How Strong is Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly in The Game?

Hello everyone, as you know we recently talked about the incredible power behind the evil masked Saiyans in Dragon Ball Heroes.

That get powered up from the time breaker / dark Empire maskwe’ve also had a discussion about the dark dragon balls.

Well, the one character in Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly who happens to have an upgraded from both the dark dragon balls and the time breaker mask is of course Broly.

This is because the people who made Dragon Ball Heroes know how popular Broly is, so they always got to give this guy an upgrade So let’s talk about the character known as dark Broly or as they say in Japan Broly dark.

The Drake Saiyans In Dragon Ball Heroes

I mentioned two other posts I’ve done about Dragon Ball Heroes and the evil Saiyans explained and the dark dragon balls explain. If you have not seen those posts I will leave Links for them so you can check those out.

Broly is one of the most polarizing characters in the series some fans absolutely love Broly. I’ve seen some people tell me they got into Dragon Ball Z from watching those old DBZ Broly movies.

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly
Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly

While other people don’t really like Broly or even his fans but no matter what Dragon Ball Heroes is Broly is really a popular character.

That’s why they keep bringing him back, so what is dark Broly? First of all, I want to say dark Broly is presumably the same Broly that we previously saw and heroes a long time ago. Broly Super Saiyan 4 in fact, is the only time we ever see Broly dark is in the SS4 form.

We never actually see him in a different transformation, now that being said and I always say this in these post

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly
Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly Explained 

I want to clarify for those of you who may it be Discovery this website or might be new here. When it comes to Dragon Ball Heroes, and Broly dark a lot of these characters and the reason why they’re called like Xeno Broly’s and Xeno Goku Xeno Vegeta.


This is because of these characters, while they have the same backstory as those in the main continuity of the main Dragon Ball Z.

They although they are from a different timeline this Center Broly or dark Broly, is a different Broly than the one from the three Dragon Ball Z movies. 

But it’s the same character with the same backstory. This is how they’re able to explain why there are multiple Goku’s multiple Trunks and things like that within Dragon Ball Heroe.

You know multi timeline Omniverse as you can say because there are different timelines in Heroes and these characters come from the timelines.

Dragon Ball Heroes Characters

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly
Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly

One way that you can really tell whether or not a character is Xeno or from the main timelines their clothing. Broly’s clothing as Xeno Broly is similar but not identical to the original Broly.

That’s the same thing with Xeno Goku you can see changes there. Broly has different kinds of wristbands and different kinds of boots and different kinds of pants.

The colors of him have changed and that’s kind of how you can tell, you know if it’s Xeno Broly or regular Broly.

But regular doesn’t really appear in the arcs that really dark has been in those far but unironically all the Broly’s in all the timeline have one thing in common. They really, really hate Goku!

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly
Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly

So in the past, I’ve already explained what the dark dragon balls are, I don’t really need to go into that again.

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly – The story of dark Broly

The story of dark Broly begins with Broly Super Saiyan 4 Broly, at full power being fused with the 7-star Dragonball.

Then Buddha the leader of the dark Empire is trying to control Broly and use him as a slave in the time breaker to control Broly.

He doe this by giving him the Demonic / time-breaker mask and dust we see demon God Toa and Paragus give Broly the mask.

Now he has a power upgrade that is absolutely nuts and on top of Super Saiyan 4.

This is when he actually becomes really dark. Now when he wears the time breaker mask, the dark Empire tries to brainwash him and control him as their slave.

But if you know anything about Broly you know that trying to control Broly never really works out. I mean it just doesn’t work out I mean just ask his daddy Paragus, it just doesn’t work. In fact, Xeno Paragus is actually they’re trying to control Broly, but it’s just not easy.

Obviously, Goku shows up and what happens when Broly lays his eyes on Goku yeah he’s going to get a little mad. Therefore, Broly breaks the masked and goes right after Goku.

The Goku that they are fighting is Xeno Goku, not the main timeline Goku. I have already covered him in the pot before and pretty much what happens is you know Xeno Goku appears trying to stop the dark Empire from a portal.

While Paragus and Towa are trying to restrain Broly.

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly Berserk 

Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Broly

Paragus gets knock through that time portal.  Towa who at the time was in her demon God transformation, which is her strongest transformation that was given to her by Buddha. Energy gets rocked so hard that she reverts back to base form Broly dark is no joke.

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