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How Strong is full power Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z

Super Saiyan Full Power
Super Saiyan Full Power

How Strong is Super Saiyan full power? Well, after Goku and Vegeta failed against Cell the hope of the universe would end up being Gohan.

What they had to do is learn from the mistakes of their predecessors to become stronger. When it comes to Goku learning stage 2 and stage 3 of Super Saiyan Full Power upgraded forms from the original.

He figured that out quickly, but he also figured out that they were not effective in battle.

This is why Goku had to discover secrets about his own body and his own biology to figure out how to become the best possible Warrior.

That way, he could face off against the then recently Perfected Cell. Thus he had to discover what is known as Super Saiyan full power was (Supa Saiyajin Power).

The guidebooks referred to it as Super Saiyan 4 which would be the key to having a balanced body and mind.

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Super Saiyan Full Power Upgrade

There are a ton of different names for this form. Names like Master Super Saiyan and Complete Super Saiyan just to name a few.

Daizenshuu 2 was the first time this actually got the official name of Super Saiyan Full Power.

That was in Daizenshuu 2 because in the manga it’s never really called Super Saiyan Full Power.

So they talked about this in Daizenshuu 2 that Goku’s Aura while the Super Saiyan powers have drawn towards its limit it’s very different.

How Strong is Super Saiyan full power?

Super Saiyan full power is an upgrade version of the original Super Saiyan form. The full power Super Saiyan form is a powerful upgrade to Super Saiyan but they’re not effective in combat when it comes to stamina.

Eg. Goku could not keep up with Perfect Cell in the last minute of their first match, Cell demonstrates how powerful he really is compared to Goku.

There’s no indication that Goku or Gohan was in their maximum power. Obviously we find out when the fight begins with Cell that neither one especially Gohan was close to their absolute Max.

So with that form, there’s always room to improve with this transformation. Basically, what happened in the room of spirit and time is Goku figures out that stage 2 and stage 3, the ascended Ultra forms had a weakness.

That’s the same form Vegeta and Trunks use against Perfect Cell and failed.

Those forms are powerful upgrades to Super Saiyan but they’re not effective in combat.

Perfect Cell is not only very strong but also very smart because he has the cells of most Z Fighters.

Goku and Gohan Super Saiyan Normal Sate

So Goku decides that they must work on getting rid of that instability and Restless feeling.

Essentially, taking the transformation of Super Saiyan and make it their normal base form transitioning into a new base form.

So what happens is Goku and Gohan both leave the room of spirit and time as Super Saiyan 2.

Vegeta and everybody else is stunned how strong and how unique they look.

So Vegeta mentioned that they look like Super Saiyan but he doesn’t feel their energy it’s like their Naturals from.

Super Saiyan Full Power becomes Goku and Gohan’s natural state in the days leading up to the Cell game.

The idea behind this being that if Goku and Gohan can make this their base form, then they can power up from there.

So they’re kind of going to be in that form calmly and peacefully as if it’s everyday life.

We saw a lot more of that in the anime than in the manga. The Filler episodes of the anime really did a great job of illustrating their struggles.

Also, how calm and peaceful they were and how relaxed and natural it felt to be in this full power Super Saiyan form.

What Is a Full Power Super Saiyan?

A Full Power Super Saiyan is more of a state of being, like Ultra Instinct but it is one that took a lot of intense mental and physical training to master.

Not even Vegeta or Trunks have figured this out at the time. So it’s a very interesting direction to take their power.

In the manga chapters following Goku and Gohan leaving the room of spirit and time. We hear other characters discussing that Goku and Gohan had tapped into a new power.

We know that it takes a great deal to stay in Super Saiyan. Also, we saw how Goku in its Super Saiyan form against Android 19 sped up his heart virus.

The virus actually attacked him during that time why? because he was straining his body. 

So Goku pretty much realizes that in this power they can minimize the strain on their bodies during a battle and that is indeed the best combat state.

So Vegeta once again gets outsmarted by Goku. These events take place if you want to reference it in Dragon Ball Manga chapter 390 and Dragon Ball Z episode 168.

So, as we build-up to the Cell Games, everything seems pretty peaceful although Goku and Gohan do struggle to suppress their power.

Goku Vs Perfect Cell Dragon Ball Z

Once the Cell games begin we see Goku fighting Cell powering up and he proves to be in this full power form.

A form that is stronger than anybody Cells ever faced. Vegeta and Trunks Goku have outdone them all.

However, even then Goku is not strong enough to defeat Cell. Goku himself tells Gohan when Gohan asks him, “Are you going all out?” and Goku says “I was but I’m not sure Cell was.”

When Gohan fought Cell we quickly find out that Cell was indeed not going all out. Then we discovered shortly after that Goku sort of had an idea that Gohan had a secret power inside of him.

However, Goku knew the only way to achieve the level Beyond Super Saiyan. The true version of Super Saiyan above Super Saiyan is to Master full Super Saiyan in their natural state.

Super Saiyan 2 would be called later on the true power and true potential of a Saiyan.

Gohan Full Power Super Saiyan Dormant Potential

Goku realizes that Gohan had dormant power in the room of spirit and time and that he would be the first one to achieve it once triggered properly.

That’s exactly what happened in the series, However, Goku also turns into a Super Saiyan 2 as we found out, later on.

He figured it out in the other world after the end of the Cell Games when he died. So what disadvantage does this form have?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Super Saiyan 2?

Well, the answer is none, in combat, it doesn’t really have any real handicap. We see Goku fighting at full speed, doing Ki blast performing at a very high level in that state.

Best of all he is not draining and he’s not sucking out energy as he fights like Trunks and the others did when they fought Cell.

Future Trunks was losing power very fast. It really Super Saiyan 2 is the most effective way to do combat.

Before Super Saiyan 2 Toriyama would somewhat reiterate this in a Saikyo jump interview from 2014 where he talks about Goku.

He stated that Goku realizing that mastering his normal state and his Super Saiyan would raise his level more and drain less energy and Ki than Super Saiyan 2 or even Super Saiyan 3.

So, again that’s an older interview and we’ve seen Super Saiyan 2 and 3 pop up with super since then.

Maybe that’s an anime-only thing but we really didn’t see much of this format for the Cell games.

What makes this form aesthetically differently and I never noticed this until years after I had first seen it back in the day.

Goku and Gohan’s hair has a lighter tone of yellow. It’s almost white in a way that represents peace and Tranquility.

it’s not quite white but sort of lights yellow and not quite yellow. It is somewhere in the between and I’ve always found that to be a very interesting take on this Super Saiyan grade from.

So that’s it for this post I hope you take away and learn something from this post.

I’d love to learn more about Dragon Ball too so if there is something I missed or you have a question let me know in the comment section.

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