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What Is Goku’s Source of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Goku's Source of Power
Goku's Source of Power

What is Goku’s Source of Power in Dragon Ball? What makes Goku special? Goku’s origin story is similar to that of Superman.

I mean, it’s not that unique, an alien baby barely escapes the destruction of his entire planet.

Arrives on Earth alone, and then grows up to become a powerful hero. Well, in Superman’s case, we know the cause of his power.

The sun is the reason why he gets so strong and shatters all expectations.

It’s because he’s been absorbing the rays of the yellow sun, that’s the source of his power. What about Goku? What caused Goku to become so powerful?

Goku's Source of Power
Goku’s Source of Power

When Goku was born he wasn’t special, in fact, he was below average as far as Saiyan babies go. Goku’s power level as a baby was 2, not 200 not 2000, but 2.

To put that into context the average human power level is between 5 and 10.

Broly who was born around the same time had a power level of 10,000. 10,000 to 2 and now even with Goku’s Legendary Super Saiyan Powers. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku is likely just as strong as Broly if not stronger.

Goku's Source of Power
Kid Goku

So, how did Goku do it? how is it possible? What’s the source of Goku’s power? Some people say that the reason why Goku is so strong is that he bumped his head as a child.

But does that really make any sense to you? In a warmonger race like the Saiyans where babies’ power levels are measured by the minute, they’re born.

They’re sent off to distant planets to either conquer or die. These Saiyans kids are forced to fight each other, sometimes to the death to determine their ranks as Future Soldier.

Does it really make sense that Goku is the first Saiyan to bump his head as a child.?

The Source Of  Power Goku’s 

 Goku wasn’t the first Saiyan child to bump his head. He also wasn’t the first Saiyan person to experience great need. So why was he the first one to tap into Super Saiyan power in so long? 

How could his power level go from far below average to as an adult being comparable to that of the Legendary Super Saiyan?

Goku's Source of Power
Kid Vegeta

Luckily, Akira Toriyama already gave us the answer to this question. In an interview Toriyama was asked this question:

Can someone become a Super Saiyan if they train hard? Toriyama’s response was “It’s not like someone can just become a Super Saiyan through training, emotion, and anger.”

He further stated that in order for one to become a Super Saiyan, one’s physical body must contain something called  S-cells. When the S-cells in the body reaches a certain amount, it then triggers such a wave of anger.

This wave of anger will likely and explosively increase the S-cells in the body and causes a change in the body to turn Super Saiyan.

Most Saiyans have some kind of S-cells in them although not a great quantity of them do. Having a gentle spirit is the best weight to increase a Saiyan S-cell.

But most Saiyans have trouble with this, which I think is why Super Saiyan didn’t appear for such a long time. However, having excess  S-cells is the reason why Goku was able to become the first Super Saiyan in so long.

It’s the reason why a lowly Saiyan could surpass the prince of all Saiyans and even the legendary Saiyan Broly.

Having excess S-cells is an extraordinary thing for Saiyans. This is why it’s the source of Goku’s power. Goku’s mom Gene had a gentle spirit, so much so that she had to quit the team she was on and become a butcher.

Goku's Source of Power
Goku’s Mom Gine

Gine is The Source Of  Goku’s Power

She didn’t like having to kill and Conquer. That is one of the things that we’re going to learn in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie.

So that is how much Gine cared for Goku, and why she loved him so much.

Bardock, Goku’s dad would call Gine a softy, where Saiyan force and parents would be proud of their kids ruthlessness and battle power.

Gina loved Goku despite him having a battle power level of 2. Gine’s last words to Goku was “will come and get you as soon as we can, take care.”

Her kindness would even influence Bardock. Having a Gentle Spirit was the best way to increase one’s S-cells.

Goku's Source of Power
Goku’s Mom Gine and Dad Bardock

Gine certainly had far more S-cells than the average Saiyan and because we learn from Toriyama that these S-cells are hereditary.

In fact, Toriyama went as far as to say that that it’s the reason why Goten and Trunks can become Super Saiyan at such a young age.

This is because they inherited s-cells from their parents. It’s fair to say that Goku inherited his S-cells from his mom Genie.


Goku isn’t special because he likes to fight more than every other Saiyan, nor because he’s special of his excess S-cells that he inherited from his mom. It’s because of Goku’s Gentle Spirit and that is a source of all his power. Anyway, that is it for me guys. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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