How Old Is Goku In Dragon Ball – Dragon Ball Super?

One of the many questions fans have been asking is, How Old is Goku in Dragon Ball? His he a 1000 years old? Or can Saiyans live forever?

These are some of the questions many fans have been asking over the years and I am here to answer one of those questions as best as I can, and that is, How Old is Son Goku aka Kakarot in Dragon Ball.

There is no doubt that Goku is the strongest Z fighter in Dragon Ball Super anime.

He’s a pure-hearted Saiyan that always tries to get stronger at what he does the best and that is fighting.

Goku is like the main character or you could say most fan favorite. However, one of the biggest questions many fans have been asking over the years is how old is Son Goku in Dragon Ball?

How Old Is Goku?

Goku at the end of Dragon Ball Z was 44 Years old, and at the end of Dragon Ball Super, Goku was 48 years old.

So, you might be wondering how in the world Goku is 44 at the end of Z and 48 and the end of Super? How can this make sense? I need answers now!

Well, just give me a few seconds to explain this while using the dragon ball ages and timelines.

How Old Is Goku

For example, we can point to the Cell Games for a moment. Goku went into to Hyperbolic Time Chamber for one day which equals one year to fight Perfect Cell.

Afterward, Goku went back into Hyperbolic Time Chamber 3 days to face off against Universe 6 warriors in Dragon Ball Super.

So, if you subtract 4 years form 48. Goku is 48 but physically 44 at the end of Dragon Ball Z

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The Ages Of Dragon Ball Timeline With Goku 

So how old is Kakarot in dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragon ball super? Well, we’re going to find out how old Goku really is starting way back from dragon ball.

Goku was born at the age of 737 on Planet Vegeta. I can only use this age because this is based on the manga and the anime timeline.

Three years later in age 739 right before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, he is sent to Earth by this dad Bardock.

Then, Goku was found by Grandpa Gohan in age 749 of Dragon Ball on planet earth. Goku then meets Master Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, and Bulma.

Afterward, Goku started training with Master Roshi. By this time, Goku is a 13 years old teenager that looks like a five-year-old kid according to dragon ball back then.

Nonetheless, dragon ball continued and time keeps moving fast. In the dragon ball age 753, teen Goku fought King Piccolo and defeated him by going right through his stomach.

Then, three more years pass, and at dragon ball age 756, Goku is now 20 years old. This is the same year he fights Piccolo in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

At age 23, Goku got engaged and married Chi-Chi. One year later in at age 757, Goku becomes a father, this is when he had his first child Gohan.

Age 761 In Dragon Ball Z

A little more time passes and Dragon Ball Z started at age 761. Goku then meets his brother Raditz and sacrificed himself to ensure that Raditz is defeated. At that point in time, Goku was 25 years old.

This is when Goku goes to the other world and starts training with his new master King Kai. However, this is the first time he dies. Afterward, Goku was revived one year later at dragon ball age 762.

So at dragon ball age 762 to age 764, Goku fights against Vegeta and turns Super Saiyan for the first time to defeats Frieza.

Later on, Future Trunks came and give Goku the medicine for his heart disease. Three more years pass and at dragon ball age 767 the Androids arrive, Goku suffers a heart virus.

Then further on the series Cell came along and Goku went the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and sacrifices himself to save everyone from Cell.

Now at this period, Goku is 31 years old and he goes to the other worlds where he is there until age 774 when Majin Buu arrives.

So at the end of the Buu Saga Goku defeats Kid Buu with the help of Vegeta and Hercule and by now, he would 38 years old.

Super Saiyan God Goku Dragon Ball Super 

Fast forward a few more years later at dragon ball age 778, Goku turns into Super Saiyan God for the first time.

How Old Is Goku
How Old Is Goku

Now he is 42 years old, from here all the events from Dragon Ball Super occur in a 780.

The tournament of power takes place and this is where they are at now while making this post, who knows what happens between him and Jiren The Gray?

However, we know that everything worked out at the end because, at dragon ball age 784, the end of Dragon Ball Z arrives.

At this point, Goku is 48 years old, However, now we have to add the fact that he was dead for a lot of years and Goku went into the hyperbolic Time Chamber more than once.

So, we know he was dead for 1 year after Raditz and seven years after the Cell Games. That is a total of eight years in the Otherworld so now we subtract that (48 – 8) we get 40.

Now, we have to add the time in the Time Chamber. Goku went in once in Dragon Ball for about two hours, so we’re not going to count that one.

However, when he was training for Cell he went in for one day which is one year. Then for the tournament against Universe 6, Goku went in for three days, which makes it 3 years.

However, if you do the math that’s a total of four years in Time Chamber. Now we have to add those 4 years to 40 since he was aging during that time.

So now we get 44 which means that if I did the math right Goku is 48 but physically 44 at the end of Dragon Ball Z when Super continued with Uub.


I hope this post has helped you to find the answer that you’re looking for when it comes down to Son Goku’s age.

When I was younger I thought that Saiyans like Goku could live forever because of their great feats, unlike any regular human.

It was only a few years back I recently realized that Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta aged just like regular humans but slower.

And when they get older like 100 years old, they aged rapidly. So, in conclusion, Goku is in his 40ths at the moment and Saiyans do not live to be 1000 years old, they age just like regular humans.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!


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  1. Um, this doesn’t make sense. How the heck is Goku older at the end of Dragon Ball Super than at the end of DBZ when the whole Super timeline is BEFORE the end of Z? DBS is contained within the time between the end of the Majin Buu Saga and the end of Z. Sooooo…

  2. Good Point. But you have to take into consideration the time spent in the time chamber and the dragon ball age timelines according to the manga and guidebook. Everything can be traced with the dragon ball age timelines. To be more clear look at it from the ages of when everything begins. Z started at the age of 761 and super started at the age of 780. I totally get why you are confused but by dragon ball logic we have to follow the age of when everything starts to finish or it will drive you mad! This can be said about Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie as well, everything changed up.

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