Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Kefla Dragon Ball Super Tournament

Goku Vs Kefla
Goku Vs Kefla

Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Kefla Dragon Ball Super Tournament battle was awesome, unique, and unexpected.

When Super Saiyan Blue Goku went up against Kefla a lot of fans thought that blue was enough to defeat her.

However, that was not the case, the fusion between Caulifla and Kale with the Potara hearings surpasses blue.

At first, Kelfa was just tossing Super God Goku around with ease in her base form. Goku was having a hard time with Kefla and he acknowledges the power of the fusion between the two Saiyans.

So, we all thought that Goku was just toying around with Kelfla but he was doing is best at the time to keep up with her.

Now, If you remember Kale and Caulilfa were no match for Goku, even when he was worn down and out of energy. However, we don’t know for a fact if Goku could stand his ground against berserk Kale if the fight continued.

Goku was getting trashed by Berserk Kale in the tournament when she first transformed into her berserk Broly state.

So when both Kale and Caulifla fused by suing the Porata, it was expected and makes a lot of sense why she would be so strong.

This was not a walk in the park match for Goku, however, most fans underestimate these two female Saiyans.

In fact, fusion was not allowed in the tournament, however, because the Omni King thought is was ‘Cool’ it became legal.

So, seen that fusion was deemed legal in the tournament, we saw a lot of unique and interesting fusion from other characters as well.

goku vs kefla
Goku vs Kefla

Goku Vs Kelfa

The battle between Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Kefla was climatic, Kelfla as a super Saiyan was stronger than Goku’s God blue form. However, Kefla was not able to compete against ultra instinct Omen Goku and got knocked out of the ring.

The Goku vs Kefla battle was not just a typical battle. Even if Goku was at his full strength fighting against Kefla she would still stomp Goku.

Universe 6 Saiyans

Unlike universe 7 Saiyans, for example, Goku And Vegeta, universe 6 Saiyans don’t need to be enraged or emotionally pushed to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Also, Universe 6 Saiyans are tailless and have a ton of S-cells in their DNA, we could use an example of Trunks and Goten. That is one of the main reasons they don’t have tails like Saiayns for universe 6 Saiyans.

Universe 6 Saiyans are also a race of Saiyans that are not violent and bloodthirsty as that of universe 7 Saiyans.

Kefla and Goku

Before Kale and Caulifla became Kefla, Goku was thier tutor training and teaching them how to break thier limits to achieve ssj3. However, one thing that all Saiyans seem to have in common is the need to get stronger and gain Zenkai boost strength after every battle.

So, although Kale and Caulifla use the Potara to fused and turned into Kefla, they were somewhat still learning and training under Goku.

goku vs kefla
goku vs kefla

Super Saiyan Blue Goku

Super Saiyan Blue Goku plus his Kaioken actually held out for a while against Kefla. However, even if Kale and Caulifla had lower power then Goku blue plus Kaioken, a Potara fusion would still win.


Well, when it comes down to fusions, in particular, it is a form of multiplier x base and if the character powers up more. Then, the fused host’s power level multiplies even more.

So, the overall thing here is that the battle between Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Kefla was not typical. Super Saiyan Blue Goku could not defeat Kefla even if he had his power restored.

Not even if Goku blue had Kaioken with all his health and power restored. However, as we saw in the anime, Kefla pushed Goku to his limits and Goku once again had to rely on his ultra instinct omen technique to defeat Kefla.

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