Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs Hearts Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19

Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs. Hearts
Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs. Hearts

Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs Hearts final fight proves that Gogeta is the strongest character yet in Dragon Ball Heroes Prison Planet Arc.

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 19 is finally out and in the history books as we look forward to the next arc.

Episode 20 of Dragon Ball Heroes will be the last scene for this arc. it was expected to end at episode 17-18 however, it prolonged beyond.

Many fans have been questioning if there will be a season 2 of heroes? The answer is no, there will only be arcs scenes in Heroes episode card game.

These are just promotional scenes for new characters in the anime game over there in Japan. So the answer is Dragon Ball Heroes can go anywhere.

Power scaling and power level comparison for Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z can be thrown out the window when it comes to DBH.


Because when it comes to Dragon Ball Heroes none of that matters in the promotional anime. It’s just entertainment for us in the west and new game features/characters for those in Japan.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 Release Date

So the next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes is a special episode for the Prison Planet. Dragon Ball Heroes’ next release date will be February 2020.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19 

So for heroes episode 19, we all could agree and acknowledge that the animation quality improved dramatically.

The episode starts off where we left it the last time when Hearts launched a meteor at Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.

He treated to destroy the whole planet along with Gogeta and friends. However, Gogeta starts to raise his Ki and blast an energy ball at Hearts’ meteor attack.

For a few moments, Gogeta’s attack seems to stop Hearts attack in its tracks. However, Hearts also charged up his Ki and push the Meteor back at Gogeta.

Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs. Hearts
Gogeta Vs. Hearts

This time with more force and power coming at Gogeta Blue. Gogeta once again powers up his Ki even more to stop the attack.

If you agree with me, that scene right there is a Dragon Ball Z classic attack. We saw something similar in Z with the fight between Fuse Buuhan Vs Vegito.

That was when Super Buuhan tried to destroy the planet with a giant energy ball then Vegito deflected back at him.

Moving on, so while Gogeta powers the launched a Kamehameha wave at the meteor approaching him.

At that moment Gogeta and Hearts seem to have a little beam struggle. However, somehow Gogeta’s beam was not strong enough to push it back.

Then suddenly, we have a Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs Hearts beam struggle. they both wasted no time to assist Gogeta with his beam struggle with Hearts.

Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs. Hearts
Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs. Hearts

Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs Hearts

So, the idea of Jiren, Hit, and Gogeta teaming up is a great idea. That is what a lot of fans wanted to see in Dragon Ball Super or even in the Broly movie.

I personally have wanted to see something like this in Dragon Ball Super again. That short scene is by far one of my best moments in Heroes.

It was really a nice shot to see all of them teaming up like that, but it seems to be wasted in Dragon Ball Heroes.

If it was implemented in the Broly movie of an upcoming movie I guess it would be more satisfying to most fans.

So with the help of Jiren and Hit Gogeta’s beam overwhelmed Hearts meteor beam attack on the planet.

Then Gogeta followup with a push to the face of Hearts and punch to his stomach, breaking this glass ball in Heart’s chest.

That glass of energy seems to be where Hearts store the energy from fights with other characters to build up the universe seed.

So, after Hearts was fading away, he brings up how Zeno can just wipe out the entire universe with one blow. Which is true.

He also talks about how he wanted to relieve Zeno of that power by defeating him and how he admires mortals fighting and breaking their limits.

To me, I guess Hearts dead was a little anticlimactic, it was just too shallow for someone who is a God.

I think Cumber in the Dragon Ball Heroes Arc put up the most fight against our heroes than what God slayer did.

Dragon Ball Heroes Ep 19 Zeno Sama Moment

So after Hearts faded away we get a sense where Zeno Sama is playing hide and seek with himself.

Beerus and Champa were there showing there disdain for each other while the Grand Priest walks in.

Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs. Hearts
Jiren, Hit, And Gogeta Vs. Hearts

So in the follow-up, moment Jiren asked Gogeta, If you are that strong why didn’t you fuse during the tournament of power?

Then was Gogeta was going to say something the defused, and Vegeta jumped and said he doesn’t want to fuse with Goku.

And once again we saw the appearance of Fu staying that he wants to start up another experiment. I guess is something like another prison planet.


My guess is that the experiment is going to lead us in the next coming arc of Dragon Ball Heroes. Then well see where it goes dorm there.

So that is where the episode 19 of Dragon Ball Heroes ended. Overall this episode was a great improvement over the last episode.

However, at the same time, it wasn’t that great, it was rushed and sloppy. It kinda what heroes have become so if you like heroes you will love everything about it.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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