How powerful is Goku Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z

Do you know how powerful is Goku’s Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z? Hello Dragon Ball nation, today want to draw your attention to Goku spirt bomb known as the Genkidama. So, in this post article, I want to discuss a question that I’ve come across many times since the Buu Saga came to an end.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

That question revolves around Majin Buu. More specifically the method by which Kid Buu was finally destroyed and that is the Spirit Bomb.

Is the Spirit Bomb the only way to destroy or kill Majin Buu?

To answer this question we first have to examine the evidence for and against it. However,  let’s start first with the evidence for it. Now if we take a look at Majin Buu’s history in the story.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

Majin Buu is a character who is nearly impossible to defeat. He’s been cut in half, had holes blown in him, then blasted to pieces and even disintegrated down to dust.

Yet all of this failed to kill him. That is because Majin Buu’s magical regeneration is so powerful that it brings him back from all of this.

That was the case for fat Buu. Super Buu. and finally Kid Buu. But, of course, the biggest piece of evidence for this comes down to the fact that after an intense battle with Goku.

Goku Spirit Bomb

Which we saw Kid Buu goy blasted a number of times. Kid Buu was destroyed by the Spirit Bomb, not even Kid Buu’s regeneration could bring him back after that attack.

As a result, this is led many to believe that Kid Buu could only be defeated by this ability and not by traditional means.

I think a large component of this conception also comes down to the ability of the Spirit Bomb or the Genkidama itself.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

The Genkidama Known As The Spirit Bomb

Furthermore, as we were told in the Saiyan Arc of Dragon Ball Z. Goku Spirit Bomb is comprised of positive Life Energy.

Meaning, which is ideal for defeating Evil Energy. We were told in Saiyan Saga that Krillin was specifically targeting Vegeta’s evil ki with the attack.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

This was because Gohan had no evil within him he could deflect the attack back at Vegeta.

Thus it’s likely that when it was targeting Vegeta’s ki, it was targeting Buu’s evil energy in the explosion.

With that energy away makes kid Buu could not regenerate. However, as we were also told by Goku on Namek.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

The Genkidama is incredibly dangerous, and if he wasn’t careful with the move, he could potentially destroy the planet.

So, there is some question as if it only works on evil people or is simply an incredibly effective move.

After all, if we take into account the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of power.

Goku uses this move on Jiren and they told us multiple times. Jiren isn’t evil. 

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

I think Goku wouldn’t of even use this move unless it was capable of defeating more than just an evil opponent.

Now, getting to the again side her. Even though this move was capable of destroying Kid Buu.

That does not mean that it’s the only ability that can wipe him out where that conventional means are completely useless.

For example, when Gotenks face Super Buu as a Super Saiyan 3.

There was a point at the end of their fight when it appeared that Gotenks could have killed Super Buu as he was in a vulnerable state.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

Gotenks charging up a full power Kamehameha that makes Buu’s have an expression of fear.

Kid Buu VS Goku Spirit Bomb Attack

Does it seem like Toriyama was conveying to the audience as it possible for Buu to be Destroyed? That it was not a bluff. However, Gotenks would diffuse before he got the chance. Additionally, when Vegito was facing off against Buuhan, he had a massive advantage over Buu.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Vegito vs buu

For a little while, it seemed that if Vegito so decided, he could completely be obliterated. He even said so before he allowed Buu to absorb him. Maybe you can argue that it was a bluff but it was never actually contradicted.

After this fight, when Goku is preparing to face Kid Buu. He stated that he would have been able to defeat fat Buu when he fought him earlier on in the arc.

Goku personally stayed that when he was Vegito in addition to watching the others fight Buu.

He believed it was possible, he also told Vegeta that if he attacked Kid Buu at full power while he was a Super Saiyan 3. He could have won.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Super Saiyan 3 Goku

Then after this implies that Gotenks could defeat Buu if Vegeta didn’t suggest a new plan. Ultimately, Goku Spirit Bomb was chosen because Goku is nearly out of energy. So, because of the symbolic nature of the move represented that the Earth was saving themselves for once.

Goku Spirit Bomb
Goku Spirit Bomb

Which made for a nice moment although they use the Dragon Balls to wipe everyone’s memories afterward. Which kind of funny.

But finally, we see that after Goku destroys Kid Buu unconscious on the ground after running out of energy and being defeated by Kid Buu.

Fat Buu is unconscious on the ground after running out of energy and being defeated by Kid Buu.

During this point, Vegeta wanted to destroy Buu’s body and kill him. However, this would not be possible.

Goku Spirit Bomb Vs Kid Buu Attack

Goku Spirit Bomb was the only way to do so and that move was never once suggested there.


So, base upon this evidence looking at both sides. It would appear that there are ways to defeat Buu other than with Goku’s spirit bomb.

who’s regeneration is incredible putting both Piccolo and Cell to shame. However, similar to their’s, it does have its limits and likely requires energy to work.

This is why if you were to hit Buu with a movement powerful enough to wipe away is energy.

You could theoretically kill him. After all, if Vegito or Super Saiyan blue Goku use their full power attack on Buu.

I doubt that he could survive and then, of course, there are abilities like the God of destruction Hakai or even Zeno Erasure.

Both of which would probably render Buu non-existent. Although I have a feeling that those who would probably get along pretty well.

So there you have it I believe I’ve demonstrated in this post, that the Goku Spirit Bomb is not the only way to kill Buu in Dragon Ball.

Let me know your own thoughts Down Below in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.

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