Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18

Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Battle
Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Battle

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 is now in the history books as the battle between Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Battle beings.

So with the last episode of Dragon Ball Heroes Godslayer Hearts successful fused with the universe seed.

If you guys don’t remember Hearts is working with Fu, they both created this universe called The Prison Planet.

Within this Prison Planet, Fu would seek out warriors from different universe/timeline to fight against each other. This would lead to a price of gathering all 7 Dragon Balls.

Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18
Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18

So whenever there is a battle between two great warriors, the Prison Planet would absorb all the energy that’s being released.

That is what Hearts used to fused with to gain such God-like power. Hearts main purpose was to become a God, one that is more powerful than even the Omni King.


All along, Hearst had a disdain for every God even the ones he worked with like Zamasu.

So he wanted to overthrow them all because he believes they have too much power over mortals like himself.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts  

I guess for the first time since last July I have never seen so many fans so let down by the release of dragon ball heroes episode 18.

This was a big hype moment for most fans and even myself. The way this episode was done completely touch a never for most of us the fans.

However, we all by now know what is dragon ball heroes and how they power scale the characters differently form super.

The part I think where most fans got upset is when Hearts uses his gravity technique to hold down characters like Hit and Jiren.

This goes especially for Jiren, I think they nerfed the heck out of Jiren so bad in this episode.

They somehow make him seem very weak compared to the other Z warriors.

Also, if you remember Vegito Blue had a hard time with Cumber the berserk Saiyan.

So this is telling some fans that Gogeta Blue Fusion is stronger than Vegito Blue Kaioken fusion?

This seems to be the case with dragon ball heroes power scaling, a different type of fusion equals a stronger character?

It also took Super Saiyan 4 GT Vegito to overpower the evil Saiyan Cumber, that is where most fans got confused.


Because it’s the same Patara fusion with the earrings used, thus it also says that Super Saiyan 4 is also stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Fuse Vegito.

I believe this would only lead to a big blow for Super Vegito’s fans and would cause discussions among fans to which fusion is stronger or better.

Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Battle

So this episode started off with Hearts taking on every fighter including Hit and Jiren like it’s nothing.

Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts
Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts

Then after that, Hearts acknowledges Gogeta’s appearance and says that he seems interesting.

Hearts told Gogeta to come at him first and Gogeta attached with a heavy blow to Heart’s faces. He did not see that one coming, I guess he underestimates Gogeta.

Godslayer Hearst then starts to power up and create these energy boxes around his hands. This ora of energy seem to eliminate opponents just like Hakai energy.

However, Gogeta got the better of Hearts with his own attack. Somehow Gogeta has the upper hands against Hearts at that moment.

So even with this battle between Gogeta blue vs Hearts, they make Gogeta seems like he is OP like a God.

While to fight continues Hearts told Gogeta that he can’t win, then Gogeta reply saying “You Don’t Get It Do You? …I Am Stronger”

I guess that tip-off Hearts so he created his giant asteroid comet-like meteor ball. This is similar to the comet ball Super Buhan did against Vegeito back in Dragon Ball Z episode.

Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts
Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts

So while the metro approaches earth Gogeta standstill with confident, then after he starts to power up and that’s where the episode ends.


The animation was over good for this episode in my view, regardless I still enjoyed watching the episode.

However, this episode was a big let down for more Dragon Ball fans. Even though it’s not to appease the West, we still do very much care because it’s Dragon Ball.

So once again just because dragon ball heroes is a promotional card game release. We can’t take everything like power scaling and character ki level to serious.

I will give an update to this post whenever a dragon ball heroes release date is available.

Do forget to let me know your thoughts about this episode down below.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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