Goku Vs. Merus Dragon Ball Super Manga 51 Review

Goku Vs. Merus Dragon Ball Super Manga 51 Review.

With Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 50, Moro got his wish and now he has an army of Minion to serve him and his evil plans.

So this manga chapter ended with Vegeta going to planet Yardrat for a mysterious reason.

However, here we are with Dragon Ball Manga chapter 51 continuing the story.

So, there have been rumors about this story arc ending very soon. Well, base on what is happening I don’t think so.

This manga arc with Moro it pretty good, plus they are setting series or what you would say storyline for Dragon Ball Super for the future.

Nonetheless, it seems like this story is far from over.

So in this chapter 51, we pick up from Moro again devouring another planet and absorbing it, however, this time he has no beard.

Presumably, this is because he absorbs so many planets he’s getting younger and so no more facial hair is on him while he’s a little bit more riped.

So, all those power he lost millions of years ago, he’s slowly getting it back.

However, at this moment Moro is more focused on getting stronger, I think Moro and his minion are searching out the galaxy for planets to absorb.

At the Galic Patrol headquarters, Galicking found that there has been a prison break and everybody is out.

But it seems they are working on a strategy to beat this guy meanwhile, Goku inquires about Majin Buu who has fallen back asleep again.

Goku suspects that Vegeta went to go train, Merus is intrigued at the idea of him going training.

However, we see Vegeta in with the guy he kidnaps in the ship talking to himself about Goku.

From Planet New Namek To Planet Yardrats

We found out that the trip to the Yardrats will take a week to get there.

So, that begs the question, Is Moro going to conquer the entire universe and eat all the planets within one week?

In a scenario like that, I guess they will stop Moro before then.

There was also this sense where Vegeta was talking about beating Goku.

Some people might have misunderstood what Vegeta meant.

I believe he was talking about defeating Moro before Goku or surpassing Goku not to fight Goku. That is one of Vegeta’s Main goals for a long while now.

Planet Zoom PuiPui’s Home

Following up on chapter 51, we saw that Moro’s minions were on another planet and they were going to war with the creature from the same planet PuiPui is from.

If you remember PuiPui he is the villain from Dragon Ball Z that Vegeta beats in Babidi’s ship.


PuiPui Dragon Ball Z
PuiPui Dragon Ball Z

I’m happy that we’re actually seeing these worlds in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

That’s one thing I like about Toyotaro’s work he is always expanding the of the Lore of Dragon Ball Super and I love it.

I also love the fact that we’re literally seeing right before our very eyes and that’s Planet Zoom.

What a great throwback to a character from The Buu saga that we haven’t seen in quite some time.

These dudes on Planet Zoom are extremely weak compared to Moro’s minions who just ripped them apart like paper.


These are some crazy group of villains building up great heat for these guys to eventually go down.

It seems Moro makes a deal with the thieves to keep the treasure.

So, I guess it’s an even trade. Moro gives them the treasurer and kills the people on the planet for him while he eats the planets.

I think Moro is giving them a pretty good deal.

So, Moro successfully eating the planet of Zoom and gets even stronger.

Then we are introduced with 3 new characters who I don’t know if they’re going to actually be the main characters in this Arc.

Nonetheless, they give these 3 girls quite an introduction.

So, we have three girls, one with a mohawk that kind of resembles Zangya from the Bojack movie.

One that looks like Android 21 and then the other one that looks like a grown-up angry or version of well Chirai.

Dragon Ball Girls
Dragon Ball Girls

This is kind of funny but a good throwback designs and this appears to be the next target.

Moro’s minions are trying to get all of these treasures.

So, these 3 girls are also escapees as well.

Ultra Instinct Merus Vs Ultra Instinct Goku

Ultra Instinct Merus vs. Ultra Instinct Goku.

Goku suspects that Merus may actually be stronger than he thought. So Goku tries to land a punch at Merus and Merus dodged it.

Even with style and some good reflexes.

So, Goku was pretty impressed that he wants to feel just how strong Merus really is.

They go together with one on one and of course, Goku’s very excited.

They moved into this training room that was built just for the agent of the Galatic Patrols.

I guess here we will have a showdown of Goku vs Merus fight.

Goku Vs Merus
Goku Vs Merus

So with Goku vs Merus little sparring match, I guess you could say it’s the fight of the manga chapter.

Merus surprisingly is a good dodging base form Goku. Remember this version of Base Goku is very powerful, you know this is like after Whis training base from Goku so he likes an animal.

Goku went Super Saiyan 1 then 2 and later on, he goes to Super Saiyan 3.

Just having Merus be able to compete with Goku even on this level makes us know Merus is stronger than we all thought, Goku of course, is testing Meris to see if he has any hidden power.

But, once Goku goes Super Saiyan God, the roof of the training room starts to crack because it’s just too much power.

Nonetheless, it still shows that they are kind of building up to something with Meru’s character.

Merus may actually be a much bigger player in the combat round than anything else.

So it ends up being a thing where Goku actually tells Merus why don’t you train me and that was kind of a weird thing to say?

However, Goku explains that he wants to learn and tap into Ultra Instinct one more time.

I guess they are teasing the return of Ultra Instinct at some point in the future. Moreover, there is a lot of foreshadowing in this chapter for things in the future.

Goku Vs. Merus Dragon Ball Super Manga 51 Review

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