How Did Goku Defeat Broly In Dragon Ball Z Movie?

How did Goku Defeat Broly in the Movie? Well, in Dragon Ball Z movie 8 we were introduced to Broly. The Legendary Super Saiyan seemingly unstoppable Force.

Who ran a rough shot across the southern Galaxy destroying a multitude of planets in the process.

None were truly capable of opposing him. That is until he encountered the Z fighters on the so-called new planet Vegeta.

Goku and Friends based off with Broly and it was a hopelessly one-sided fight with Broly.

Decimating everyone with little to no resistance. However, this all changed when at the last moment.

Goku was able to gather the energy of his friends into himself and defeat Broly.

Landing a single punch made Broly explode, but how did this happen What caused Goku to overcome and defeat Broly?

So How could Broly have been defeated?

Well, I am going to explain all of that in this post right now. One of the biggest fan theories I’ve heard in my time as a dragon ball fan is that.

Goku exploited Broly’s weakness. Basically, the theory goes that when Broly was stabbed as a baby by King Vegeta.

His wounded never fully healed so that spot on Broly’s body was his only weakness.

And when Goku punched him there he instantly causes him to be defeated.

As Goku went straight through all of his defenses. However, this is simply not true.

Nothing in the film implies fully has a weak spot where Goku punched him.

No scar is left after the stabbing or any indication that the spot on his body is less durable than anything else.

After all, Broly was repeatedly blasted and keep getting hits at the same spot throughout the film.

Such as when Goku uses his Kamehameha which fully engulfs Broly’s body.

Yet he was never killed or takes any real damage in his Legend the reform.

How did Goku Defeat Broly In Dragon Ball Z

Additionally, Broly wasn’t even stabbed in the spot where Goku punched him who punched him in the gut. Which is pretty far apart is especially on Broly spot. I think many people probably got this idea when they saw the scar on Broly in the second movie.

But that’s scar was actually from Goku’s punch rather than a stab wound. Even if Broly did have a weakness, Goku would have never even known to attack it.

So this Theory doesn’t have any real evidence on its side.

This was rather created by the fans who thought Broly needed some external weakness to be defeated.

So what really happened then.?

Well, we observe the scene it appears that through Goku absorbing the power of the other Z Fighters.

He became overwhelmingly strong even more so than Broly himself.

After Vegeta donates his energy it appears that the other Z fighters finish giving their energy as well.

And immediately Goku was able to block Broly’s punch and his Aura exploded with ki.

In fact, Broly moves backward out of shocking fear at Goku’s increased energy.

So this is a clear sign that Goku through the power of the Z Fighters surpassed Broly.

The punch is further proof as he’s able to literally one shot Broly, but a good question is.

How this makes sense with how we saw Broly demolishing the Z Fighters before.?

This is quite rather simple, throughout the original run of Dragon Ball Z and especially in the movies.

It was shown that a group of Fighters has a combined power level higher than an opponent.

They still won’t prove it tortious and combat it if the opponent has a power drastically higher than the individual members.

This was shown against Frieza, and Perfect Cell in movie villains such as Super Android 13, and of course Broly.

The Z Fighters all together have more energy than when he’s destroying them.

How did Goku Defeat Broly With The Help of Z Fighters

However, the energy is spread out among the Saiyans of varying power.

While all of Broly’s power is held by one person. Considerably how he probably dominated the Z fighters in the first movie.

I would put Broly at about 1.5 to 2x times stronger than Goku’s power.

which is why he was able to take all of their blows in a deal with so much damage.

Now, if we add up the power of the Z Fighters. Goku’s power becomes multiple times stronger than what it normally was.

If we round Goku and Gohan’s power to the same or equal. Then say Vegeta, Trunks, and Piccolo are about half as strong as Goku is.

Then that would make Goku roughly 3.5 times stronger than he was as a normal Super Saiyan.

If we say that Broly’s power was two 2x times stronger than Goku’s power.

This would Place Goku at 1.5 times stronger than Broly.

Which would be more than enough power for Goku to dominate Broly and even one-shot him.

For example, Super Saiyan Goku on Namek was 20% stronger than Frieza’s full power.

Frieza wasn’t able to do much damage to Goku and was consistently at a disadvantage.

Even if we say Broly was three times stronger than Goku.

We can always factor in the possibility that Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks are also stronger than what I said.

This would still add up to Goku having surpassed Broly by enough to do a lethal blow.

Now as for why Broly exploded, it’s possible that it ties into how Broly’s power in the first movie.

Broly had all this energy Inside him for so long that when he was in his legendary form.

It was always bubbling to the surface overflowing in a way he couldn’t control it and need to be released.

So, it’s possible that when Goku hit him and his energy was sent into Broly’s body.

It causes an additional destabilization effect that led to the explosion.

Which release all the Parolees Access Energy but the difference in power between Goku and Broly would have led to his defeat.

Even without this energy problem, in either case, I think it’s clear that Goku defeated Broly through pure strength and power.

The combined energy of him and his friends was enough to surpass even the Legendary Super Saiyan.

And feed him what may seem like a lackluster ending for some fans.

Broly would simply mean to be a between character. Like most movie villains weaker than the final power of the main villain.

Written by Gregory

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