragon ball anime, he is beloved by many fans because of his amazing feats and desire to protect the earth and is friends.

Over the years of going ball to the early days of dragon ball, we’ve seen how far Goku has come growing up watching him saved the earth many times over.

However, many old fans like myself had wondered how strong Goku has become since dragon Ball super?

We saw him gain a new transformation Ultra Instinct, so how really strong is he now? Is he a God or is he beyond God’s level yet?

How Strong Is Goku Planet Buster

Goku when up against Lord Beerus, Toppo (which is a God of Destruction), and Jiren. It’s been notable for quite a while now that Goku is a “Planet Buster” If you don’t know what that means Well, what it implies is Goku can possibly blow up a planet with no sweat. While Goku doesn’t fly around the universe destroying planets arbitrarily. Many villains see him as weak, unlike Vegeta.

Goku’s Fight With Beerus

Goku has beaten villains who are stronger than him. From this, we can expect Goku could do planets buster as well.

We saw a portion of that in his battle with Beerus when they were wrecking the Universe yet we’ll return to that soon enough.

Goku has turned out to be a “Planet Buster”. An exceptionally respected position with not very many characters yet Goku is in excess of a Planet Buster.

Goku has beaten enemies equipped for obliterating the Solar System.

How Strong Is Planet Earth?

So what amount of vitality does it take to blow up a planet? Well, how about we accept Earth as an example. It would take what could be compared to 53 quadrillion megatons to crush our planet.

That is what might be compared to 22,175,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules of enormous energy. One ton of TNT produces 4,184,000,000 joules of vitality. That can pulverize the Earth with TNT it would take around 530,000 tons of TNT. That is crazy.

Goku has battled rivals fit for pulverizing the hold planetary system before with their Ki. So definitely Goku could conceivably do that also. Simply envision the measure of energy Goku could make and what he could do with it in the event that he was a villain.

Dragon Ball Character Speed

Nebulae are many light-years wide so on the off chance that we expect this was a moderately little one and they didn’t need to go through every last bit of it. Through with some shockingly basic math, we can ascertain their speed.

Whis, Vegeta, and Goku

So how about we expect this was anything but an expansive piece of their voyage, which was 26-27 minutes relying upon your name.

The manner by which it was depicted makes me figure it could have been 30 seconds, possibly snappier however suppose 30 seconds to be sheltered.

We can compute that Whis was going at well over 3,000,000,000,000,000 meters every second. That is well more than 10 million times the speed of light!

Indeed that is cool and everything except how does this fit in with Goku? Well, Akira Toriyama said that at Super Saiyan God, Goku was a 6, Beerus was a 10, and Whis was a 15.

So if we pay attention to these scales, which is sensible, we can confirm that Goku can travel just about 3 million times quicker than the speed of light.

Amid his preparation with Whis we saw Goku, yet Vegeta, nearly staying aware of Whis while preparing. However, that scale was taken from Goku in his Super Saiyan God form, not Super Saiyan Blue after his broad preparation.

How Strong Is Goku in Dragon Ball
How Strong Is Goku in Dragon Ball


As we as a whole know, Goku is an ace military craftsman. Goku can utilize a greater amount of his Super Saiyan Blue Ki control while punching, kicking, and so on.

This, of course, is because of his preparation and can, however, redirect attacks and take them head-on.

As a result of his preparation and aptitude, Goku can travel all around rapidly while battling and rationally stay aware of his own attacks just as his enemies.

Zenki Boost in Saiyans

A standout amongst the most critical things that Goku has done is to demonstrate his astounding capacity to adjust to rivals attacks.

Goku has beaten villains who can regenerate their forms and are essentially strong. Indeed, even in Dragonball Super Goku is proceeding to demonstrate development despite the fact that he is essentially a God.

Nonetheless, Goku is foreseeing adversary’s pushes forward from time to time precisely fight or destroy the planet.

This is one of the reasons he keeps training and pushing his limit. Son Goku is not able to utilize the Kaio Ken with another super Saiyan form. However, now he can achieve both Kaio-ken with  Super Saiyan Blue.

as the dragon ball franchise develops Goku just continues becoming more stronger. We don’t know how much stronger he will wind up through the span of Super and beyond.

So’s that is it from me today folks. Make certain to leave a comment on about How strong is Goku’s capacity in your views and how he may improve later on.

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