Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39 Super Gohan Vs Kefla

Gohan vs Kefla Insane Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 39 Battle. So, this episode continues with the Cliffhanger of Gohan confronting and preparing to battle it out with the fusion of Caulifla and Kale from Universe 6.

 Kefla is now the last surviving Warrior from Universe 6 in the Manga version of the event.

Now, with last month’s chapter coming to a close. One of the things I was wondering about is what Toyotaro would do.

As far as how he’s going to write these characters that fight each other. I felt like if Kefla would have beat up Gohan.

Gohan vs Kefla Fight
Gohan vs Kefla

Gohan vs Kefla Fight Fan Favorite

Gohan fans would have been upset because it’s Kefla beating up Gohan. I feel like if Gohan would have beaten Kafla it wouldn’t have made sense because it’s a fusion.

We know how powerful Kefla is because of how strong Kale was in the previous Manga chapter.

I saw some people commenting that they thought that Kale unfused was stronger. Which makes absolutely no sense but the way How Toyotaro does it. It confuses a lot of people.

How would she fare against Gohan now? We know for a fact that Gohan trains in the room of Spirited time.

It was talked about in the manga and one of the bonus chapters. So they have that in their back pocket as far as explaining what happened here.

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Now, one of the problems with this chapter that is really prevalent. It’s been kind of an issue for a few months.

The tournament of power in the manga seems very rushed.

We don’t know if Toyotaro is being told from the powers-that-be above him to get through this Arc as fast as he can. this is because of the Broly movie coming out or there’s another reason.

Gohan vs Kefla Dragon Ball Super Manga  

Maybe he’s not that interested in telling the story but the fight in this Manga chapter is unbelievably short.

We also get see teases of Vegeta and Toppo fight that we barely see.


So you’re getting all these teases and all these interesting scenarios that could play out.

However, it’s never given enough time to really breathe and that’s what you have. You have another chapter that just feels very rushed.

There’s just nothing here that’s really worth the hype. What I mean is that there are no great fights here. In fact, the art this month from Toyotrao just seems average. 

I don’t know if he’s just not interested or I have no idea what’s going on but you can definitely tell when reading it the Trunks Arc.

Which he was very excited about. Kefla pulls a Finn Balor and does like a double stamp on Gohan’s guts and she’s right there close to his testicles.

Gohan vs Kefla
Gohan vs Kefla

She does this double Stomp & Gohan on kicks her away and it’s played up here that Kefla and Gohan are equals.

So somehow, Gohan through training in the room of spirit and Time in the manga got to be as strong as a fused Kefla.

Either she’s a lot weaker in the anime or he’s a lot stronger, either way, power scaling has not been Toyotaro best thing.

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The Up Coming Goku Vs Jiren Fight

We haven’t even gotten to the real thing yet coming up later on this month of the chapter. As Gohan and Kefla are fighting, Goku wants to square off against Jiren in battle him.

Gohan really wanted to be a hero and I guess he’s somewhat played up to be one.  There are a couple of great shots of each other taking blows but at the end of the day what ends up happening is.

Gohan and Kefla double eliminate themselves they are both ring out and universe 6, as a result, gets destroyed by the Omni King.

It’s really not played up as a big deal, they did that thing where Champa was like the little tongue out and whatnot.

But it really isn’t important as it should be, because universe 6 is the one that we are most familiar with. Out of all of these universes at this point.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39 

They just don’t even try to make it mean anything and actually, even the anime version to me was a big disappointment.

I was expecting more. We shift our focus to Goku vs Jiren and their battle. Goku, of course, being in his blue form, he’s getting torn up by Jiren.

Jiren is just way too strong for Goku. So what Goku tries to do, he tries to break through his limitations of Power by powering up but to no avail.

It’s interesting because as Goku is powering up you know he doesn’t actually refer to this as the KaioKen. However, the people in the bleacher do notice the comparison.


So I can’t tell if it actually Kaioken, but it looks like Kaioken and it could be Kaioken Premier.

I guess you can say that in the manga because remember up until this point we had not seen Kaioken blue in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Essentially, Goku is trying his best but it’s just not working. Jiren actually talks about how Goku is raising his power, but he’s not thinking about how it’s going to affect his body in the long-term.

Like what happened to Kale in the previous chapter. Now here’s where things start to get messy. Conveniently enough while this is going on.

Ultra Instinct Master Roshi 

Master Roshi is squaring off against Casserole who actually tells Roshi that he’s not that powerful. So Roshi uses his martial arts skill to eliminate Casserole by tripping him.

I really loved what the anime did there with Roshi as far as giving him some Roshi Centric episodes. I’m a big Master Roshi fan.

So having him doing cool stuff in the tournament of power and having him fight with his brain versus Power is Braun.

It is something I like because really Roshi is the most experienced fighter presumably of almost anybody here.

Especially on the Universe 7 team. That being said though Toyotrao takes this idea and goes a little bit too far.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39 Ultra Instinct Roshi

Jiren one of the strongest characters in the history of this entire franchise and actually manages to dodge and block Jiren’s attacks.

Now, keep in mind, Jiren is a guy who we just saw breakthrough limitations of time against Hit just a few chapters ago.

He’s incredibly fast and incredibly strong, the strongest from Universe 11 and master Roshi a guy who had trouble fighting Saiyan characters in the past.

Presumably is using what is referred to as a similarity to ultra instinct. It is not quite Ultra but it’s similar to ultra Instinct.

He’s using this to dodge Jiren’s attacks. Now, obviously, because this is not Ultra Instinct I can’t sit here and get mad at that.

But the idea of Roshi being able to fight toe-to-toe with Jiren even if it’s just for a few moments is absolutely and utterly ridiculous.

Roshi Vs Jiren
Roshi Vs Jiren

There’s no defending this whatsoever. I’ve seen people say things like Jiren was suppressed well, I got news for you everybody is suppressed in this tournament.

You don’t want to kill your appointment to get disqualified that doesn’t work. Jiren going toe-to-toe with Roshi it’s just such a higher skip hail to jump a higher level of power from Jiren.

That he should have no problem at all with Roshi and yet he manages to actually Dodge Jiren’s ss movements it’s completely absurd.

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