Frieza’s Force Explained In Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie

Frieza’s Force Explained Dragon Ball Super Movie. We got another scan from Japan talking about the Dragon Ball Super movie coming out this December.

So we’re either going to get news about heroes or news about super.

Here we have the character sheet for Goku and Vegeta in their Arctic outfit.

We saw the Arctic outfit jackets and what not revealed in just a few days ago on V Jump

Now, we have actual sheets from Shintani from the film.

One thing I’m very curious about is this triangle SAB words. I have no idea what those actually mean.

Frieza's Force
Frieza’s Force Explained Dragon Ball Super Movie

I’ve never seen those before in Dragon ball, nothing rings a bell when it comes to that.

This is a different kind of picture here because now we’re seeing Goku and Vegeta fully wearing these clothes in person.

They look pretty great here. The animation character sheet for the characters for those who don’t know Shintani.

Or whoever the animation supervisor is. They designed these things so that way the animators have a reference sheet.

These are from my understanding Shintani designs Not Toriyama’s original designs. But I do believe that at some point.

They will have a reveal of what Toriyama’s original designs are.

Moving forward we have Frieza Force. I saw some people saying recently they thought that Frieza’s eyes were a little bit off.

Frieza's Force
Frieza’s Force

I think he looks great though. I think he looks Sinister. I think he looks perfect for this.

Anyway, we have the 3 new characters which I’m going to go into it here. I want to give you guys some of my theories, and not only that.

I’ve seen in the community as far as like who these characters could be. I thought that it would be easy to figure out who they could be.

If they are members of Frieza’s army because he has a new army.

Frieza’s Force Breakdown Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

If you saw super episode 131 you know he’s got a new Army, but it’s possible as well they could be  Sephorians AK Tuffles.

Frieza's Force

That is what they called them in the English dub. Those who don’t remember this, they were on planet Vegeta.

They have like a Civil War with the Saiyans and the Saiyans won. Also, they used to be called the Planet Plant. This was covered in Dragon Ball Z episode 20.

I know some of you or going to say well that was in the manga, and I know it wasn’t, but that was an original Toriyama story.

Toriyama gave that story to the anime staff working on the Dragon Ball Z anime.

So presumably speaking. That story that happened in the anime of the Sephorians is the same as having their Civil War.

This is a part of Toriyama’s original story and thus is in the manga Universe, even though it’s not actually shown.

I wanted to clarify that.

So What do you guys think about these new outfits for the Dragon ball Super Movie.?

Does complement the Movie by using fresh looks? I would love to hear your feedback on this topic. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.

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