Dragon Ball Super Broly: Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer 5 Review

Gogeta Vs Broly trailer
Gogeta Vs Broly trailer

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer 5 Review. Yes, guys, Gogeta is in this movie, if you guys have been keeping up with spoilers. You would know about this already. Wow, I guess this is another music video, pretty much trailer 5.

We finally get Gogeta now, this is animated without a doubt by Naotoshi Shida who we haven’t really seen much in his animation. Also, we haven’t seen any of his material that we’ve gotten since the tournament of Power. But this is without a doubt Natoshi Shida’ work.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer
Gogeta Vs Broly

His’ famous for scenes like this one and this one. Seeing Gogeta in this movie is pretty awesome. It the first time we will get to see Gogeta in action as well as what kind of techniques he have. Gogeta blue just looks absolutely ridiculous and this is just an incredible treat for us Dragon Ball fans.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer

I just didn’t understand how they would bring and Gogeta blue and Ultra Instinct is not in the same movie. Spoiler warning! we didn’t get Ultra Instinct in this movie, which completely blows my mind. I was wrong about that I guess. So, Gogeta blue vs Broly and major spoiler warning here.

Gogeta is going to beat the absolute crap out of Broly

He’s going to kick Full Power Broly’s butt. The Gogeta fusion you are seeing right below is the actually the first time that they get it right.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer
Gogeta fusion

This after they fail a whole bunch of times to get it right. First, they get fat Gogeta, then skinny Gogeta, and an imperfect Gogeta, and then they got it right the last try.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer
Gogeta Base From

I know I’m really excited to see that imperfect Gogeta.  Then we will get a base Gogeta, Super Saiyan Gogeta, and then finally a Super Saiyan blue Gogeta.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer
Gogeta Blue Transformation

Gogeta Vs Broly Music Video Trailer 5

Boy oh Boy, this guy’s going to have about six-seven forms in this movie. Now I’ve heard from multiple sources that during this fight. Naotoshi Shida’s cut with Gogeta, not only will we get unbelievable animations.

I mean that’s what Shida is known for, but there is just so many colors and effects and things that are going on in the fight. So, pretty much as Gogeta blue is clashing with Broly there’s so much impacted Forest that its almost breaking the rift in space-time.


Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer

It’s creating this dimensional kind of riff which is supposed to be beautiful and stunning as we see it. If you remember when Goku first turn Super Saiyan God and he’s fighting against Beerus in the anime.

Their classes were like messing up space-time. So, I think it’s going to be something like that, but at the end of the day. Gogeta is just gonna overpower Broly. Now, basically what happens is Super Saiyan Broly is going to go up against Gogeta.

Broly will blow off his armor and Go full power until he gets really frustrated that Gogeta kicking his butt pretty much.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer
Super Saiyan Broly

An, in the end, he’s going to blow off all his armor, he’s going to go full power with super bulky muscles and everything.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer

That’s what you may think that oh Broly is going to turn the tables now because now he’s at full power now. It’s not called Legendary Super Saiyan in this movie. It’s just called full power Broly. Once he gets that traditional Broly look that was all too familiar with from the original DBZ movies.

You think that now he might turn the tables, but he does not. Gogeta blue still just absolutely recks him. 

Gogeta Vs Broly Dragon Ball Movie 2018 – 2019

This is just like everything in animation that they didn’t do in Super they’re doing it here for this movie. They’re doing a lot of traditional animation tactics as well as using a lot of modern-day animation techniques and Technology.

Especially with all the CGI and everything. So, it seems to be a beautiful blend of classic 2D animation with modern 2D and 3D animation. It seems like they really pull this off in this movie, obviously, I haven’t seen it yet.

But gush! how many Trailers are we going to get before the same comes out? I feel like they’ve shown us the whole movie. This movie is an hour and 40 minutes (1:40) long. However, I believe there’s lots of stuff that we haven’t seen before and when it’s all pulled in together into a single movie.

obviously, it’s just going to be absolutely mind-blowing for fans to watch. I feel like this is a movie that fans are going to just want to watch like thousand times over. That’s the impression that I’m getting. Honestly, I don’t think anybody would disagree with me over that statement.

Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer

I’ve seen the original Dragonball movies hundreds of times and it is something that you can always go back and watch. And it just never gets old, that’s the impression that I’m getting here from this movie.

Not only did they pull off this Gogeta part in spectacular fashion. From what it looks like I’m looking at this array of missiles that Gogeta is shooting down at Broly.

This perspective shot as Broly is getting showered with energy attacks that the Rocks and rubble are coming up. While Broly’s powering through the explosions going on around him. It’s breathtaking levels of Animation.

Gogeta Vs Broly Dragon Ball Super Movie 

This is what Toei should have been doing for all of Dragon Ball Super.  It seems like they have really worked out all the Kinks and problems and that they had from Dragon Ball Super. And use all of that mess for the entire series almost as a learning lesson and improve and learned for this movie. I mean this does not look like the same animation company at all.

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