Dragon Ball Frieza Voice Actors English And Japanese

Frieza Voice Actors
Frieza Voice Actors

Do you know all the Japanese and English voice actors for Frieza? Well, don’t worry, I will make a list of all the Frieza voice actors as well as the Japanese actors as well down below.

This way you can familiarize yourself and know all these incredible voice actors when you see or hear them.

Frieza Voice Actors

Although Frieza is a vicious tyrant that as plague the universes for centries, He is one of my most favorite characters in Dragon Ball.

What really draws me to him is that he full of himself and has a lot of pride just like Prince Vegeta. You could say both him and Vegeta are of royalty so that could be were the pride comes from.

Frieza to me has a lot of potential and power to get even stronger.


Well, if you watched Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F there is a scene where Frieza quote ”I never trained a day in my life, I will happen if I train now.”

This is why I mention that Frieza has a lot of potential because all his life he never trained. Unlike Goku and Vegeta they both have been training since birth.

So for instance, if Frieza was to trained as hard as Goku and Vegeta he could unlock more of his potentials.

Frieza is no a human so, to me, he may have a little bit more advantage over Goku, Vegeta or any other Saiyan. Anyways, here is your list of Frieza Voice Actors.

1. Eddie Frierson

Dragon Ball GT 1997 Frieza voice actor (English dub)

2. Ryusei Nakao

Dragon Ball Z Frieza voice actor 1996 (Japanese)

3. Linda Young

Dragon Ball Z Frieza voice actor 1996 FUNimation (English dub)

4. Chris Ayres:

Dragon Ball Z Kai 2010 (English dub) Frieza voice actor

5. Pauline Newstone

1996 Dragon Ball Z Frieza voice actor ( English dub)

6. Maureen Jones

2003 Dragon Ball GT Blue Water Dub (English)

So there you have if there is anyone missing from this list that you know about you can let me know down in the comment section.

Who is your favorite Frieza voice actor? I would love to know in the comments as well.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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