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How Old is Piccolo In Dragon Ball Z and Super? – Q&A

How Old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super? Well, first before we jump in about the age of Piccolo, let’s first discuss a little about his history in Dragon Ball.

Piccolo is a green looking character that seems to always sacrifice himself for Gohan whenever Gohan is in danger.


Both Gohan and Piccolo share a special bond as if their relationship is that of a father and son. At first, when we were first introduced to Piccolo in Dragon Ball he was not a very nice guy.

After his first fight with Goku and the arrival of Raditz, Piccolo would then change his ways and become a good person.

I believe that after his interaction with kid Gohan then changed his ways and thinking towards humans.

Piccolo’s sole purpose was to kill Goku when he was born. However, things changed after he became a father figure when Goku and Raditz died from his Special Beam Cannon attack.

Special Beam Cannon attack
Special Beam Cannon attack

However, today on this post, we want to know how old is Piccolo in Z and Super. So to find out how old Piccolo is we have to use the Dragon Ball ages and timeline.

Then, we do some simple math by adding up the years to this very day.

How Old is Piccolo?

Piccolo at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in Dragon Ball was 3. That was when he first met Goku and was defeated and at the end Dragon Ball Super – Dragon Ball Z. Piccolo is 31 but Physically 32 years old this is because he spent one day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

So, you might be wondering how did we get this age? Well, here’s how.

Piccolo was born in the Dragon Ball age 753. This is when he finally discovered his powers and just years later, he enters the 23 World Martial Arts Tournament In Dragon Ball age 756.

So, at the 23 World Martial Arts Tournament, he meets Goku for the first time and they both had an epic fight but he got defeated.

Now at the time when he was fighting Goku at 23 World Martial Arts Tournament, he was only a 3 then.

Yes, you read it right!

However, you would think that Piccolo is a grown man because of how he looks a sound when he was fighting Goku.

So a few more years had passed after the tournament and in Dragon Ball age 761, Dragon Ball Z series stared.

Now, this means that Piccolo was 8 when he fought against Raditz and started training Gohan.

Then when piccolo was 9 years old, he died protecting Gohan from Nappa, then he got revived and fused with Niel on Namek.

So after they had their adventure on Namek and a few more years passed, in Dragon Ball age 767 the Androids arrived.

It was also at the same time in the Android Saga Piccolo fused with the Kame and use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Piccolo’s age in Dragon Ball Z

So in Dragon Ball Z during the Android Saga, Piccole was only a 14, a young teenager when he fought Android 17.

How Old is Piccolo

Now, if we fast forward to dragon ball age 774, Majin Buu arrived and is defeated the day after.

Piccolo’s age During the Buu Saga

In the Dragon Ball Z Buus Saga, Piccolo was 21 years of age after Goku defeated Kidd Buu with his Spirit Bomb.

In dragon ball age 779, Frieza is revived and just one year later he enters the tournament of power, and now Piccolo is 27 years of age.

So, after Dragon Ball Super ended which was the end Dragon Ball Z when Goku met Uub for the first time, Piccolo was only 31 years old at the time.

How Old is Piccolo in Z

However, now we have to calculate the time he spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and the time he spent in the other world.

Piccolo was only dead for one month after being killed by Kid Buu and one day after being killed by Kid Buu.

However, we can discard does days because it does not make a difference like the Time Chamber.

So, for the Hyperbolic Time Chambers Piccolo was in there for one day when he fought Cell which is one year.

And for the Buu Saga when Gotenks was fighting Super Buu, Piccolo was there for a short time so that does not really count.

Nonetheless, after spending one year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Piccolo is 31 but physically 32 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Z Super.


Piccolo in Dragon Ball when he fought against Goku for the first time in the tournament was only a three years old toddler.

Even though he thought he was much older the was just a toddler in a grown man’s body. This only means that Namekians grows much faster than humans and Saiyans.

However, Piccolo at the end of Dragon Ball Z Super age was 31 but physically 32 because of the time he spent in the time chamber.

So I hope that this has been helpful to you to find out how old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

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