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Top 5 Future Trunks Moments in Dragon Ball Z (Fan Favorite)

Future Trunks Moments

Top 5 Future Trunks Moments in Dragon Ball Z. If you are a Trunks fan you will love all his greatest moments listed down below.

Future Trunks is one of the most iconic characters in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z.

When we saw this great Saiyan of ‘Hope’ make his big return to the anime, every Dragon Ball fan especially the Trunks fans was happy to see him make his big turn to super.

So today, I’m going to give you my top 5 best future Trunks moment in Dragon Ball Z.

These are some of Future Trunk’s best moments in Dragon Ball Z but are not limited to, we hope to see some of these great moments in Dragon Ball Super as well.

5. Trunks Vs Kogu

Five on my list takes us back to Dragon Ball Z movie 9.

I know we did have that really cool fight between Trunks and Tension.

  However, I really love Trunks fighting Kokuah otherwise known as Kogu in the English dub. That was one of my best Future Trunks Moment in Z.

Future Trunks Moments
Future Trunks Moments

I love the fact that Koku has a sword so Trunks is like bruh I know how to handle this and block Kogu’s sword with his hand.

This something that Trunks also did when King Cold tries to nail Trunks and of course, sends his fist right through Kogu defeating him.

Fun fact, this movie was Future Trunk’s final appearance in the Dragon Ball Z anime.

4. Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks

Even though Trunks couldn’t beat Cell because he was too slow, I absolutely love the scene where Trunks scorches heaven.

Tha’s what they said the Japanese version and he rose to power that turns the sky to dark.

Trunks got really ripping and his eyes went completely white.

little known fact, this one was actually the inspiration for Broly so, there you go. It doesn’t matter which name you call him.

You can call him Ultra or you can call that form by the term that the officials gave it which is Super Saiyan Grade 3.

Either way, Trunks shows an incredible amount of power in that sense.

So again, even though he was slow the actual scene of him showing this much energy far surpasses his father was always cool as heck to me.

3. Trunks Vs King Cold

It’s a shame we never really got to see what King Cold could do.

Trunks put him away so fast and it wasn’t just the fact that he put King Cold away fast, it was how he put him away.

King Cold remarks that the only reason that Future Trunks able to kill his son is because of how sharp the sword was that he brought the future.

So King Cold like ”let me see the sword” Trunks is like ”all right” and then King cold tries to essentially strike at Trunks.

Trunks then block it with his hand proving that the man is mightier than the sword and Trunks blasted him and then he starts to beg for his life.

However, unlike Goku Trunks does not mess around, he gave King Cold a one-way trip to the flower fields.

2. Trunks Kill Future 17 and 18

If you are a fan of Future Trunks then perhaps the most satisfying moment as a Trunks man is when he goes back to the future to kill 17 and 18. 

I know that Trunks killing Cell was a pretty cool Future Trunks moment. However, let’s be real, Trunks’ beef was really not with Cell.

Cell was just guilty by Association, Trunks only had beef with 17 and 18.

17 and 18 were the two that created such a horrible environment and such a dreadful future for him to live through.

So when he went back to the future with a new power-up, with new abilities, and new skills after being in the past for so long.

He goes back to the future and triumphant making ShishKabob out of 17 and 18 with no sweat.

Trunks finally did what the wanted to do a the beginning of the arc. That is to make a change and free the future. 

1. Super Saiyan Trunks Vs Metal Frieza 

So before going into number one, I will say that Trunks’ transformation after Gohan died was definitely an honorable mention for this list.

Why? this is because it’s probably one of his most emotional moments of all for Trunks and maybe one of the most emotional in all the series.

However, as far as the coolest Future Trunks moment goes, Trunk’s first appearance against Frieza was sweet.

The entire sequence Dragon Ball Z episode 120 of the anime is amazing.

Even though I love reading the manga, it’s very hard to top this scene in the anime for several reasons.

Number 1, the animation was on point number 2, the voice acting was on point, and numbers 3, you have to keep in mind that when this episode first aired back on December 11th, 1991.

The vast majority of people had no idea that there would be a second Super Saiyajin besides Son Goku.

Then Trunks revealed himself as being the second one. That was an unprecedented event prior to this moment.

Future Trunks Moments Dragon Ball 

So regardless of which dub you grew up with or which you prefer, this scene absolutely must be seeing its original Japanese version.

Why simply because of the inclusion of Kenji Yamamoto’s classic battle Point. 

Trunks had a power level unlike any the Earth had ever felt before. After seeing that Frieza freaks himself out.

So that is one of my absolute favorite scenes in the entire franchise as they kick-off a Newark with this scene.

They put to rest the previous villains in the past as they introduce new characters.

Everything was done so masterfully that I just freaking love it.

Nothing can top that scene for me as far as Trunk’s goes and with that, I will bring this post to an end.

Let me know what is your favorite Future Trunks Moment is.

I certainly hope that Trucks have many more Great Moments in Dragon Ball Super just as badass as these.

So let me know your thoughts and I will do my best to reply to all your comments down below.

These are my Top 5 Best Future Trunks Moments of Dragon Ball Z.

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Written by Gregory

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